Learn to resolve HP LaserJet Printer Error 49 via HP

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Information about Learn to resolve HP LaserJet Printer Error 49 via HP

Published on September 9, 2019

Author: carter120

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slide 1: Learn to resolve HP LaserJet Printer Error 49 via HP.Com/Support Printers are certainly ideal for making your work go faster. With huge benefits and terrific performances printers have made every day work of individuals and organizations much easier as well as convenient. HP is one of the best brands among the top brand which is leading the printing world upfront. Owing to its several unique features HP brings lot more than what we have. Like you can visit hp.com/support and resolve your entire queries within a matter of time. Sometimes when you try to print a document you may receive error code 49 with your HP LaserJet printer. This is generally caused by a communications failure between the printer and the computer. However there are other causes which also lead to the imminent error such as invalid print commands corrupt data or invalid operations. In some cases electrical noise can also cause the corruption to data during transmission to the HP printer. Other such causes are poor quality of parallel cables and underprivileged connections. Well you can easily overcome this error by following the points mentioned here. What are reasons behind the HP Printer Error 49 The HP LaserJet Printer Error code 49 is usually caused when there is a communication failure between your PC and the printer. The issues that cause this error are:  Print commands are invalid  Transferring of data is damaged  Performing invalid operations  Having errors in registry The 49 error codes on HP LaserJet printers are essentially a communication error codes. They can be complex in convenience and might cause errors. Sometimes they can also be pretty easily resolved. So if this is the problem with your printer then you can either connect with us or else go after the steps to resolve HP LaserJet Printer Error 49. Let ’s see the steps to get rid of this error code 49:  At first you get general recommendation to assume that it is a provisional error.  Now you need to turn off the printer.  After that you have to unplug the printer from the network.  Afterward reboot the printer in order to make the communication Error Code 49 completely disappears.  Subsequently reconnect the network / computer cable at the printer ’s end.  Try to print a page to see whether the printer is connected or not. Sometimes the 49 error code could also be caused due to the corrupted driver. In that case it is very important to download and install the most updated driver into your system. However you can also contact professionals via dialing HP Printer Support Phone Number to get additional assistance regarding this error. They will surely guide you to resolve error code 49 once and for all.

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