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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: rupamdas1992

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This is a report on the project "Learning app for photographer" in the course Design Methodology

Learning app for Photographers By- Rupam Das 11020529

Pre Study Phase Literature Review Sciography (from Greek "shadow") is a branch of science of the perspective dealing with the projection of shadows, or delineation of an object in perspective with its gradations of light and shade. One of the major professional fields that use this technique is the architectural field as well as photography . In architecture it is defined as a study of shades and shadows cast by simple architectural forms on plane surfaces. In general sciography the light source is imagined as the sun inclined at 45 degrees to both vertical plane and horizontal plane coming from left hand side. The resultant shadow is then drawn. In photography, which is essentially recording patterns of light, shade, and colour, "highlights" and "shadows" are the brightest and darkest parts of a scene or image. Photographic exposure must be adjusted (unless special effects are wanted) to allow the film or sensor, which has limited dynamic range, to record detail in the highlights without them being washed out, and in the shadows without their becoming undifferentiated black areas. Product photography lighting options are plentiful these days thanks to the freedom that digital cameras now provide. Auto white balance (AWB) is so good on most recent digital cameras that almost any light source can be utilized.

Product photography using daylight gives you the advantage of using natural light from the outset. This means your lighting is closely in tune with your cameras default settings. However daylight can be variable and short lived depending on the time of year and your location. A bright but overcast day can be ideal for a product photography shoot as this light will likely be even and consistent. Bright direct sunlight can often be a nuisance but on occasion it can give you just the right atmosphere you’re looking for. To harness daylight you want to position and orientate your tabletop studio near a door or window so the light is coming in from the ideal direction – this direction will vary depending on your subject. Place one of the white backdrops on the far side of your tabletop studio to bounce light back on to your subject. So, we can see that the option of product lighting in the photography is very large which can be explored and learned through various techniques. There are many schools of photography that give full time training on product lighting and in other fields of photography , but they can be at times costly and very rare to find out. Therefore, I am here will try my best to develop an app suchn that the initial learning phase of photography is minimised through a very effective technique.

Fish Bone Diagram of Kitchen Knife Problem Concept of sciography not clear No camera for Not enough Don’t have enough clicking oppurtunity to experience to judge photos click photos what to click when Haven’t travelled enough Problem of Sciography as photographers skilll No common forum for discussion lazy enough to learn the full concept expensive skill to learn Don’t have the expertise to click photos involving sciographic concept Don’t know in which click and where they should appy that skill These are the few cause and effects of the problem that i wanted to solve. As i was not getting enough material and study resources both from the library and from the internet ,I thought of making an efficient photographer’s app. This app will help any kind of photography hobbyist can learn some easy tricks and to capture the right click that they wanted to click

Pre study Phase Gathering all information on context, situations involved in the problem Listing all technology variables Identifying users Literature survey State of the art Drawing of the art Drawing up preliminary design brief Sudy Phase Studying the problem Identifying the problem Conducting user requirements research Conducting base experiments Drawing up specifications Design Phase Generating alternative solutions Evaluating concepts FInalising concept Realisation Phase Engineering drawing Evaluating concepts Prototyping Testing Phase Formulating testing plan (User testing) Documentation Phase Documentation Phase Design Documentation

Some of the scenarios of sciometric use

Features of my product I have taken an option of giving a complete detail over the product. Here i will describe what my product can do and what are the features that you can explore and make use of, which will make your purpose of clicking phooto more meaningfull. Need help taking a good photo with your DSLR or other camera look no further. Unlike other similar apps, this app is built for beginners and experts. It can act as a guide for beginners including a full beginners reference manual and a techniques for experts, including tips from other experts. You can join our community and share your knowledge with other photographers. You can delve yourself into the photography world: create a profile, share your knowledge, share your portfolio, learn from professionals and meet other like minded individuals. The app contains graphics and features and new content from well experienced professional photographers. You can run over different photo scenarios from experienced professional photographers and the full community support, ability to create a profile and display your website/portfolio link, email and biography. Read others photographers tips and share your own. A place to store you own personal notes for each scenario making it easy to find for your next shoot.

There are different scenarios that are put into five different convenient categories for a quick easy to use reference. Each scenario includes a complete guide, from preparation, to equipment to technique. There are hundreds of tips to help guide you to your potential and place to store your own personal notes. There is also added in our own beautiful pictures from around the world to illustrate each scenario and help motivate you towards success. Other features: - Expert photo taking advice including photography tutorials - Commnunity of Photographers including features to share tips and create profile - DSLR camera tips, photography tutorials and more photography stuff like own personal notes - DSLR camera tips to take better photos - DSLR Photography tutorial on scenarios, photography tutorial to help learn new ways to take excellent photos - Photography tutorial and community tips from user around the world - Learn new techniques and photo ideas with our photography tutorial and DSLR camera tips Join our extensive photography community and share your knowledge with other photographers. Become completely immersed in the photography world: create a profile, share your knowledge, share your portfolio, learn from professionals and meet other like minded individuals.

Users of the Photographer app Hobbyist Proffesional Photographers Amatuers

Problem statement for the kitchen knife In the context of amatuer photographers, beginners and hobbyist I want to describe a simplistic design problem statement: “To make a product that would make the task of clicking beautiful photographs a asy task and make the user a beneficiary by giving them the full benefit of learning photography techniques on its own pace.”

Feature and attribute matrix Feature Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 key Features Comments Feature 4 Attribute Utility Techniques Ready in hand App For android Internet in hand with one click opening Option and choices Privacy settings comment on issues Ask queries to experts Learning capabilities Many choices Eye catching Aesthetic design android app Forum Help to develop community Share knowledge Scenarios updatedScenario knowledge is shared Connected to community On th go Learn at your pace Community contributes app open for all For the simple users Expert can help Amatuers Experts can give tips

Some scenes of the app Hi, Rupam Beach Techniques Forum Techniques Basics Bokeh Black & White Film

Landscape Techniques Forum Guest 4 Likes Personal notes Rupam Introduction 2 Likes Add tips Refresh

Thank you

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