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Information about Learning organization characteristics 2

Published on July 24, 2014

Author: uweschaeruman

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According to Peter Senge there are five characteristics of learning organisation i.e system thinking as corner stone, personal mastery, mental model, shared vision and team learning.

learning organizationcaharcteristics Peter  Senge   perspec,ve   Uwes A. Chaeruman http://teknologipendidikan.net

personal mastery characteristic #2

is the commitment by an individual to the process of learning. Personal Mastery  Senge,  P.M.  1990  -­‐  

there is a competitive advantages for an organization whose workforce can learn more quickly than the workforce of other organizations …… …… Wang,  C.L.  and  Ahmed,  P.K.  2003  

Individual learning is acquired through staff training, development and continuous self-improvement McHugh,  D.,  Groves,  D.  and  Alker,  A.  1998    

However, learning cannot be forced upon an individual who is not receptive to learning.  Senge,  P.M.  1990  -­‐  

Research shows that most learning in the workplace is incidental, rather than the product of formal training … O’Keeffe,  T.  2002  

therefore it is important to develop a culture where personal mastery is practiced in daily life.  Senge,  P.M.  1990  -­‐  

a learning organization has been described as the sum of individual learning, but there must be mechanisms for individual learning to be transferred into organizational learning… ……………....   …..  

characteristic #3 NEXT mentalmodel

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