Learning refines and elevates the mind

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Information about Learning refines and elevates the mind

Published on January 6, 2016

Author: ZahidAliMughal

Source: slideshare.net

1. “Learning” Refines and Elevates the “Mind” Presented By : Zahid Ali Mughal

2. Contents :  What is Learning.?  Daily Experience  Learning refines the mind.  Learning elevates the mind  Learners and Teachers  Impacts of Learning  Famous Quotes  Conclusions/Suggestions

3. Is Learning what we are taught in Classroom..?

4. Is Learning what we read in our syllabus books..?

5. What does learning actually means ?  Learning is defined as: “Any relatively permanent change in behavior as a result of experience.”  A change in behavior.  Change must be enduring.  Change must result from practice or experience.

6. Learning refines and elevates your Mind.

7. How learning elevates the mind.?  By increasing your natural ability.  Learning creates a curious hungry mind.  Learning help us to adapt change.  Learning motivates us to make new friends and valuable relationships.  Learning leads to an enriching life of self fulfilment.

8. Active Learning  What I Hear I Forget,  What I see I remember,  What I do I learn.

9. Impacts of Learning  Man becomes self satisfied.  Man become differentiable among other people.  Improves ability to achieve something.  Never give up.

10. Impacts of Learning  Through daily learning we experience how to judge things.  Learning ascends human being from a common man to a gentle man.

11. Leaners and the teachers  When we talk about learners and the teachers , we realize that Time is the best teacher but it is up to us that how we utilize time and how we can Learn from it by exploring new things and experience.

12. Famous Quotes  Learning is an experience, everything else is an information.  When you stop learning , you start dying. ( Elbert Einstein)  Learn through your daily experience, it is the only way to elevate your mind. ( Dennis Ritchie)  Learning Refines and Elevates the Mind.

13. Conclusion  In conclusion, I feel that learning is a major component of life. The willingness to learn is the number one step in a successful education.  Wise people keep on learning to elevate their mind level.  Lifelong learning keeps us involved as active contributors to society.

14. Suggestions  As a student one must want to learn in order to be successful in education today. The expression is true that education is the key.  Never stop Learning.  Try to learn from your mistakes and act on them perfectly in future

15. Keep Calm and ask me Questions.!

16. Thanks for listening me Patiently…!!

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