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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: HanaaSalah

Source: slideshare.net

In the name of Allah If you master these word lists, you need to know only 2 out of 9 in each line of the Holy Qur'an In the name of Allah ‫ا‬ ‫ا‬ ‫ا‬ ‫.ح‬ . ‫.ن‬ 3. sign ( ٌ ٍ ً ُ ِ َ ), it indicates that any vowel sign can come on it depending upon the context in which that word is used. if ‫ ال‬occurs ْ before the word, then Tanween ( ٌ ٍ ً ) is not used. At the bottom left of the page, total is provided for the number of times the words of that page have occurred in the Qur'an. The bottom right ‫دا‬ 2. If the last letter of a word given in this booklet does not have a vowel : ). ‫.د : هرا‬ ) and (above, up ‫ان‬ (eye; spring ‫ت‬ This booklet is prepared to give at least some help in fulfilling the abovementioned objectives. Please keep the following points in mind (in addition to those listed on the back cover) while studying this booklet: 1. When there are more than one distinctly different meanings of a word, a semicolon is placed between the two meanings. For similar meanings, a comma is placed between the meanings. For example: shows the percent of the total Qur'anic words that you have learnt so far, if you have memorized the meanings the words till that page. 4. In almost every case, the words are arranged alphabetically to make the search easy. 5. The word forms related to dual number and feminine gender are used sparingly in the Holy Qur'an. Therefore, these forms may be given less emphasis in the beginning stages. 6. A star (*) is placed next to selected verbs. All the verbal forms of such verbs are provided in detail in a separate booklet, "Some Important Verbs Used in the Holy Qur'an." 7. For almost every verb type, samples of the ‫وف‬ forms (active voice) are provided in the first line those of the ‫ل‬ forms (passive voice) in the last. 8. Just like in any language, some verbs and nouns of action are always followed by a preposition. For example, believe in: ‫. َ َ ب‬ ِ However, in some cases, a change in preposition may change the meanings too. for example, get; get in; get at; get by, get off, get on, etc. A list of some important verbs along with changing prepositions is provided on page no. 34. Acknowledgements Many people have contributed in the compilation of this booklet. I have received significant help on different aspects of this work from my wife, Tabinda Tahseen, and from my colleagues, Dr. M.A. Mohiuddin, Mr. M. Na'eemuddin, and Mr. M. AbdulBari. May Allah reward them all. Important References ‫اظ‬ All praise be to Allah, and may peace and blessings of Allah be upon his Prophet, Muhammad. Allah says very explicitly in His Book, " (This is) a Book (the Qur'an) which We have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over its verses, and that men of understanding may remember [38:29]." If we don't understand the Book, how can we ponder on its verses! The Prophet of Allah, Muhammad, pbuh, said, "The best among you are those who have learnt the Qur'an and teach it (to others)" [Bukhari]. br.pl broken plural pl plural ss somebody or something ‫ردو‬ PREFACE fg fem. gender dl dual st something ‫س‬ In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful Abbreviations mg masc. gender sg singular sb somebody ‫ا ن‬ For more details, please visit the website www.understandquran.com ‫ا‬ Dr. Abdulazeez Abdulraheem (azeez1961@hotmail.com) ‫ا ظ‬ Compiled by ‫ا (٢) .١٩٩٠ .ن‬ (Classified word lists for easy memorization) 1. The words given in this booklet account for 82.6% (64282) of the total words (approx. 77800) of the Holy Qur'an. 2. The words listed in the first six pages occur very frequently. Some of them occur in combination with each other. They constitute a whopping 41.5% (32263) of the total words. 3. The number next to the noun (pages 7-14) or the verb (pages 15-33) shows the number of times that noun or the verb (in its various forms) has occurred in the Holy Qur'an. 4. For each verb, the past tense, the imperfect tense, the imperative, the active participle and the verbal noun are provided. It is assumed that based on this information, you can reproduce the whole verb table. Sample tables are provided at the end of this booklet. 5. For each word, the most common meanings are given. Some words may have other meanings too, depending upon their context. However, the number of such words is very small. )١( 80% of Qur'anic Words (based on statistical average using a typical Qur'anic Mushaf containing 600 pages, with each page having 15 lines).

 This, that ...!  No, No!!! Whose? ¡ŠÀÿ (There is) no god  þóʛ¢Šó his mg ý he mg ÿ  îÊó¡¿ except Allah …¡¢Mʛ ó their mg öÿ them  mg öÿ  ¢M ï ôŠ your mg í you mg ªû—Š úóŠ your mg öŒ  you all ï mg öóŠ my ÊîÊ óŒ not  ¡ ¢÷ us ÊÀóM¡ not fg ªÈóŠ

ÆóŠ   this mg that mg this fg ÊýÊÀÿ never, certainly not  that fg î’ôÊ« not mg/fg Ê”¢Šóšÿ not  these those mg/fg he who mg she who fg those who mg these for those for those who Who? for future

for past


 I mg/fg ¢û we back, after in front of behind right; oath left between around wherever wherever ú¸û fg ¢ÿ she fg Êÿ Šô¥ their fg  ÿ they ú fg  ÿ ú úÊÀM¡ not, other than ó Âã Š your fg Êí you fg ʪû—Š Šù  ½ their br.pl

ÊýÊÀÿbesides; less than î’ôÊ«except; unless; if not ¬ó for br.pl ÊM¡yes br.pl

Where? in front of mg/fg her ¢Mʛ ó öàû  Percent (first  pages) : . for br.pl

¢ÿ they Words (from first  pages):  Êÿ ¢øÿ  ø û — dl ¢ ¬ Š dl your br.pl

dl Percent (first  pages) : .  Questions!? éç what?, that which Š ª¸« who?, the one who ¾ Š ú  ¾ú¥ — ¥ when?, the time when  æ’ô» where?  Miscellaneous ¢÷ ú÷  U÷ ú—Š õ¢÷—Š how? æï Š ”¡Á how many?  öï Š pl ù¢ø—Š

úÊø which? 

—Š  pl òʟ¢øË

ñ¢øÊË wherefrom?, why?  —Š û  ú¥ Is? Am? Are? Do? Have? òÿŠ— ñ· what?  ¡Š¿¢÷ Œ · why? ®  ¡Š¿¢øÊóöÊó ¢øü — if not; why not  ¢ŠóóŠ Words (from first  pages):  for ¢øÿ those two  øï dl ¢ Œ  you two their  under ¢û—Š ʬM¡ yes, indeed ó Words (from first  pages):  above, up mg/fg öû—Š ¬ Percent (first  pages) : . endowed with; owner of mg Ê¿¡Š¿Œ  before ¿ endowed with; owner of fg people of; owners of family, relatives, people lo!; do not?, will not? what an evil ... evil is that which something similar similitude than the one who; from those who Šò¦ë Š ©¡Š¿ after ¾à¥ · Ê󌝒¡ŒŒ time, period; at the time of [Ê   — ó — people of; relatives what an excellent When?, òÿ— when ’¿Ê› for for ñ• when ¢Šó—Š then past


öàÊû then, thus, therefore ¡Š¿Ê› Œ ö¯ å ƒ Ê¥ nay, -- rather, but, however ’ò¥ ¢øȒ Ê¥ near, with ’ù¾óŠ¾óŠ¾üÊß   ò’°Ê÷ nothing --- but ¢Mʛ«’ùʛ ó pl ñ¢Š°÷—Š

òŠ°÷ nothing --- but  ¢Mʛ«¢÷ ó  ú÷úÊ÷

ú Ê÷ that..not; so as not to ¢Šó’ù—Š

¢MŠ— ø ó  Words (from first  pages):  Percent (first  pages) : .

