Learning Multiplication Expressions

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Information about Learning Multiplication Expressions

Published on June 15, 2007

Author: Freedom

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Multiplication Expressions:  Multiplication Expressions By Monica Yuskaitis Definitions:  Definitions Product – the answer to a multiplication problem. Times – multiply. Word Phrases:  Word Phrases The product of 5 and a number c Seven time a number t 6 multiplied by a number d 5 x c or 5c 7 x t or 7t 6 x d or 6d Placement Rule:  Placement Rule Always write the variable after the number. b x 6 write 6b Write an algebraic expression:  Write an algebraic expression 24 multiplied by a number Product of 32 and a number 300 times a number 24n 32n 300n Using parentheses:  Using parentheses 4 x b 4 (b) (4) b (4b) Find my rule:  Find my rule Find my rule:  Find my rule Find my rule:  Find my rule Find my rule:  Find my rule

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