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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: Talkwalker

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Traditional media monitoring companies are true masters when it comes to print-, TV-, and radio clippings. But how do they cope with the increasing demand for big data?

As the PR landscape is evolving with new challenges deriving from the web, integrating Talkwalker with traditional media monitoring opens new doors to a full range of services related to online social media monitoring and deep analytics.

See how L’Argus de la Presse, France’s leading media monitoring company:
• Develops new business by adding Talkwalker as a standalone solution to their portfolio
• Integrate social data into their existing systems
• Easily generate executive summaries by exporting data from Talkwalker’s intuitive dashboard

Boosting traditional media monitoring with Talkwalker’s Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Solution www.talkwalker.com

TABLE OF CONTENT 1. About The Objective The Tool: Talkwalker - Partner: L’Argus de la Presse Arnaud, 39, is Manager of Aura Mundi at Argus de la Presse. Partner: L’Argus de la Presse ARNAUD STEINKUHLER 1 ABOUT - The objectives - The tool: Talkwalker Argus de la Presse is a major player in the French Media and Communication environment. They are the sole provider of fullcycle media relation and communication consultancy services for both traditional and social media. One of the major aspects of a PR professional’s responsibilities is being able to effectively track and measure the success of their PR campaigns. Talkwalker is an easy to use and incredibly powerful social media monitoring and analytics tool. It delivers high value insights in a user-friendly dashboard and offers multiple ways of searching and filtering data, and reporting on those insights. 2. The challenges - Customer needs He graduated from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Information and communication science. - Tracking detailed reach or PR efforts - Monitoring is not enough Specialized in consultancy services for communication professionals, he joined Argus de la Presse in 2002 on business development missions: Development and management of the media analysis department, Project Manager of Online services, Development and management of Aura Mundi, social media monitoring and analysis department. - The case of L’Argus de la Presse @AuraMundi   3. The solution - Integrating social data into existing monitoring systems - Providing a one-stop-solution 4. The results On a day-to-day basis, Argus de la Presse is responsible for monitoring all media coverage of their client’s brands, identifying journalists and influencers, analysing and turning this data into actionable insights - used to effectively optimise clients’ communication strategies. Aura Mundi is Argus de la Presse’s entity focused on social media monitoring and analysis. It transforms the vast and complex world of the web into clear, intelligible deliverables to help save PR professionals time and improve their efficiency. In order to meet their needs, implementing a software solution that enabled these professionals to set up and easily administrate searches by themselves, identifying relevant audiences, and generating executive summaries, was needed. However, one should not rely solely on automated technics, which is why combining superior technology with tailored human intelligence to produce actionable executive summaries was key to this project. Talkwalker helps leading media monitoring and analytics companies in many markets to efficiently curate data, and to provide intuitive analysis and reporting services to end-clients. The effective combination of automated analysis and manual curation adds significant value and quality to the clients’ social media monitoring process, whilst reducing the investment in terms of time, technology, and human capital. "To serve PR the best possible solution, combining superior technology with tailored human intelligence is key" BOOSTING TRADITIONAL MEDIA MONITORING WITH TALKWALKER'S SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING & ANALYTICS SOLUTION 1

2 THE CHALLENGES CUSTOMER NEEDS Customers of media monitoring companies are oftentimes PR professionals who need to be able to measure, understand and report on the success of their various PR efforts and campaigns. PR need to understand how the public is reacting to their messaging, they need to know how and where to reach their target audience most effectively through online media coverage, and also to gather insight into the prospective return of potential publicity channels and how to incorporate key influencers into their own communication strategies. TRACKING DETAILED REACH OF PR EFFORTS Today’s PR professionals are working with a new type of public and new ways of communicating - which they now need to identify with, learn to understand and effectively leverage. New channels like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Vine are carving a unique niche for themselves and are providing PR professionals with innovative and interesting ways in which to build their brands and connect with consumers about their company and products. However, as these channels are gaining ground and as the face of traditional brand-to-consumer communications is changing - gaining feedback and insights on the health of your brand image and the performance of your content, channels and campaigns has never been more important. THE CASE OF ARGUS DE LA PRESSE As we can see, tracking the reach of PR efforts with detailed metrics has become a key requirement for today’s PR professional. However there are certain cases where deeper insights are needed. For example, when publishing a press release it is oftentimes difficult to report on how your publication is being distributed or how the communication develops across the social web. MONITORING IS NOT ENOUGH In order to quantify the incremental buzz and share of voice created by a publication like a press release, access to real time and historical data is essential. However, the mere counting of results is no more sufficient. Talkwalker’s technology also allows for the benchmarking of both owned and earned media, as well as tracking the overall social media engagement with retweets, impressions, shares and so on. Argus de la Presse have their own solution integrated in their workflow - providing customers with social media monitoring and analytics based on reading, filtering, and qualifying results with a human approach and intuition. However, when PR consultancies and agencies integrate Community & Social Media Managers into their team, they usually need tools so they can freely set up their crosschannel searches, easily manage their realtime workflows, and quickly create reports. Additionally, Argus de la Presse is able to offer customized solutions by integrating external APIs, social networks and additional data sources into its standard tool such as print, radio, and video. To meet these needs in a comprehensive way, every traditional media monitoring company needs to cooperate with a strong technology partner, focusing on social media and big data, respectively. Talkwalker, with its easyto-use and incredibly powerful functionalities has emerged to be one of the key players in this global industry. “Monitoring is more than counting results. We benchmark owned and earned media, and track overall engagement with retweets, impressions etc.” 2 BOOSTING TRADITIONAL MEDIA MONITORING WITH TALKWALKER'S SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING & ANALYTICS SOLUTION 3

