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Published on January 25, 2008

Author: Doride

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Slide1:  BASIX Equity for Equity Livelihood Promotion Services (LPS) Slide2:  Human Resource and Institutional Development, including Policy Work (HRD+ID) Financial Services (FS) Livelihood Promotion Services (LPS) To achieve its mission, BASIX conceptualized its work as a Triad of Financial Services, Livelihood Promotion Services and HRD+ID Livelihood Triad Sub Sectors and Vectors:  Sub-Sectors Cotton Vegetables Groundnut Dairy NTFP – lac and tasar Pulses Soya Textiles Vectors Power Water Retailing Sub Sectors and Vectors Highlights of Livelihood Promotion Services as on Sep 30 2003:  Highlights of Livelihood Promotion Services as on Sep 30 2003 Highlights of Livelihood Promotion Services as on Sep 30 2003:  Highlights of Livelihood Promotion Services as on Sep 30 2003 Slide6:  BASIX has been working with cotton farmers since 1997. A spate of farmer suicides in 1997-99 led us to study the causes of their distress. The high cost of pesticides, usually taken on high rates of interest from dealers, and having diminishing effect on pests, as also low prices, were found to be a main cause. BASIX initiated an intervention to reduce pesticide use by farmers by encouraging them to try alternate methods – integrated pest management (IPM)– using pheromone traps, light traps, hand-picking of larvae, etc. Attempts were also made to find better markets/prices. Cotton: Background Slide7:  1000 farmers have been registered for IPM in Adilabad dist. Training to farmers through field visits and monthly meetings. Supply chain has been developed for Koutla-B MACS for supplying of inputs. Stem Application technique was implemented and it resulted in reducing the no. of chemical sprayings. Market linkage has been initiated with Super Spinning Mills, Coimbatore and special long staple variety SARA II seed has been distributed to eight farmers in eight acres for demonstration purpose. Introduction made to organic cotton buyers in Europe and the farmers taken for exposure trip to Indore where Maikaal Bio Re grows organic cotton. Cotton Slide8:  Facilitate training on post harvest techniques. Evaluation of SARA II performance for further scaling up Creation of alternate market linkages – for “clean cotton” Further development on technical and marketing linkages in organic cotton Collection of registration fee from all the farmers Future Plan Vegetables: Background:  Vegetables: Background Vegetables are cash crops which use a lot of labour and can fetch a good income even from small plots of land. Hence suitable for the poorer farmers First trials were made in 2001 to identify appropriate interventions in three locations: Mahabubnagar in AP, Virudnagar in TN and Ranchi in Jharkhand Providing training for productivity enhancement Collective marketing Providing credit Technical Assistance and Support Services Preliminary results showed : Credit was the main bottleneck in this cluster. Since 2001, over Rs 45 lakh credit extended to 400 vegetable farmers in Ranchi district. Vegetables::  Vegetables: BASIX Intervention in AP with Aadarsha in Mahabubnagar Dt . Selected a cluster (Pamireddypalli) for understanding the constraints In Production In Marketing Access to market was identified as the biggest bottleneck Initial trials were made to market vegetables in Hyderabad city But it was realized that the farmers are not yet ready for a major market intervention as yet Market intervention in Hyderabad requires large quantities and wide variety Pamireddypally farmers were advised to cater to the local market Contd.. Vegetables LPS work during Half year 2003-04:  Vegetables LPS work during Half year 2003-04 Work with ASSEFA Vegetable intervention was done in Virudhunagar under Child Worker Opportunity Project. About 436 farmers selected initially from 36 villages Linkage was done for the good input supply Community manages market yard established for vegetable vending for a benefit of 100 farmers. Exposure to staff on vegetable cultivation, practices, techniques and markets Other areas A proposal submitted to CII, Chennai on vegetable sub-sector Action research study was done on vegetable sub-sector in Jharkhand Groundnut: Background :  Groundnut: Background BASIX has been working with groundnut farmers, particularly