 Prepositions + Žô ã with what; because about what in what as, just as for what; for that which out of what as to, as for if; either / or that verily; is but as if whenever Prepositions ¢øÊ¥ with, in, from, ¢ ß about ø ¢øÊç in ¢øï as, like Š Ê£ úß  Êç í ¢øÊó for ¢ Ê÷ from ø ¢ —Š towards ÷ ¢ ʛ by (of oath) ÷ ¢ø —Š until û ¢ø ʛ on û ¢ø ˜ï with ûŠŠ ¢øM Œ  and; by (of oath) ôï ŠñÊñ úÊ÷ Šóʛ ©  · ¬ Šôß  Þ÷   Words (from first  pages):  Percent (first  pages) : . òàç

¾ë verily, truly Š will (for near future) òàç

  that Å will (for future) òàç

åÇ as if  will surely ùòàçŠñ but, however M òàç

¾ìóŠ perhaps, may be Š indeed, surely Šñ that let sb do (imperative) Â÷—Š

’ñÊñ if the ’ñ¡ alone or? õ¡Š possibly or ¡Š when some of Òॠindeed M ʛ ù M —Š ù M ˜ï ù ŠŠ úÊðó

 Êðó ú  M àóŠ ò ’ù—Š ’ùʛ ¢ ʛ  Èß  ¢ óŠ ø

  Prophets and Allah s Signs  pl òÇÁ

ñÇÁ   sign  ʦû  Messenger  evidence Prophet pl ©¢•

¨•  companion, fellow ü pl ©¢ü¥

¨¥  end Qur'an; reading, recitation ù•Œ ë  torment  cattle õ¢àû—  chastisement (as a result of sin)  mountain  Resurrection  meeting  fixed  fire ”¢Êû —Š[Êûù

Êû ¦ ¦ ¦ Prophets öÊÿ¡Â¥Ê›µõ½• û 颸Çʛ òÊߢøÇʛÕŒ ó æ   òʟ¡ÂÇʛ

£Œ à Ç ì Last day, £¢¸Ï—Š

¤Ê·¢Ï  ¨¦Êë¢ß £¡ŠÀß £¢ŠìÊß ¨÷¢Êë  ”¢ŠìÊó  pl ñ¢¦Ê³

ò¦³  c¸ ¥ sea; large river ¶Êó¢Ï ¤à ½ Ë ÿ  sun öÂ÷ ú¥¡ Êß     È Ç ÷  moon ÆøË  Âøë Š Ø [Ê×¢Ë

ù¢Š Ë   night òóŠ  river ùßÂÊç   day Á¢ û  woe unto  earth  day  sky  that day . Total words (of this page): Satan (pl Pharaoh People of Hud (pbuh) People of Salih (pbuh) ½¢ß ½ Š¯ ø (pl  Total words (of this page): cÑÁ—Š ø ©¡¢øÇ

”¢ Ç  Percent so far: ø   È÷ Á¢û pl Á¢ û—Š

 û  ò pl õ¢ —Š

õ  ÇÀÊ ÷   reward  term  the Hereafter  painful  reward  hellfire  reward  garden  the Hell  reckoning  hour (day of resurrection) matter; affair  one ’ì«  ê·  piety; fear; protection truth, true; right [ falsehood wisdom praise religion; law; judgement poor-due, charity witness, present prayer clear, selfexpressive light òÊ×¢¥( ¨ø’ðÊ· ¾ø·  úʽ §¢Šïà   pl ”¡¾ Ë

¾Ê Ë  §¢ŠôÏ  [ʦ÷  Á û Total words (of this page):  god; deity pl ¨ Êó•

þóʛ   partner, associate pl ”¢ŠïÂË

îÊÂË   evil, bad  witness           öÊó—Š  £¡¯Š öʸ³ ”¡Ä³  ü pl  ©¢ ü³

¨ ³ ü ö  ³ £¢ÈÊ· ¨ߢÇ        . Blessings, good, better   §ÂÊ»–’ó¡ Percent so far: Deeds, fg ¾·Ê›

¾·—Š     Faith, pl Á÷—Š

Â÷—Š pl Á³Œ—

³—Š ò³—Š   Deen, ¡¾¥—Š forever; ever §½¢ Ë  ÉÂß  throne ¾ ß  unseen, hidden ¤㠊 unseen pl ¤¬Œï

£¢¬Êï book ¨øÊôï Š pl ¨Šðʟ¢Šô÷

îŠô÷   angel 颊°Ê÷ covenant, treaty fg §¾Ê·¡

¾Ê·¡ one word Percent so far:       ñ¢øߗŠ actions, deeds, pl works good ü  pl ©¢È·

(deed)  ¨üÈ·   pl ©¢Š Ç

¨Š Ç »  ÂË  evil, bad, worse ö’¯Ê› sin Š pl £ûŒ¿

¤û¿ sin µ¢ü³  sin õ¡·  unlawful  pl ”¢øǗŠ

öÇÊ¡ name  discourse; speech ®ʽ¢·—Š

®Ê · ¾  good Š  pl ©¢¦×

¨¦Š× . Total words (of this page):           favors pl  ù¢ŠØ’ôÇ òÔ ç Š grace ”¢÷ water î’ô÷  dominion, reign ¨øàÊû favor à ³Š [Êàø³—Šù ø —  all ù’¿Ê› permission punishment; power; Œ˜¥ adversity ÞÊø³  all, everybody authority; warrant  same; equal; level; fair  party, group   ”¢Šó• ”¡Ç  êÊŠç Percent so far:             .

