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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: jaideepbir

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Yrals ideas for 360 Degree Social Media Marketing for a School Brand - Targeting Parents and Students.

Social Media Solution

YRALS: Background • Set up to create social media campaigns for brands on an ROI Basis in 2008 • YRALS was founded by Jaideep Bir along with an angel investor and has a 60 member team across Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore • YRALS also specializes in creation of web & mobile properties for Brands that enhance interactivity, build Brand loyalty and Engagement • The company has executed Social Media campaigns for over 200 clients across sectors including: Media | Travel | Automobiles | Apparel | Telecom |Technology

Clients ….

What we can do 1. Create Awareness: Optimize Ads & Targeting This would involve us creating a variety of ads to bring people to the page, we can have different ads based on gender, interest etc. 2. Build Reach: Post Timing + Sponsored Stories Even simple strategies such has what time a particular post should go up makes a difference 3. Engage: Updates & Category Anaylsis Once this is done we need to analysis what has been the feedback with respect to our engagement levels

What the community can do • Engagement Creates  Viral Reach Engaged Users create viral stories for the friends via likes, comments, re-tweets. This creates Viral Reach among these friends, creating an opportunity for the community to expand • Viral Reach  Viral Engagement Viral Reach to this EXTENDED audience can create Viral Engagement. This creates the second layer of Viral Ripple. This has a secondary effect of Viral Reach, albeit to a smaller effect

What more can we do 3 Steps: INVOLVE, REINFORCE, REWARD 1. Build more RICH CONTENT that builds INVOLVEMENT & furthers Virality 2. Create Experiences that deepen RECALL and Heighten Virality 3. Converting Engagement to EARNED LOYALTY

Facebook Timeline Facebook Timeline This tab showcases the upcoming event/ exhibition Here’s a sample cover photo that YRALS can design

Facebook Timeline Here’s a sample cover photo that YRALS can design

What more can we do on Facebook 3 Steps: INVOLVE, REINFORCE, REWARD 1. Build more RICH CONTENT that builds INVOLVEMENT & furthers Virality 2. Create Experiences that deepen RECALL and Heighten Virality 3. Converting Engagement to EARNED LOYALTY

Create Content • Updates Categories      • Ideas  Light Engagement  Recall  Loyalty leapbridge Insights Spot the Differences Language Facts / Lingo Info /WordChow Educational Quotes Quiz Box / Mindchows / Braincheck

Content Ideas: leapbridge Insights Description: In this category we can talk about the school, the programs we offer, the testimonials, the benefits, how euro kids is different from other schools and so on. Objective/Benefit : To make the user and the fans to know more about your brand. Type of Category: Brand Sample Update: Ensure your child’s growth with India’s premier pre-school chain. Making learning fun with leapbridge :)

Content Ideas: Spot the Differences Description: This is again an engaging category for the kids in which we will put up 2 nearly identical images and ask the readers to spot the difference. The idea is to trigger the people's psyche to engage with the brand by challenging their skills and encouraging them to play the game. Objective/Benefit : Engagement Type of Category: Interactive Sample Update: Hello friends! Test your skills & tell us how many differences can you spot! Comment with your answer ;)

Content Ideas: Language Facts / Lingo Info Description: In this category we will put up amazing facts about the English language, grammar , spellings etc. Objective/Benefit : Engaging Sample Update: Did you know? The dot on top of the letter 'i' is called a tittle. Share this with your friends too! :) Type of Category: Informative

Content Ideas: Educational Quotes Description: In this category we will put up various amazing educational quotes. People usually love to share different types of quotes and since our target audience is mostly going to be parents & teachers this category will work perfectly on the page. Objective/Benefit : Engaging Sample Update: What we teach our children is not just limited to them, it affects the whole world around the child! So share this beautiful thought and have a great day ahead :) Type of Category: Information

Content Ideas: Quiz Box / Mindchows / Braincheck Description: In this category we will have educational quizzes on general knowledge , History , geography, Science , Animals, fishes. It won't be very difficult but medium level quizzes. We will refer to the quizzes showcased on "Are you smarter than a fifth grader?" and a few other educational quiz websites Objective/Benefit : Engaging Sample Update: Which is the correct way to close a letter? a. b. c. d. Yours Truly. Yours truly, Yours Truly: Yours truly


Engagement Idea 1: Hidden Word Puzzle Concept: • Here the users will have find out the words that they will spot in the given option which will be related to the brand. • Faster a user completes the chances of scoring more increases. • Once the task is completed, they can share with their friends and ask them to compete.