in Anantapur district since 2000, which has 7 lakh groundnut farmers. Severe droughts, pest attacks, low yield and price crash due to import of palm oil, all led the farmers to desperation. BASIX carried out a sub-sector study and on the basis of that a “future search conference” of all groundnut stakeholders in the district in 2001. Pilot action research was begun with ICICI support – covering soil and water conservation, seed improvement, guided package of practices, credit and alternate market linkages. In 2002, nearly 400 farmers were covered, seed credit supply through SHGs Groundnut:  Groundnut In 2003, registered 850 farmers for the intervention and agreement was taken from 450 farmers. Facilitated 1,300 quintals of seed purchase benefiting 800 farmers through cost savings Training program has been conducted in three villages of Anantapur dist on pre sowing practices and storage of sowing seeds. MIST experiment was conducted in West Narasapuram village, for the life saving irrigation at the early stages of the groundnut crop. Due to low rain fall it was not successful Groundnut contd…:  Groundnut contd… Due to severe drought Intervention was not very progressive. Normal average annual Rainfall of Anantapur is 540 mm. Rain recorded as on 25th of September is 144 mm (deficit of 53%) There is prolonged dry spell of 45-50 days, caused major loss to Groundnut crop. Only in 30 percent of the crop area there is a chance of crop recovery with 25-30 percent yield. Farmers meet:  Farmers meet Women grading the pods:  Women grading the pods Dairy: Background :  Dairy: Background Dairy is a suitable livelihood for even marginal farmers, landless laborers and women. BASIX started Dairy intervention in Wanaparthy of Mahabubnagar dist in 1998. The Milk Chilling Plant (MCP), Wanaparthy had a capacity of 10,000 liters/day. Milk procurement was 270 liters/day in lean season of 1997, with an average of 1,292 liters/day for the year. Plant was about to be closed. MCP, Wanaparthy and BASIX identified each other and lending for purchase of milch animal from BASIX started in 1998. Contd…:  Contd… Rs 59 Lakh lent to 450 dairy farmers for purchase of >600 animals Average procurement went up from 1,292 liters/ day to 4,537 liters/ day (250% increase) for the year Similar collaboration extended in Kamareddy, Adilabad and in Kurnool dist apart from APDDCF, BASIX had collaboration with Nandi Dairy. Based up on this experience BASIX scaled up the intervention in other areas. Total loans to dairy over Rs 20 crore since 1998. Dairy during Half year 03-04:  Dairy during Half year 03-04 As a part of dairy sub-sector intervention a study on services required by customers was done in different areas viz. Khammam, Anantapur, Mahabubnagar and Nizamabad districts. A team from BASIX visited Nandyal and discussed with key officials of Nandi Dairy for expansion of BASIX LPS work in other areas. Orientation Workshop conducted in Bhadrachalam for dairy producers along with Indian Immunologicals Ltd, ITDA. Based upon the study in Bichukonda area, dairy intervention started by providing credit linkage to an extent of 54 lakhs to three MACS with 100 producers from each MACS. Two Livelihood Promotion Agents (LPAs) were appointed for the facilitation of other extension services to these producers. contd…:  contd… Stake holders meeting was organized and held discussions with ITDA for the intervention in Bhadrachalam area. An initial survey was done in Kalyandurg area to explore the possibility of dairy intervention as an alternative source of livelihood for the farmer in that area. Provided strategic inputs to ASSEFA to strengthen Dairy Federation during the planning phase. Established market linkages to these federations with Mother Dairy, Hyderabad. Initial dialogue with Manager Ranchi dairy for possible collaboration on marketing, technical service and training on AI. Future Plan:  Future Plan Implementation of intervention in Bhadrachalam area. Facilitation of other extension services to Bichukonda producers on regular basis. Continue strategic support to ASSEFA dairy federation. Design strategy for dairy intervention along with RDT in Anantapur area Explore the possibility of developing collaboration with NDDB in southern states Soybean: Background:  Soybean: Background In central India, particularly MP and eastern Rajasthan, lakhs of farmers depend on soybean as the