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Published on October 31, 2018

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1. IMI Global and Data Management Leann Saunders Where Food Comes From, Inc.

2. History is Very Important • 1996—great interest in a National Animal Identification and Traceability Program • Interest Died • We had to survive—focused on the value-added market • 2003 changed things • Created standardized verification platforms to allow each segment of the beef supply chain meet individual market requirements • Absent a mandatory system we had to develop great precision to manage conforming cattle (small segment of the population) • Precision is CRITICAL or cattle are disqualified! 2

3. Today--Data Capture, Share and Focus • Private, third-party database • Voluntary • Focused on market animals • Capture varying degrees of data depending on the specific program (some digitized and some is not, all standardized base on the standard) • All of it is 100% confidential • Qualification information is shared by producer number • In the beef industry this is used for USDA Process Verified Program qualification (Export and Domestic Markets) • Data requirements and Standards are established by the USDA-- under their USDA Process Verified Program (we are audited annually) • Good example of private and government partnership. • This has worked well for export market access and supply chain programs—VERY ROBUST 3

4. 5 Superior Bellringer Sale January 10-11, 2018 Program cattle topped the sale in multiple categories PROGRAM CATTLE NON-PROGRAM CATTLE

5. • Identity Preservation is required Credence Attributes are verified along the supply chain • Standardized animal identification and reading technology is key 6

6. Animal Identification (PRECISION) • All RFID (low frequency) – 840 Tags – Manufacturer Coded Tags – Meet PCT requirements Traceability Components • Country specific requirements • Source Verification to meet China EV requirements is minimum • Book-end is minimum (tag goes in at the source and is read and tied out at the plant) • Most programs requires reads at each subsequent location 7

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