  Relatives, pl ©¢ ÷—Œ

 Œ õ— ª Š — ”¢¥•

Ê ¥—£Š Self (body parts  face  eye; spring  sights  mouths  tongue; language  heart  breast  hand  foot ”¢¥—Š[Êü¥ù¥ ü ü  soul brother Ê»Š—¢»Š—»Š—

¹—  brothers pl mother father (pl pl ±¡׊

±à   pl ñ¢³ÊÁ

ò Á ³ wife; husband man pl ”¢ÈÊû

§Š—Â÷Ê¡  pl ½¢Šó—Š

¾Šó   woman child  dl ú¾ Êó¡

¾Êó¡ descendants; c¨ ÁŒ  ¿ children ú¥Ê¡ son father sons pl. ù¡» ʛ Total words (of this page ):   pl ý³

þ³  pl úߗŠ

úß   Á¢Ð ¥—Š pl ý¡ ’ — ç pl pl ¨üÊÈ ’ó—Š

ù¢È Êó pl £ŒôŒë

¤’ôë Š  pl Á¾Ï

Á¾Ï  pl ʾ—Š

¾  ò pl ò³Á—Š

ˆ ³ÊÁ pl ƌèû—Š

ƒèû µ Á soul, spirit § Œ ë power, strength World, )  house  abode  world  way  path pl ©¥

ª¥ pl Á¢ʽ

Á¡½ ¢û½   pl ò¦Ç

òÊ¦Ç  Õ¡ÂÊÏ  pl [ÊøóŠ¢ß

öŠó¢ß ¨ü¬Êç trial; persecution pl Œë

¨Âë Š town  pl ñ¡÷—Š

ñ¢÷ wealth Ý¢¬÷  provision; enjoyment  mosque (pl  place; abode     Percent so far : . world ¾Ê³¢È÷

¾Ê È÷  ´  ¨û¢Šð÷

ù¢Šð÷   Total words (of this page): People, pl ö÷Œ—

¨ Œ ÷— õë Š ù¢ÈûÊ¡  community  people  man  men, people  male  female  slave  enemy  disbelievers  criminal  chiefs, leaders  protecting friend; guardian  Å¢û pl ÁŒ Œ

Š ¿ ï¿ ï Š pl ­¢ûʛ

Š°ûŒ — pl ½¢¦Êß

¾¦ß     pl ”¡¾ß—Š

 ¾ß pl Á¢M Œ èï õÊ´÷  ˜Šô÷  ”¢Êó—Š

 Êó              Percent so far: .

  ¢˜ ó ¢˜Ó õ ô øÔô ô ô ô ©I®ô õãò›ü›ÞÌöÓ òàÊç òÊߢŠç òàç Š Š  ¶¬ç ¶Ê«¢Šç ¶¬’çÊ¡ Š  ¶¬’è ¶¬ç  Š  to help; to deliver ÂÐû ÂÊÏ¢  ûŒ û С ®à¥ ®Êߢ¥ ’®à¥Ê¡  ®à¦ Œ  ®à¥ Š   to reach ጠ¥ ô òà³ òÊߢ³ ’òà³Ê¡   òà´ Šòà³ Œ   to leave Þø³ ÞÊ÷¢³ Þø³Ê¡   Þø´ Þø³    £¢ÿÊ¿ ¤Êÿ¡Š¿ ¤ÿ’¿Ê¡ ¤ÿ’À ¤ÿ¿     Š to do to open, to give victory to raise; to resurrect to make, to place, to set up to gather, to collect to go Œ à’è ò òàÊç òÊߢŠç Œ à’è ò òà ç Š Š   ü ÂÐû ÂÐ   Œ Œ ¦ âô âô¥ ŠŠ  í« íÊÁ¢ í «Œ « ¡   ¬ í í«   to gather; to bring together ÂÌ· ÂÊË¢  ·Œ   ¸  ÂÌ·  · Ì ¡ ÂÌ     to judge; to rule ö’ð· öÊï¢ öŒ ·Œ  Œ ¸  öð·  · ð ¡ öð Š   Þç Á  Š  to come out ± » ±ÊÁ¢ ± »Œ   ¼ ±Â»  »  ¡ ±Â    ¸ÊÇ ÂÊ·¢Ç ¸ÇÊ¡ ¸È Â¸Ç      to live forever ½Œ » ¾Êó¢ ¾Œ »Œ ô » ô ¡  Œ ¼ ¾ô ¾ ô»  Š  ¨¸ôÐ÷ ¶Êó¢Ï ¶ôÏÊ¡ ¶ôÐ ¶ôÏ Š  Š Š  Š  to create out of nothing ê’ô» êÊó¢ êŒ »Œ  » ô ¡  Œ ¼ êô êô »  Š  ñ ½ òÊ»¡ ’ò ½Œ » ½ »¡ Œ  ¾ ò»½ ò» Š  ޒçÁ ÞÊç¡Á ÞçÁÊ¡  Š to enchant, to bewitch Þç Š âÊó¢ ¥ ’òà’çŒ ¡ ’⌠¥Œ ô¡ to raise to act righteously ’òà’çÊ¡  ®¼ õ õ øèôóô®ô¼ôç©I®ô õãò›ü›ÞÌöÓ to curse úàóŠ úÊߢŠó úà’óÊ¡  úà’ô  úàóŠ   to enter to profit ޒèû Þèü Š Þèû Š  to remember ’ïÊ¿ ÂÊ Œ ’¿Œ ¿ ï¡  Œ ’À Âï¿ Âï ŠŠ  ÞÌ ó õ ô øÔõ ÞÌÓ ô öõ to provide éÃÊÁ éÊá é ÁŒ Á á    éà  ÞÊç¢û ÞèûÊ¡ Š Ýîõ øÔô Ìã passive voice ¿Ž`ˆ Total words (of this page):  Percent so far: . Total words (of this page):   ½ Ç ¾Ê³¢ ¾ nj   È ¾´Ç ´ Ç ´ ¡ ¾´    ® õ ö øÀôóôô®ô¿©I®ô õãò›ü›ÞÌöÓ òàÊç òÊߢŠç  òø· òÊ÷¢· ’òÊø·Ê¡ òÊø¸  òø·  Œ Š    to bear with patience Â¦Ï ÂÊ¥¢Ï ÂʦÏÊ¡  ÂʦÐ   Â¦Ï     à ¾¦ß ¾¦   to wrong ö’ôÛ öÊó¢ŠÛ öÊô’ÛÊ¡ Œ öÊô’Ü öôÛ  ŠŠ    ’è êÈç êÈ  Š  to recognize ¨ŠçÊÂà÷ åÊÁ¢ß åÊÂßÊ¡  å ÊÂà å Âß      to strike to be grateful ’ðË ÂÊï¢ Œ ˌ  Œ Ì ÂðË  Ë ð ¡ Âð Š   é¾ÊÏ éʽ¢ é ό   Ð é¾Ï Ï ¾ ¡ é¾   §½¢¦Êß ¾Ê¥¢ ¾ߌ ß ¦ ¡ êÈÊç êÊÇ¢Š ê ’çŒ ç È¡ to sit; to remain behind to prescribe; to write to disbelieve; to be ungrateful ò¬ë Š òà ç Š Š to carry; to bear ÂàË   to kill; to slay Œ Êà’è ò  Á Ë ÂÊߢ  ˌ à Ë à ¡ to transgress ’òÊà’çÊ¡ £ÂÓ £ÊÁ¢Ó £ÊÂÓÊ¡ £ÊÂÔ  £ÂÓ   to perceive to be true; to say the truth to worship; to serve Percent so far: .  ® ¼ ó ® ¼ç õ õ øèô ô ô ô ©I®ô õãò›ü›ÞÌöÓ to prostrate éÃÁ     Ì Âà òÊ«¢Š ’ò’ëŒ ë ¬¡ Œ ’ì ò¬ ò ¬ë Š Š  ½ ë ¾ÊߢŠ ¾ ’ëŒ àŒ ë à¡   ’ì ¾à ¾à ë  Š  ¨¥¢¬Êï ¤Ê«¢Š ¤’ïŒ  ’𠤬ï ï ¬ ¡ ¤¬  Š  to understand; to comprehend to forgive; to cover to decree; to have power; .. ò’ìß òÊë¢ß ’òÊìßÊ¡  òÊìà Œ òìß Š Š  §ÂÊèä÷ ÂÊ碊ã ÂÊè’ãÊ¡  ÂÊèä  Âèã  ŠŠ  Áʾ’ì  Á¾ë  Š  §Á¾ëÁ¾ë Œ Š Áʽ¢Šë Áʾ’ëÊ¡ ’èï ÂÊ碊 Œ ’ïŒ Œ ï è ¡  Œ ’ð Âèï Âè ŠŠ  to lie £ÊÀï £Ê¿¢Šï £ÊÀ’ïÊ¡ £ÊÀ’ð £ Àï Š   ŠŠ  to plot ’ð÷ ÂÊï¢ Œ ÷Œ  ÷ ð¡  Œ ø Âð Âð÷ Š   to earn ¤Èï ¤ÊÇ¢Šï ¤ÊȒïÊ¡ ¤ ÊȒð ¤ Èï Š   Š  to look; to wait ŠÜû ÂÊÛ¢ Œ ûŒ û Ü¡  Œ ü ÂÜ ÂÜû Š  to possess . Total words (of this page): Total words (of this page):  Percent so far: î’ôÊ÷ îÊó¢÷ î Êô÷Ê¡  î Êôø î ô÷   Š Percent so far:  .