main kharif crop. BASIX carried out a sub-sector study of soybean in MP in 2001 as this sector provides livelihoods to lakhs of farmers and agricultural workers, as also workers in soya processing, transportation and services. The international price crash and plateau productivity were main problems. Intervention was to increase productivity of farmers and improve alternate market linkages Soybean:  Soybean A technical training to soybean farmers has been organized on pre sowing techniques and package of practices. Exposure visit to SOPA was arranged for seed selection. Facilitated PRADAN in the process of scaling up their program through increased coverage from 60 to 450 farmers in Vidisha area. Facilitated PRADAN in insuring 60 farmers under rainfall insurance of ICICI-Lombard A collaboration polygon is being developed with SOPA, National Research Center for Soya and Mahindra Shubhlabh. Future Plan:  Future Plan Explore the possibility of extending intervention in Hoshangabad area along with Yukti a local NGO. Explore the possibility of Soya intervention in Adilabad dist. Initiate dialogue with ITC Agribusiness Division, Agrotech Foods Ltd and Bungee Inc. for market linkage Pulses:  Pulses Background: Pulses are an important crop among poorer farmers in unirrigated areas in AP, MP, JK First pilot in 2003 : 28 farmers have been registered in Yadgir, Gulbarga dt for intervention in Tur Dal. A registration fee of Rs.100 per acre collected for 102 acres. Plot observation sheets are circulated to farmers and suggestions are mentioned in the sheet. Pest management practices were advised as pest attack was observed on the field. An exploratory study has been done in Jharkhand. Future Plan:  Future Plan Continuation of farm solutions to registered farmers. Training on post harvest techniques. Negotiate with local dal millers for value addition through processing and market linkage to these farmers. Non Timber Forest Produce (NTFP): Background:  Non Timber Forest Produce (NTFP): Background Sub-sector study has been done on NTFPs in MP & Jharkhand Specific NTFPs studied included tendu, mahua, mahul patta, aswagandha, safed musli, tamarind and amla On the basis of the study an intervention plan has been designed for: Non-canalised NTFPs – Amla, Tasar, Lac, etc. Cultivable NTFPs (medicinal and aromatics) Non Timber Forest Produce (NTFP):  Non Timber Forest Produce (NTFP) Lac Detailed sub-sector study has been done with the help of summer trainees in the area of Lac and Tasar in Jharkhand. On the basis of the study an intervention plan has been designed for Lac in Khunti and Torpa blocks of Jharkhand. 750 farmers were registered for the intervention. Collaboration with PRADAN is established for the technical inputs to lac producers. Working capital provided in the form of brood lac, nylon nets and chemicals. Draft revenue sharing model has been designed based up on minimum, average and high yields. NTFP Contd…:  NTFP Contd… Tasar On the basis of the study an intervention plan has been designed for Dumka and Godda districts of Jharkhand. Collaboration with PRADAN established for the technical inputs. Credit linkage was done for 117 grainage (micro-enterprises producing the disease free layings or insect eggs) in these districts. Marketing of tasar yarn will be taken up on pilot basis Textiles: Background :  Textiles: Background Since 1997, BASIX has extended credit to hundreds of micro-enterprises in the Textiles sub-sector, comprising handloom and powerloom fabric production and then the production of low-cost garments Facilitated a comprehensive study on Pamidi cluster of low-cost readymade garment production in Anantpur, AP by NIRD. Arranged exposure trip for ASSEFA staff in various clusters: Pamidi, Rayadurgam and nearby Bellary (jeans cluster). Established a mini training cum production center in Virudhunagar. 