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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: celestihel

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New Student Orientation - Check out your Eliot D. Pratt Library! Join us for a tour of both the physical library and our virtual resources. Learn, hands on, how to make the most of library tools. Understand how the library community works in the low-residency environment. Plus, get pro tips on how to make your library experience smooth and easy.

Learn Your Library Tour, Tools, Tips

The Basics ● Meet your librarians ● How to contact us ● Library hours & programs ● What we have ● Where to find it

Who Are We? David Hale, Paula Tamburello, Monica Nelson, Clara Bruns, Helen Linda Archives, ILL & Billing, Circulation & Requests, Director & Instruction, Techie & Instruction

What Can We Do For You? WHEN IN DOUBT, ASK ANYONE! ● How to use library resources ● Help with a research topic ● Recommendations ● Policy questions ● Much much more! PAULA - Billing questions, interlibrary loan, damaged materials & replacements CLARA - Library space use requests, Concerns about/changes to library policy Go Right To The Source On These Questions: DAVID - Archives inquiries only

How Do You Contact Us? It’s always best to use general contact info: Phone (On Campus): ext. 208 Phone (Local): (802) 322-1604 Phone (Toll-Free): (800) 468-4888 ext. 208 Email: library@goddard.edu On Campus/Live Nearby: Open year round, come on by!

When Is the Library Open? Spring 2014 Residencies Orientation Thursday: 9 am - 4 pm Registration Friday - Monday: 9 am - 6 pm Tuesday & Wednesday: 9 am - 10 pm Thursday: 9 am - 6 pm Final Friday: 9 am - 4 pm Coming Residencies: We work with your feedback to set the schedule each season. Fill out those evals.

When Is the Library Open? All Other Times Monday - Friday: 9 am - 4 pm Holidays & Weekends: closed Websites & Electronic Resources 24/7/365 Import Our Calendar So You Never Have To Guess!

Satellite Librarian ASK NOT HOW YOU CAN GET TO THE LIBRARY, BUT HOW THE LIBRARY CAN GET TO YOU! Location: Community Center Student Lounge Hours: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Mon, Tue, & Wed Satellite Librarian does everything except deliver materials to or from the library! Try it in addition to your regular library usage.

What Does The Library Have? Eliot D. Pratt Library Total: 131,500+ items! eBooks: 97,200+ Print Books: 33,000+ DVD: 240+ Music CD: 70+ Books on CD: 30+ Other Stuff: 10+ Collections & Displays Goddard Authors Special Collection: 1,650+ New Books: 450+ Comic Books, Graphic Novels, & More: 350+ Reference: 40+ West Coast Campuses Port Townsend: 800+ Seattle: 130+ AND GROWING!

What About Articles? Hundreds Of Thousands of Articles Within Free Web Resources - We link to reputable sources of information on the free web, as well, which are resources you will have access to long after you leave Goddard.

But Wait! There’s More... Interlibrary Loan (ILL) A service where your library will borrow stuff from other libraries for you. It requires you to think ahead, since it takes several days to get. What jargon do you need un-libraried? If we don’t have something you need, we can borrow it from any one of tens of thousands of libraries nationwide. Image credit: GWU libraries

How Do I Find Stuff? Library & Information Technology Services (LITS) and Eliot D. Pratt Library Catalog Websites


What’s On The Catalog Site? ● All Physical Materials In The Library ● eBooks ● Lists of Program Faculty & Guest Works ● New Works By Goddard Authors ● Links to LITS, GNET, & Goddard Main


What’s On The LITS Site? Everything Else! ● How To’s ● Databases & Electronic Resources ● Library Policies ● IT Resources ● News ● Links to Library Catalog, IT, & Writing Center ● MORE!

The Policies ● Life Cycle of Borrowing ● Checkout Limits, Returns, Fines, Renewal, etc. ● You In The Library Community

Lifecycle of Library Borrowing 1st Day Return library materials Residency Week Begin semester research, collect bulk of library materials to take home, ILL requests for packet 1 Home Catalog requests function enabled Throughout Semester Request materials be sent to you, request ILLs 7-10 days before packet needed, return ILLs on time, return materials if you’re over checkout limit Semester End No more requests allowed Travel Prep Check account online so all materials come with you, plan how to get materials home Residency & Semester Begins

How Many Materials Can I Have? 30 Total Combined Items Print Books & Special Collection Books up to 30 items total ILL, DVD, Music, CD-ROM, Book on CD, Kits, & Special Collection AV Materials up to 5 items total Museum Pass 1 only Archives & Reference Doesn’t Circulate

How Long Can I Have Them? Goddard College Print Books (Including Special Collections and Materials on Display!) All Semester Return Them On The First Day of Your Next Residency DVD, Music, CD-ROM, Book on CD, Kits, & Special Collection AV Materials 4 Weeks Museum Pass 2 days ILL varies, set by lending library

What About eBooks? ● 14 Day Download or Read Online ● 10 titles at a time ● Multiple Borrowers ● Holds not needed ● 7 Day Download or Read Online ● 10 titles at a time ● One user at a time (mostly) ● 5 holds allowed eBooks Do Not Count Against Checkout Limits No Requests for Print Copies of eBooks

How Do I Get Stuff After Residency? We Mail It To You! You request it, we mail it to your address on file at no charge to you. If you’re staying at a different address or need us to not mail, just let us know. NOTE: We do NOT mail when you’re on campus. You can take them in your luggage or car, arrange a USPS, UPS, or FedEx shipment online from our computers and we’ll show you where to put packages to wait, or mail from the local post office.