  Ê õ ôäø´ôóôÊö ô³©I®ô õãò›ü›ÞÌöÓ ä òàÊç òÊߢŠç ’òà’çÊ¡  Œ à’è ò The last two letters of the root are same òÊàç Š Š N Š N ŠèM Œ

  ç  ¢Šç òŒô’猡òÊô’çÊ¡ òÊèNòè ò  òç ò̊ ñ ¨ߢøÇ ÞÊ÷¢Ç ÞøÇÊ¡   ÞøÈ ÞÊøÇ    ùÄ· ùÊâ· ’ùÄ·Ê¡   ùĸ  ùÊÄ· Œ Š     ¤È· ¤ÊÇ¢· ¤È·Ê¡ ¤ ȸ  ¤ ÊÈ·      ڒèÊ· ÚÊ碷 ’Úè·Ê¡ Úè¸  Ú Êè· Š Œ Š Š   ÂÈ» ÂÊÇ¢» ÂȻʡ Âȼ ÂÊÈ»       ¨ø·Á öÊ·¡Á ö·ÁÊ¡   ö·Â  öÊ·Á    ½ Ë ¾Êÿ¢Ë ¾ ËÊ¡  ¾ Ì  ¾Ê Ë    to count ö’ôÊß öÊó¢ß öôßÊ¡ Š öôà öÊôß Š   to beguile to work; to do òøß òÊ÷¢ß ’òøßÊ¡   òøà ŠòÊøß Œ   to spread out; to stretch to dislike; to detest ýÂï ýÊÁ¢Šï ý’ï Ê¡ Œ  ý’ð  ýÊÂï  Š  to touch to watch; to see ÂÐ¥ ÂÊÏ¢  ¥Œ ¥ Ð ¡   ¦ ÂÐ ÂÐ¥   to love; to wish to hear to be grieved to think; to consider to guard; to protect to lose to have mercy on someone to bear witness; to be present to know Total words (of this page):  ÒôˎôÀõ ©I®ô õãò›ü›ÞÌöÓ ã Percent so far: . §¢·  ·Ê¡ ¢¸   ·  ½¡Á ½½Á¡Œ   ½Â

 Á ½  ¾Ï ½¢Ï ½¾Ï ¡Œ    ¾Ð 

 Ï ¾  ÂÓ Á¢Ó ÁÂÓ ¡Œ    to live; to greet to give back; to return to turn away; to hinder ÂÔ 

 Ó Â  òÊÔ  M Ó N ò   ½Á  to hurt; to harm to go astray; to err; to waste to think; to believe ·  ¨Šó¢ŠôÓ ñ¢Ó ’òÊôÓ Ê¡   úÛ Š ù¢ŠÛ úü’Û¡Œ   úÜ  Û

Œ úŠ ¾ß  ½¢ß ½¾ß¡Œ   ¾à

 ß ¾  Á ã Œ Á¢Šã ÁÊ’ãÊ¡  ÂÊä

ã Š  ¾÷  ½¢÷ ½¾÷¡Œ   ¾ø

 ÷ ¾  Æ ÷ Å¢÷ Æ È ÷Ê¡     Æ ø

 ÷ Æ  ½

 ½  ½  Total words (of this page ): ½¡ ½½Ê¡    Percent so far :  ݎô ö ©I®ô õãò›ü›ÞÌöÓ œã òÊß¡ ’òÊߝ’òß Œ ÊàŒ à  ò ò Á’¿ ÁÊ¿¡  Á¿ Š to put; to set ÞÓ ÞÊÓ¡  ÞÓ  to befall ÝŒ  ÞÊë¡ ë Þë Š to grant to find to leave behind to inherit to bear a load to describe; to ascribe to promise to protect; to save to embrace; to comprehend   First letter of the root is í or ñ . ŒòߝŠòÊß

òß    Mç òŠ Ñô øŸô©I®ô õãò›ü›ÞÌöÓ î ƒ Œ ¢ŠèŠòÊç

ñŠç ñ òß Š òʟ¢Šç ’òç Œ Œ  Œ ñè ñ¢Šç Š Á¿ Š  to repent ¨¥« ¤ÊŸ¢ « ¤ «   £¬ £¢«   ÞÔ ÞÓ    to taste é¿ êʟ¡Š Š ¿ éŒ ¿  Œ  éÀ 顊¿   Þë Š  to succeed; to gain victory Ãç Œ Äʟ¢Š ç Č ç  Œ  Ãè âŠç   ¤ÿ ¤Êÿ¡ ¤ÿ   ¤  ¤ÿ     to say ñë òʟ¢Š Š ë ’òŒ ë Œ Œ  Šñ¢Šë ñì ½  ¾Ê³¡ ³ ¾Ê³ ¾Ê´ ¾³    to stand up; to raise öʟ¢Š ë öŒ ë  Œ  õì ¨Š¯¡Á ­ÊÁ¡  ’­ÊÁ ­Ê ­ÊÁ Œ Š  to be ùï úʟ¢Š Š ï úŒ ï ÁÃÊ ÁÊá ÁÊà Áà   to die ©÷ ªÊŸ¢  ÷ ª    ÷ ©ø æÊÐ æÏ     to be afraid æÏ æÊÏ¡ æÊÏ  ÁÀ Š Second letter of the root is í or ñ . Þì Š ÁÊÄ  õ¢Êë õ¢Šë  Œ Œ  Šù¢Šï ùð    ©¢÷   å» æʟ¢» æÊ» 墼 墻     ¾ß ¾Êß¡  ¾Êß ¾Êà ¾ß    to become nigh; to be close to ½ï ¾ÊŸ¢Šï Š ¾Êï ½¢Šð  ½¢Šï   ¨¢ŠëÊ é¡ Êé Êì Šë  to plot against ¾ï ¾ÊŸ¢Šï Š ¾Êï ¾Êð  ½¢Šï   ¨àÇ ÞÊÇ¡ ÞÈ Ê¡   ÞÇ ÞÊÇ    to increase §½¢Êà ¾ÊŸ¡à ½Êà ¾ÊÄ ½¡à   Percent so far: . Total words (of this page): Total words (of this page):   Percent so far: .