Engagement Idea 2: Picture puzzle Concept: • A user can play a flash game of the selected picture. • Main advantage of this engagement idea is that a user doesn’t has to come on the page and play it but he can directly play it on his news feed page


Locator Tab Built on Google Maps’ engine, our Locator App enables patrons to find your place

Loyalty Idea 2 : Course Tab • A tab where Euro Kids can showcase all the courses that they provide along with the information related to the service that a user selects. • It becomes easy for a user to know what services does the brand offers. • A snapshot of the same is shown where a institute has showcased all the courses.

Offer Tabs To make users aware of your latest offline offers and increase enquiries and walk-ins

Referral Tab A way for fans to invite their friends to the page, in a simple click and select fashion

Media-Desk Tab A showcase of a Brand’s Press articles displayed on an interactive rack.

Feedback Tab A place for customers to give their feedback and share their personal details so they can be addressed

TOP FAN This tab showcases the most active fan on the page

EVENT TAB This tab showcases the upcoming event/ exhibition

Accrual towards Custom Apps Besides Apps from our App Store, we will also Accrue Credits from your retainer towards Customized Facebook Apps These include: Contests| Promotions | User-Generated Content | Viral sharing Apps


Recall Idea 1: Stay Tuned • Most Active Fans (Top Fans): Likes, Comments & Shares • Play All Games (Win / Collect Points) • Most Page Visits • Create User Generated Content

Recall Idea 2: Invite2Win • • • • Users Invite Friends to Earn Rewards Users Tag Friends to Page Photos / Posts Users Share New Release Info Share Character Content

Customized Background Customized Twitter background will be in sync with brand guidelines (any new launch / promotion will be communicated via backgrounds too)

Advanced Twitter Search Tools such as Advanced Twitter Search are valuable in identifying and reaching out to ‘Tweeples’ who are tweeting content related to your product. Selection of Keywords/Phrases is carried out based on:  Brand  Industry  Target Group  Competitors  Contest Upon selecting, a customized tweet with the @mention of the user’s handle must be posted so he/she is aware that we are conversing with him/her.

Twitter Contests: ATS Contests asking users to Tweet with a certain Hashtag

Twitter Brand ATS Conversations with Target Group Users Tweeting Relevant Keywords (using Advanced Twitter Search)

Brand Promotional Tweets Tweets around your Brand, Products, Offers, Contests etc.

Topical Tweets Tweets around Trending Topics & Events

Twitter Contests Contests asking users to Tweet with a certain Hashtag

Twitter Trends

How to use Twitter Trends # Trending topics are a very useful way of increasing the brands visibility. # The topics seen on the left side when you log into twitter are called trending topics. # Suppose a word /phrase like #IlikeDrinking is trending on twitter it can be used to promote our brand. # Anyone using the trending word /hastag gets more visibility hence more people on twitter can see it. # Trending topics change everyday depending on the current affairs country & city. # Using these trending topics are always an added advantage.