How Many Things Can I Request? From the Catalog: 5 at a time (maximum) **** Via Interlibrary Loan: 5 per semester (maximum) Requests Are Included in Your Limit of 30 Total Combined Items!

When Can I Make Requests? Via ILL ILL requests will be filled from the first day of residency through end of semester Via Library Catalog Request Function is enabled after residency through end of semester. LISTS: For library materials that are checked out or otherwise unavailable for you at residency, make a list in the catalog for later. This way, you only search once. TIMING: To get ILLs right on time, as you prepare to submit a packet, make requests for the next one.

No Renewals Especially ILL Can I Renew? If you need an item longer than a semester, you’ll want to buy it. EXCEPTION: Students Going Into Their Final Semester Or On Extension May Renew Books. Use ILL Materials First

Do You Charge Late Fines? Nope!...But… ● All materials are billed at 4 weeks overdue. $40+ replacement fee for Goddard and $50+ for ILL … plus $20 processing fee. ● Goddard billed materials are not refundable after a year & not after 6 months for ILL. ● The processing fee is non- refundable. LIFE HAPPENS - If an item is lost or damaged, tell us right away. We’ll work with you to replace it so it can be available for use again. It’s only a problem if you don’t work with us to solve it.

Where Do I Return Stuff? Mail Back To Us ILL by due date You’re over limit On Campus If We’re Open Library Info Desk Indoor Library Book Drop If We’re Closed Library Entrance Breezeway Book Drop Off Campus ALWAYS INSURE YOUR PACKAGES

You In The Library Community All Libraries Are Communal -- It’s About Sharing

It’s Not Just Object Sharing -- It’s People Sharing! You In The Library Community

You In The Library Community Librarians Will Teach You How To Fish (Figuratively)

Be A Library Superhero! Return Materials On Time ● So others can have a chance to use them ● So we maintain good standing with ILL lending libraries Embrace A Can- Do Spirit ● Find your challenge line & push it ● Put us out of business Resist The Loopholes ● Being our best selves

You Create The Library The collection is built by current student studies and is changing all the time. If we don’t have enough of what you’re studying, let’s build it together!

Tips & Tricks! Feel Free To Add Your Own!

Learn What You’ll Use The Most First Library Catalog LITS Website eBooks Article Resources WorldCat (ILL) Bibliographies Stay For The Live Portion Of This Workshop To Get Hands-On Experience With All Of These!

Learning & Problem Solving Thrives on Calm Prevent Panic - Learn Off Deadline!

Use The In-Software Help! They Worked Hard So You Don’t Have To

Google or YouTube It! Odds Are If You’re Having Trouble With Something, You’re Not The First

Research Order of Operations Do All Of One Research Method, Then Move On 1. Library Catalog Searches THEN 2. Article Searches THEN 3. ILL Requests SAVE TIME - Write Down All Titles & Call Numbers Before Going To The Stacks

All Search Is Basically The Same BUUUUT…Phrasing punctuation, truncation indicators, stop words, use of boolean operators can all vary wildly software to software. How-to videos, in-software help & Googling it will help you figure this out if you’re getting bad results.

Search Broad to Narrow Or Reverse If You’re Not Getting Enough Info TOO MUCH INFO NOT ENOUGH INFO SWEET SPOT

I Don’t Even Have The Words Demystifying Library Research Workshop Will Help! Be A Detective! ● What Has Lead You Here So Far ● Who Have You Talked To ● What Have You Read ● Where Did You Think Of It ● Why Does It Interest You You Can Turn A Small Something Into A Lot With The Right Questions

Bibliographies & Citations All You Need Is: LITS Writing & Citing & The Writing Center & Practice/Patience COURAGE TO ASK & TRY - Don’t be afraid to ask other students about what they use to create bibliographies. You may need to try a couple methods before you hit the one that’s right.

Use All Your Tools! Local Public Libraries Local College Libraries Local Organizations National Organizations Faculty Connections Each Other

Join Us On Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/EliotDPrattLibrary We Post Hot Tips, Tools, Tricks, as We Find Them -- and Fun Stuff, Too!

You’ll Never Remember All Of This No Worries -- It’s All On The Websites -- Or Ask!

The Tour Let’s Stretch Our Legs

Let’s Try Out The Tools Library Catalog LITS Website eBooks Article Resources WorldCat (ILL) Bibliographies This Is The Live Portion Of The Show

Questions? Stories? Things to Add?

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