 Last letter of the root is í or ñ . ºö Žôç©I®ô õãò›ü›ÞÌöÓ × to recite §¢ŠôÊ« Çñ¢ « Œ «Œ ò¡ to call; to pray ”¢ß½ ÇÝ ¡  ½  ½Œ Ý ¡ Œ ¬ ô  Anyone of the letters of the root is hamza . ¯îõ øìô ©I®ô õãò›ü›ÞÌöÓ ä ã ¢Šô«  to ask ñ¡šÇ òʟ¢Ç ’ò Ç   Œñ˜È  Š ñ ˜Ç Š Š   ¾ ¢ß½ ß   to read; to recite §È”¡ÂÊë ÊÁ¢Šë ’—Â’ëÊ¡  —ŒÂ’ì  —ŠÂë Š  to forgo ’èß Çå¢  ߌ  ß æ ¡ Œ à è ¢Šèß   to take; to catch À» —Š ÀÊ» • ’À»  À» ’˜ Œ À» —Š Š  to want, to seek ä¥ Çᢥ Êâ¥Ê¡ Êä¦ ä¥  to eat ò’ï—Š òÊï• ’òï Œ ò ŒŒ ò ŠŠ  ù¢³  ÇÁ¢³ ʳʡ Ê´  ³   to command Â÷—Š ÂÊ÷• Â÷  Â÷’˜ Â÷—Š    to reward ”¡ij  Çâ³ Êijʡ ÊÄ´  ij   to be safe; to feel safe; to trust ú÷—Š úÊ÷• úø’Ÿ¡  ú÷˜  Š úÊ÷—Š   to decree; to fulfil ”¢Ô ë ÇÑ¢Šë ÊҒëÊ¡ ÊÔ ’ì Ô ë Š Š  to refuse ”¢¥Ê¡ Ç£ • ¤ ’ŸÊ¡  ¥’˜ ¥—Š  to suffice ¨¢ŠèÊï Ç墊ï Êæ ’ïÊ¡ Êè’ð Šèï Š  to see   ’—Á ǔ¡Á Á   Š—Á   to guide; to direct ¾ÿ  ʾ  ¾ÿ  to come ù¢«Ê¡ Ç© • ʪ ’ŸÊ¡ Ê«’˜ «—Š  ¨ ÊÌ» ÇÉ ¢» ʻʡ ̼  ÊÌ»      to will, to wish ¨Š ÊÌ ÷  ǔ¢Ë ’˜Ë  ” É ¢Ì  Ȕ¢Ë  ù¡Ó ÊÁ ÇÑ¡Á ÑÁÊ¡ Ó Â ÊÓ Á    to be evil ”Ç Ê¢Ç  šÇ  ” È É   Ȕ¢Ç  Èü ÊÈû  to come ’žÊ³ ” É Ê´  Ȕ¢³  Percent so far: . to flow to fear to be satisfied, to be content to forget ǽ¢ÿ ʾÿÊ¡ ù¢ÈÊû ÇÅ¢û Æ ûÊ¡  Total words (of this page):  Extra ÷ on nd letter of ô ô ô  Þ ÌÓ (Third person, sing., masc.)  to declare; to apprise Percent so far :  .  ¾uS= È v|þÊç¾ÊÄ÷ ¯ ¯òàÊç È  | ¾ = ¨Š Ê¦ü« ’ž¦ü÷   ̒ž¦û  ž¦ü Œ  ˜ û Š¦  to send down òÊÄü« ñ ü÷ Ä ’ñÄû  ñÄü Œ  ñ û ŠÄ   to deliver; to rescue ¨Ê´ü«  ü÷ ´  ²û   ü ´   û ´  ú ¥   to turn ¨Êó« O÷  ó  O  ñ O ó  M ó  ú à    ¶¦È ¶ Ç    ¦  ÞI ô õ ÌÔã ¨ŠôߢŠè÷ òÊߢŠè÷ ’òÊߢŠç    ÞI Ôó õ Ìô õ Œ ÊߢŠè ò  ÞK Ó ô Ìõ òߢŠç Š   ¼  ¼  Zʼ È« ¼È÷ Â Ç   È Â Ç  ¼  to struggle; to strive êʾЫ é Ï   Ð é Ï ¾ é ¾  ¾  to fight  ¤ÊÀà« £OÀà÷ £ O ß  O à £ M ß À £ À  À  to call out; to cry unto Œ àè ò Š òà ç Š Š to change òʾ¦« ñ ¦÷ ¾ ’ñ¾¥  ñ¾¦ Œ  ñ ¥ Š¾  to give good news ÂÊ̦«  ¦÷ Ì  ÂÌ¥  Â Ì ¦     ¥ Ì úʦ« ú¦÷  ú¥  ú¦  [ÊÄ« úÄ÷  úà  úÄ   ¶ʦÈ« ¶È÷ ¶¦Ç ¦   é Ð ¾ ÷ passive voice ¿Ž`ˆ to teach öÊôà« öO à ô ÷ öO ß ô  O à öM ß ö ô ô  to play hypocricy to send forward öʾ’ì« õ ì ¾Š ÷ õ ë ¾Š   ì õ¾ Š õ ë  ¾Š  to migrate £ O ï  O ð ÀŠ £ ÀŠ £M ï ÀŠ  to accuse ss of falsehood  ¾v|þÊç¾ÊÄ÷ ¯ ¯òàÊç È = ò ç àŠ to adorn / make st to seem fair to glorify; to praise to bring under control to pronounce ss to be true to punish; to torment Total words (of this page ): ǔ¢³ Extra ÷ on nd letter of ô ô ô .  ÞÌÓ Extra alif in ô ô ô . ÞÌÓ òÊà’è« ò è÷ àŠ  to make clear ”Ê´ ÷  ¤ÊÀ’ð« Total words (of this page): £O ð ÀŠ ÷  Percent so far: .   §¾ÿ¢´÷ ¾Êÿ¢´÷ ¾Êÿ¢³ ¾Êÿ¢´ ¾ÿ¢³     ¨Šô«¢Šì÷ òÊ«¢Šì÷ ’òÊ«¢Šë   òÊ«¢Šì Šò«¢Šë Œ  ʽ¢û ʽ¢ü ½¢û  ”¡¾Êû§¡½¢ü÷ǽ¢ü÷   ¨Šìç¢ü÷ êÊç¢ü÷ êÊç¢û Š   êç¢û Š   §³¢ ÷ Âʳ¢ ÷ Âʳ¢ÿ Âʳ¢  ³¢ÿ       passive voice ¿Ž`ˆ Total words (of this page): Þô Žô õ Ë Ôã  êÊç¢ü  ÞË Ôó ÞË Ó õ ô Žô õ ô ö îõ Percent so far: .