15 girls were trained under the trained master. Stitched and sold worth Rs 60,000 garments to the surrounding villagers mainly to ASSEFA’s SHG members. Future Plan:  Future Plan Continue to train some more girls on garment stitching in Virudhnagar area. Explore the possibility of working with APITCO on garment cluster. Power: Background:  Power: Background After credit, power is the second most important constraint to livelihoods in India. BASIX began work in this sector after it realised that power sector reforms were leaving out the rural producers in a lurch. Unless sustainable rural power distribution was assured, privatising utilities would not supply power to rural producers (farmers, factories, shops, homes). This meant the users had to be organised to demand their rights but also educated to pay the power dues and tariffs had to be brought to levels where costs could be recovered. Power:  Power Sustainable Rural Power Distribution The first project has been completed. Substation with 84 Transformer User Association (TUA) in operation in Babai block of Hoshangabad district. Initial dialogue with MPSEB on handing over of substation to TUA federation was held in May 2003. However, due to elections, project has been put on hold. Energy Management Service BASIX-Verve-Kirloskar consortium signed a contract with Econoler for DSM study & implementation with regard to agricultural pump sets. Initial survey has been started to implement DSM project in Indore dist. Power Contd…:  Power Contd… Solar Energy Established a collaboration with SHELL solar for supplying of solar lighting system. Held discussions with EXIDE industries for a collaboration and submitted a proposal. Future Plan:  Future Plan Implementation of DSM project. Explore the possibility of working with Andhra Pradesh Biomass Energy Development Association. Water: Background:  Water: Background BASIX has been working in water in a number of ways: Revival of defunct lift irrigation schemes set up by Governments Extending credit to small farmers borewell users’ associations to encourage collective use of water and using the water for vegetable cultivation. In dryland areas, disseminating water saving technologies such as IDE’s low-cost micro-drip irrigation Exploring watershed development through loans Financing of new micro-lift irrigation schemes Water:  Water A team from BASIX and PRADAN visited Kaulur of Yadgir Taluk in Gulbarga dist in May to explore the possibilities of intervention in irrigation. 23 Farmers have been selected in this area and credit support has been extended for 12 micro-lift irrigation schemes. A study is being done to revive Kaulur defunct lift irrigation project. Held discussions with farmers, minor irrigation department in Kaulur area to find out the constraint of lift irrigation projects. Future Plan:  Future Plan Follow up with credit linked farmers of KBSLAB on micro irrigation systems. Explore the possibility of reviving Kaulur defunct project. Identify other defunct lift irrigation projects in that area. Retailing by SHGs: Background:  Retailing by SHGs: Background Since 2001, BASIX has been encouraging SHGs to buy food items and consumer products in wholesale and retail to their members, thus saving on cost and getting better quality. We call this Mutual Marketing or “Our Way” Aadarsha Mahila Super Market at Moosapet, Mahabubnagar BASIX was involved in strategic guidance Linking to the main distributors of products Intideepam Mahila Samakhya in Nizamabad BASIX was involved in giving strategic guidance by Exposure trips to various markets in Hyderabad Identifying high margin items …… Contd:  …… Contd Analyzing Consumption survey data Generation of system for taking demand indent from members Exposure visits arranged Monitoring store keeping, streamlining account keeping. BASIX was also involved in designing and developing of Jagruthi Mahila Super Market, Sabbavaram, Visakhapatnam and Velugu Super Bazar , Palamner, Chittoor Retailing working during the Half year:  Retailing working during the Half year Ministry of Rural Development awarded a project to try out retailing by SHGs in Jabalpur dt, MP and Ranchi dt, JK Collaboration developed with Tarun Sanskar in Jabalpur and NBJK in Ranchi to assist a women federation in establishing commodity trading enterprise. Workshops conducted for staff of both NGOs for retailing project planning. Initiated retail trading concept in ASSEFA Natham Project Provided strategic inputs in preparing: Livelihood Kits, Cosmetic kits, Pooja Kits and Home Healing Kits. Future Plan:  Future Plan An exposure trip will be arranged to Moosapet to Tarun Sanskar and NBJK staff and SHG federation members. Strategic initiative will be provided to GRAM MACS in developing a community based retailing center at Madnur. Launch retail trading of Kits. Expected to cover about 1000 families in Natham Project.

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