LEAN: Understanding a Scatter Gram ( Quality Tools Series 2016)

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Information about LEAN: Understanding a Scatter Gram ( Quality Tools Series 2016)

Published on October 13, 2016

Author: SharonLBurtonABDHCS

Source: slideshare.net

1. 1 LEAN: Understanding a Basic Scatter Diagram Part of Series on Quality Systems Management Tools Dr. Sharon L. Burton, DBA, LSSBB, HCS, SWP

2. Goal The goal of this lesson is for users to understand the usage of a Scatter Diagram as a quality and business process improvement tool.

3. Learning Objectives At the end of this lesson users should be able to  Articulate the usage of a scatter diagram  Explain how to develop a scatter diagram  Demonstrate the development of a scatter diagram

4. What is a Scatter Diagram? The scatter diagram is also known as:  Scatter plot  Scatter chart  Scattergram This tool is referred to as a plot or a mathematical diagram.

5. Purpose of the Scatter Diagram  The purpose of the scatter diagram is to plot relationships between multiple variables for a set of data in a single view.  Data sets X – horizontal Y – vertical  The plots, which can be colorful, are known as cartesian coordinates.

6. Creation Time to Allot for the Scatter Diagram From Start to Finish Allow 5 hours • Data Collection: 1-3 hours • Diagramming the Scatter Diagram: 1 hour • Walk through of Scatter Diagram with Stakeholders: 1 hour

7. How to Develop Scatter Diagram? Gather pairs of data where a relationship is believed to exist

8. How to Develop Scatter Diagram?  Construct a graph wherein the independent variable on the horizontal axis and the dependent variable on the vertical axis

9. How to Develop Scatter Diagram?

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