Extra ÷ on nd letter of ô ô ô  ÞÌÓ (Third person, sing., masc.)  ñ¢ ’çʛ òÊà’è÷ à  ¾v|ÈþÊç¾ÊÄ÷ ¯ ¯òàÊç È EJ ’òÊà’ç—Š Œ Êà’è ò Šòà’犗 Extra Hamza before ô ô ô ÞÌÓ (Third person, sing., masc.) to turn away; to backslide  ¾v|ÈþÊç¾ÊÄ÷ ¯ ¯òàÊç È EJ  Ñ¡Âßʛ ÑÊÂà÷ ÑÊÂߗŠ ÑÊÂà ÑÂߗŠ     ÂÊЦ ÂÐ¥ —Š     to drown é¡’ãʛ éÊÂä÷ éÊ’㗊  éÊÂä é’㗊     to do good; to do excellently  ù¢È·Ê› úÊȸ÷ úÊÈ·—Š úÊ ¸  úÈ·—Š  È      to spread corruption ½¢Ȓçʛ ¾ÊȒè÷ ¾ÊȒ痊  ¾ÊȒè ¾È’ç—Š    to bring forth ±¡Â»Ê› ±Ê¼÷ ±Ê»—Š   ±Ê¼ ±Â»—Š    to be successful µ¢Šô’çʛ ¶Êô’è÷ ¶Êô’ç—Š  ¶Êô’è   ¶ô’ç—Š Š  to make ss enter ñ¢»½Ê› òÊ»¾÷ ’òÊ»½—Š  òÊ»¾ ò»½—Š Œ  Š  to make st grow; to cause to grow ©¢Ê¦ûʛ ªÊ¦ü÷ ªÊ¦û—Š  ªÊ¦ü ª¦û—Š     to send back; to take back Ý¢³Áʛ ÞʳÂ÷ ÞʳÁ—Š  Þʳ ޳Á—Š     to warn Á¡ŠÀûʛ ÁÊÀü÷ ÁÊÀû—Š  ÁÊÀü  ÁÀû—Š Š  to send ñ¢ÇÁʛ òÊÇÂ÷ ’òÊÇÁ—Š  òÊÇ òÇÁ—Š Œ  Š  to send down; to reveal ñ¡Äûʛ ñÊÄü÷ ’ñÊÄû—Š  ñÊÄü ŠñÄû—Š Œ    å¡ÂÇʛ åÊÂÈ÷ åÊÂÇ¡Š åÊ È åÂǗŠ        to produce/ create; to make st grow ”¢Ìûʛ žÊÌü÷ ’žÊÌû—Š  žÊÌü Œ ˜Ìû—Š Š  õ¢ŠôÇʛ öÊôÈ÷ öÊôǗŠ  öÊôÈ öôǗŠ    Š  to favor; to bestow grace öÊàû—Š öÊàü  öàû—Š   í¡ÂËʛ íÊÂÌ÷ íÊÂ˗Š   íÊÂÌ íÂ˗Š    to spend 颊èûʛ êÊèü÷ êÊèû—Š  êÊèü   êèû—Š Š  to become µ¢¦Ïʛ ¶Ê¦Ð÷ ¶Ê¦ϗŠ  ¶Ê¦Ð ¶¦Ï—Š      to not recognize; to deny Á¢Šðûʛ ÂÊðü÷ ÂÊðû—Š  ÂÊðü   Âðû—Š Š  to become good; to make good µ¢ŠôÏʛ ¶ÊôÐ÷ ¶ÊôϗŠ  ¶ÊôÐ ¶ôϗŠ    Š  to destroy í¢Šôÿʛ îÊô ÷ îÊôÿ—Š  îÊô  îôÿ—Š    Š  . Total words (of this page): Percent so far: . to see; to watch to exceed; to be extravagant to submit; to surrender to ascribe a partner Á¢Ð¥Ê› ÂÊЦ÷ ÂÊÐ¥—Š  Total words (of this page):  Percent so far: Extra Hamza before ô ô ô ÞÌÓ (Third person, sing., masc.)  ¾v|ÈþÊç¾ÊÄ÷ ¯ ¯òàÊç È EJ õ¢àûʛ öÊàü÷   Extra Hamza before ô ô ô ÞÌÓ (Third person, sing., masc.)  ¾v|ÈþÊç¾ÊÄ÷ ¯ ¯òàÊç È EJ «—Š ö  to give life ”¢·Ê› Ǹ÷ Ê·—Š  ʸ  ¢·—Š  £¢¦·Ê› ¤Ê¸ ÷ ¤Ê¦·—Š   ¤Ê¸  ·—Š

¤  to conceal ”¢Šè»Ê› Çæ¼÷ Êæ»—Š  Êè¼ Šè»—Š  to make lawful; to cause to dwell ñ¢Šô·Ê› òʸ÷ ’òÊô·—Š   ò N ʸ M ·—Š ò  to show §Ȕ¡Áʛ to conceal; to speak secretly to leave in error; to send astray to prepare; to make st ready Á¡ÂÇʛ ÂÊÈ÷ ÁÊÂǗŠ   ÂÊÈ

ǗŠ   to enrich ñ¢ŠôÓʛ òÊÔ÷ ’òÊôӗŠ   ò  ò N ÊÔ M ӗŠ  to complete to love õ¢ø«Ê› öʬ÷ öÊø«—Š   ½¡¾ßʛ ¾Êà÷ ½Ê¾ߗŠ   öʬ