Tweets • Frequently tweet to reach out to potential customers in a way that humanizes your brand • Listen and act towards suggestions, feedback and concerns of potential customers • Tweet about brand value proposition and bring out USP’s • A certain set of tweets must be in line with Trending Topics on Twitter and must also adapt to current events

Sample Update: Viral Content

Promotion of Page through Facebook Ads • Helps driving relevant contextual traffic to your Fan Page • A well targeted base result in fans that are highly active and engaged on the page Geographic Targeting 1.Country 2.City 3.Town Demographic Targeting Demographic Targeting 1.Age 1.Age 2.Sex 2.Sex 3.Family Size Psychographic Targeting 1.Activities 2.Interests 3.Education

• • • • • Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social networking site in the world Over 4 million unique visitors daily Since May 2011, the number of total unique visitors has increased by 2,702.2 percent Over 80 percent of pins are actually re-pins, rather than brand new content The average time spent on Pinterest is 15.8 minutes

Demographics • • • • • 80 percent of Pinterest users are female 50 percent of users have children Pinterest users in the US are most likely to live in the midwestern states 30% of users are between 25-34 years old The average income of Pinterest users is $100,000+

Getting the most from Setting up your account: • • • • For maximum exposure, use the name of your blog rather than your own name Always put as much information as possible in your profile about your blog Always put the URL of your site in your profile Connect your Pinterest account with your Facebook and Twitter pages

Basics Pin: an image added to Pinterest with a link back to it’s source Repin: adding an image you find on Pinterest to your own boards Board: where you organize your pins by topic

Setting Up Your Boards • • • • • • Put your blog name in the title of your boards The more boards you have, the more exposure Pinterest will give you Name your boards creatively Spread out your pinning across all of your boards Boards show up in search engines, not individual pins. Make your boards as detailed as possible. Update your boards on a regular basis

Putting • • • • • • to Use Every single post MUST HAVE a button Wordpress has a plug-in that will automatically add a “Pin It” button to your posts Pin every single post Put your blog’s URL in each pin’s description Keep your descriptions short, clear and precise Use keywords in your descriptions so people can find your pin or board when they search

A Picture is worth1000 words • • • • • • • Every post needs to have a picture Touch pictures up using free sites like PicMonkey.com or iPiccy.com Add a watermark to your pictures Add words to your pictures If you have old posts with bad pictures, re-do them and re-pin them If you don’t have pictures, go to sites like Wylio.com who have free pictures for bloggers If you don’t have a picture for your post, create a graphic image with words to describe it

When to Pin • • • • • Stay active on Pinterest. Pin at different times of day to reach different audiences. Schedule pins on Pingraphy.com The best time to pin in the afternoon is between 2-4 p.m. The best time to pin in the evening is between 8 p.m.-1:00 a.m. Cater to your demographic

Improving SEO with • • • • • • Share unique content Build backlinks. Search engines create page rankings by taking into account how many outside links lead people to your site. Use specific keywords to help viewers find your pins. Using keywords frequently will increase your page rank when those words are used. Use the “Pin It” button. The “Pin It” button allows readers to easily add your pin to their boards. Categorize your pins Hashtags work! Use them on every item you pin. Use hashtags and keywords in your pins to increase visibility and exposure.

Growing Traffic through • • • • Create groups with other bloggers to pin each others’ posts. Everyone has different followers! Comment on other pins Use giveaways, such as “Pin It to Win It” to increase engagement Pin consistently. Don’t pin too many things at once to avoid flooding others’ feeds.

What to Pin • • • • Pin every post Pin things from other blogs and websites so your boards aren’t only your content Pin things you like! Your readers want to connect with you on a personal level. Find out what people are pinning from your website by using www.pinterest.com/source/YourWebsite.com {Replace with your URL}

Tracking Success • Reachli.com provides you with analytics around each item you pin, making it easy to see the reach of all of your pins. • Repinly.com helps you keep track of the biggest Pinterest accounts and learn why they are doing so well. • Pinfluencer.com allows you to track your competition in addition to seeing users who actively engage with your brand.

Promotion on YouTube • Setup Brand YouTube Channel/Account • Upload existing videos with relevant Names, Tags and Description • Increase views by a certain minimum number every month, by seeding video links through promoted messages on Industry and TG relevant Social Forums and Communities.

Thank you! Ritesh Kumawat Manager - Business Development e:ritesh@yrals.com m: +91 9029444575

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