3 THE SOLUTION 4 THE RESULTS INTEGRATING SOCIAL DATA INTO EXISTING MONITORING SYSTEMS PROVIDING A ONE-STOP-SOLUTION A VITAL COMPLEMENTARITY Talkwalker offers a complete suite of monitoring and analytics functionalities, encompassing influencer identification, an alerting system, social intelligence, identifying key themes, topic analysis, and detailed reporting. With Talkwalker, Argus de la Presse has access to a powerful reputation management tool that allows their clients to monitor their brand, product and management board’s reputation, track social conversations and identify potential crises proactively. By covering online news, social media, social networks, blogs and forums, Talkwalker provides a 360° view of the whole spectrum of relevant online conversations. Today, Argus de la Presse’s customers benefit from the unique combination of the power of Talkwalker’s technology and the finely tuned human interpretation that Argus delivers in order to rank, organise, qualify and analyse levels of influence, information and opinion. Its proprietary crawling technology indexes more than 150 million local and international websites and covers more than 187 languages. “Key to our partnership was Talkwalker’s technology, as well as a common view on the French market and a clear understanding of what our respective roles would be: Talkwalker focuses on technology and functionalities and we expand the offer by our services in interpretation, information qualification, and analysis.” The implementation of the Talkwalker software is very quick and simple. It allows complex and heterogeneous data to be manipulated very easily. Relying on Argus de la Presse’s expertise around in-depth analysis, digital brand diagnosis, digital brand auditing, brand-mapping, online monitoring strategies and reporting - Argus de la Presse is able to support their customers with an original mix of both technology and consultancy. Two complimentary approaches that enrich each other in delivering both insights and services to help PR professionals make better and faster decisions around e-reputation and online PR issues. 4 BOOSTING TRADITIONAL MEDIA MONITORING WITH TALKWALKER'S SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING & ANALYTICS SOLUTION 5

Argus de la Presse utilizes Talkwalker for two key reasons: TIME IS MONEY, SAVE SOME First, there is a huge number of social media monitoring providers active in the French market. Instead of wasting time, resources, and money in order to create an own, internal system, traditional media monitoring companies benefit from partnering with specialists like Talkwalker. It is by far the easiest and most efficient way of being competitive in this heterogeneous market. On the other hand, Talkwalker profits from easily entering a market by drawing on Argus de la Presse’s establishment. EXTEND YOUR SERVICES EASILY Secondly, a vast majority of business have not yet implemented their own social media strategy, and as a consequence, do not have their own Social Media & Community Managers. Especially for those end clients, Argus de la Presse has expanded their portfolio as follows: Talkwalker is used to gather the data. This data is then curated directly in the tool, e.g. sentiments are being set, false positives are being excluded etc. The final step is generating reports in the form of executive summaries straight out of the dashboard. “Through widening our portfolio of solutions, our partnership with Talkwalker offers us new commercial possibilities. With Talkwalker, we are now able to cover the full range of services related to online social media monitoring and analysis. As the PR landscape is evolving with new challenges coming from the web, we continue to be a sole provider of full-cycle solutions matching with many different types of organisations.” Argus de la Presse has a full team of 9 dedicated professionals working on Social Media and using Talkwalker to create value with powerful analytics and simple-to-use reporting. 6 BOOSTING TRADITIONAL MEDIA MONITORING WITH TALKWALKER'S SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING & ANALYTICS SOLUTION 7

14, rue Aldringen L-1118 Luxembourg Luxembourg +352 20 33 35 32 contact@talkwalker.com www.talkwalker.com

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