 ߗŠ ¾  to throw; to cast; to place to rescue; to save; to deliver to reveal; to inspire ÇÂ÷  ÊÁ—Š Ê Á—Š   ”¢ü’ãʛ Çúä÷  Êú’ã—Š Êüä ü’ã—Š   ”¢Šìóʛ Çêô ÷ Êê’ó—Š Êìô  Šì’ó—Š  ”¢´ûʛ Dzü÷  ʲû—Š Ê´ü ´û—Š  ”¢yʛ ǵ ʵ—Š ÷  Ê· ·—Š   to make sb taste ¨Šë¡Š¿Ê› êÊÀ÷  éÊ¿—Š êÊÀ 顊¿—Š    to intend; to wish §½¡Áʛ ¾ÊÂ÷  ½ÊÁ—Š ¾Ê ½¡Á—Š    to fulfil ”¢Šèʛ Çå Êå—Š ÷  Êç Šç—Š   to befall; to inflict  ¨¥¢Ïʛ ¤ÊÐ÷ ¤ÊϗŠ ¤ÊÐ £¢ϗŠ    to believe ù¢{ʛ úÊ÷š÷  úÊ÷• úÊ÷š ú÷•    to obey ¨ߢŠ×ʛ ÞÊØ÷  ÞÊחŠ ÞÊØ Ý¢Š×—Š     to give ”¢¬ʛ Ê«š÷  Ê©• Ê«š «•  ¨÷¢Šëʛ öÊì÷  öÊ뗊 öÊì   õ¢Šë—Š   to give trouble; to harm; to annoy ”¡ŠÀʛ Ê¿š÷  Ê¿• ªÊø ©¢÷—Š    Percent so far: . to establish; to set upright to cause someone to die ¨«¢÷ʛ ªÊø÷ ªÊ÷—Š  Total words (of this page):  passive voice ¿Ž`ˆ Total words (of this page): Þô øÔõ Ìã  Ê¿š Š¿•  ÞÌ ó ÞÌ ƒ õ ô øÔõ ô ö øÓõ Percent so far: 

 Extra • and ÷ in ô ô ô .  ÞÌÓ Extra • and alif in ô ô ô . ÞÌÓ ò

è« ò è¬ àŠ àŠ ÷ ¾uS= YÈ v}YþÊç¾ÊÄ÷ ¯ ¯òàÊç È  }= ¾ = = ’òàè« Š Œ àè¬ ò Š  Extra alif and • in ô ô ô . ÞÌÓ Extra ‡ and å in ô ô ô . ÞÌÓ òàè« Š Š ñ¢àʬçÊ¡ òÊà¬è ’ ’÷ ¾v}ˆÊRÈ vY|ÊþÊç¾ÊÄ÷ ¯ ¯òàÊç È  = E ¾ = E òÊà¬çÊ¡ ’ ’ Œ Êà¬è ò ’ òà¬çÊ¡ Š’  墊ôʬ»Ê¡ æÊô¬¼÷ æÊô¬»Ê¡ æÊ ¬¼  æô¬»Ê  ô    Š   ¡ to think over; to reflect ÂN è« ÂO è¬÷ ÂM è« ðŠ ðŠ  ðŠ ÂM è¬ ÂM è« ðŠ   ðŠ  to differ to receive admonition; to remember ÂN À« ÂO À¬÷ ÂM À« ÂM À¬ ÂM À« ïŠ ïŠ  ïŠ ïŠ  ïŠ  to follow Ý¢¦«Ê¡ Þʦ ÷ ¬ Þʦ Ê¡  « Þʦ  Þ¦ Ê¡  ¬ «  to put one's trust òN « òO ¬÷ ’òM « ŒòM ¬ òM « ï ï  ï ï  Š ï  to take; to adopt ¿¢¼«Ê¡ Àʼ ÷ ’Àʼ Ê¡ ¬ « Àʼ  À¼ Ê¡ Œ ¬ Š «  ú ¦«    to be on guard; to protect ”¢Šì«Ê¡ ¬ Êì  Π« Π¬ Π« ¥ ¥   ¥  to fabricate a lie ú

¦« ú¦¬÷    to become clear to wait & watch for opportunity to turn away; to take for friend to make sb die; to receive in full Î

« ¥ ά÷ ¥   ñ ñ L « L ¬÷ ú ¦«  ú ¦¬   M « ñ M¬ M« ó  ó  to find or to follow the right path å« å¬÷ «    å M ¬ M « ç  ç  to seek ÞI ô ô õ ÌԘã ÞI Ԙó ÞI ԗ õ Ìô ô õ ô Ìô õ   ’òߢŠè« òÊߢŠè¬÷ ’òߢŠè«  Œ ߢŠè¬ òߢŠè« ò Š í ¢¦« íÊÁ¢¦¬÷ íÁ¢¦« Á  Á¢¦¬ í passive voice ¿Ž`ˆ to be blessed or exalted to ask each other to turn around; to return ñÉ ¢È« ñʔ¢Ȭ÷ ’ñȔ¢È« ŒñȔ¢È¬ ŠñȔ¢È« ”  to refrain; to end Percent so far: .  ÞÌÓ Extra alif and Ý in ô ô ô . ÞÌÓ Extra –³ in ô ô ô .  ʬ’çÊ¡ ʬ’è ¬’çÊ¡     ”¡¾Ê¬ÿÊ¡ Ǿ¬ ÷ ʾ¬ÿÊ¡ ʾ¬  ¾¬ÿÊ¡       ”¡Âʬ’çÊ¡ Ǭ’è÷  ”¢äʬ¥ Ê¡ Ç⬦÷   Êê Ê¡ « Ê⬥ Ê¡  Þô ô øÔõ ̘ ã Èòà’è¬ÇÊ¡M à’çÊ¡þÊç¾ÊÄ÷ ¯ ¯òàÊç   ò ”¢ ʬû Ê¡ Çþ¬ü÷   Êþ¬û Ê¡  Œ Êàèü òàèûÊ¡ ò Š Š Š   Ê ¬ü  ¬û Ê¡  Êç£ÂÓ came  ò  L à’è÷ M à’çÊ¡ ò òà’è N ò M à’çÊ¡ to become black ½¡½ÊÇÊ¡ ½È÷   ÇÊ¡ ½ ½È

ÇÊ¡ ½  to become white Ñ¢Ôʥʡ Ò¦÷   ¥Ê¡ Ò Ò¦

¥Ê¡ Ò  ÞÌ ã  ô øÔõ ÞÌ ó J ô øÔõ Þô øÓõ I̍ abound ¢Šèß repented  ñ¢à’èʬÇÊ¡ òÊà’è¬È÷ ’òÊà’è¬ÇÊ¡    Œ Êà’è¬È ò  òà’è¬ÇÊ¡ Š  forgave úߢŠèß accepted the   repentence passive voice ¿Ž`ˆ to seek ss to hasten gave example ñ¢´àʬÇÊ¡ òÊ´à¬È÷ ’òÊ´à¬ÇÊ¡ òÊ´à¬È ò´à¬ÇÊ¡ Œ  Š   decreed; fulfilled to ask forgiveness Á¢ŠèäʬÇÊ¡ ÂÊèä¬È÷ ÂÊèä¬ÇÊ¡    ÂÊèä¬È Âèä¬ÇÊ¡   Š  judged to act arrogantly Á¢¦ðʬÇÊ¡ Âʦ’ð¬È÷ Âʦð¬ÇÊ¡ ’ ’ Âʦð¬È ¦ð¬ÇÊ¡ ’  ’   killed to mock at ”¡Ä ʬÇÊ¡ ÊÄ ¬È÷ ÊÄ ¬ÇÊ¡ ÊÄ ¬È   —ŠÄ ¬ÇÊ¡    to accept; to respond ¨¥¢´Ê¬ÇÊ¡ ¤Ê´¬È÷ ¤Ê´¬ÇÊ¡ ¤Ê´¬È £¢´¬ÇÊ¡   to be able to ¨ߢŠØʬÇÊ¡ ÞÊجÈ÷ ÞÊجÇÊ¡  ÞÊجÈ Ý¢ŠØ¬ÇÊ¡      ¨÷¢ŠìʬÇÊ¡ öÊì¬È÷   öÊì¬È    to be straight; to act straight passive voice ¿Ž`ˆ Total words (of this page): Þô øÔô ø´õ ̘ ã  öÊì¬ÇÊ¡  õ¢Šì¬ÇÊ¡   put; laid down removed turned; caused to turn Êñ£ÂÓ brought  ŠôߣÂÓ sought   ¢†ô°÷£ÂÓ oppressed; Š   was unjust Ôë came, arrived Š ú¥Ô ë brought  Š ŠôßÔ ë went  Š ÞÓ took away  úßÞÓ went away   M was contented ó turned to ÞÌ ˜ ó ÞÌ ˜  õ ô øÔô ø´õ ô ö øÔõ ø³õ Percent so far: .  ¾vÊ ƒR? „Ê ¾vÊ| } E W= n ñ¢ŠôÊà’çÊ¡ struck upn; overshadowed  Percent so far: .  Prepositions that come with the verb & may change the meanings mentioned  Þ̘  ô ö õ øÓõ Š  Š £¢ŠôÊìû Ê¡ ¤Êôìü÷ ¤Êôìû Ê¡ ¤Êôìü ¤ôìû Ê¡  Š   ŠŠ Total words (of this page): went forth; strove   Ê䬦 䬥 Ê¡ Þ̘ ó õ ô ô øÔõ ñ¢àÊèûÊ¡ òÊàèü÷ ’òÊàèûÊ¡ Š Š   « Šì Ê¡ passive voice ¿Ž`ˆ íÁ¢¦« Total words (of this page): Çê ÷ ¬  ŠóʛM pleased with ó turned away from úßM stroke  ó «—Š Ê£«Š— ä¥ Šôßä¥ £« ŠÊ›£¢« ¢ ó Šôߣ¢« Ȕ¢³ Ê£Ȕ¢³ ¤ÿŠ¿ Ê£¤ÿŠ¿ úߤÿŠ¿ ÊÓÁ úßÊÓÁ £ÂÓ

  ( Âà÷ )Masculine Gender å Imperfect Tense  ¡ He does . ýÊÉ He will do . È ¢ø  ÊÊÉ  do / will do . ÿ È You öÊÿÉ ÉÊÈ   They do . í  You do . They will do . You will do . ¢ø Œ  ï You do /will do . öŒ  ï You all do .  You all will do . I do . Êû  I will do . ¢ û We do . We will do . ÝÊÁ ¢Ô ÷ òà Êç  Past Tense Œòà’è  He did . ù¢Šôà’è They two did .  ùŒôà’è  Œòà’è«  They all did . You did . Êù ¢Šôà ’è « You two did . ŠùŒôà’è«  You all did . Œòà’ç—Š  I did . Œòà’èû  We did . òàÊ ç ÝÊ ¢ ÷ Á Ô Past Tense ¢ÿ ÊÉ She does . È Œ à’è« ò She did . ¢ø  ÊÈÊÉ  do / will do . ÿ You ù¢Šôàè« ’ They two did . ÿ ÈÉÊ ú É They do . í  You do . ¢ø Œ  ï ï úŒ They will do . You will do . You do /will do . You all do . You all will do .  I do . Êû  I will do . ¢û We do . We will do . ú’ôà’è   They all did . [Ê à’è«  ô You did . Êù ¢Šôàè« ’ ú’ôà’è«    ª’ôàŠç ªû—Š ¢ø ¬’ôà Šç ¢ø ¬ûŠ—  ö’ôàŠç ö¬û—Š ¬  Imperative ’òà’çÊ¡  Singular ¢Šôà ’çÊ¡ Dual ¡Œ àè«¢Šó ô ’ Don t (you all ) do ! Œ à’è ò  (it) is being done . òߢŠç úŠôÊß ¢Šçù¢ŠôÊß ¢Šç [Êóà ’è÷ùŒà ’è÷  ó  [ÊôÊߢŠçùŒ ÊߢŠç ô You two did . You all did . Œ à’ç—Š ò I did . Œ à’èû ò We did . Negative ªôàç  Š Š Êÿ ¢¬ŠôàŠç ¢ø  ÿ ú’ôàç úÿ  Š  ª Š Ê ’ôàç ʪû—Š ¢ø ¬ôàç ’ Š ¢ø û —Š ¬ ¬’ôàç ú¬û—Š ú  Š  ’ôàç ª Š ¢û—Š ¢’ôàç ú¸û ü Š   Don t do! ¢Šôàè«¢Šó ’ Don t (you all ) do! ú’ôà’è«¢Šó   Œ à’è ò « (it) is being done . Passive participle The one who is affected . ñàè÷öÇ¡ ¨Š ’è÷ óà Â÷— Êôà’çÊ ¡ Do! Do (you two )! ¢ŠôàçÊ¡ ’ ú’ôà’çÊ  ¡ Do (you all )! ªôÊàç ŠŒ (it) is done . Active participle Doer . ú¬Šóàè÷ù¢¬Šóàè÷ ’ ’ ¨Š ÊߢŠ ô ç ©¢Š ߢŠ ô ç òàÊç Singular Dual Plural ñ ´ ÷   passive voice òߢçöÇ¡ ú¬ŠôߢŠçù¢¬ŠôߢŠç ©¢Š ’è÷ óà action; act of doing Plural Noun of action Imperative Êôà’è«¢Š  ó Don t do! Ê ¢ Ó÷ Dual ® š÷ û  Feminine Gender ® š÷ û  Singular Á¾Ð÷ òàÊç action; act of doing passive voice òߢçöÇ¡ Active participle Doer . úŠóà ’è ÷ ù¢Šóà ’è ÷ Plural ñ ´ ÷   òÊàç Š Œ (it) is done . ñ è÷ à’  ¢ü’ôàŠç ú¸û   òàÊ  ç ¡Œ àçÊ¡ ô ’ Do (you all )! ñàè÷öÇ¡ Passive participle The one who is affected . ª’ôàç ¢û—Š Š Â÷— Do ! ¢Šôà ’è «¢Šó Do (you two )! Don t do ! ¢ø  ÿ ¡Œôàç öÿ Š    ’òà’è«¢Šó  Don t do !  ŠòàŠç ÿ ¢ŠôàŠç  ÂM ŠÀ  ï ÷  (åÂà÷ ) Feminine Gender  She will do . Negative òàÊç ÊÓ ¢÷  Imperfect Tense ÂM À ÷ ïŠ  Masculine Gender Á¾Ð÷ Noun of action Singular Dual Plural

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