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Published on November 15, 2007

Author: Burnell

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League for Innovation:  League for Innovation Welcome Nanotechnology: How to get started:  Nanotechnology: How to get started Strategic Overview Current Best Practices Models of Business/Education Partnerships Analysis of Workforce Needs Panelists:  Panelists Dr. Elaine A. Johnson Director City College of San Francisco Dr. Paul M. Hallacher Director Research Program Development The Pennsylvania State University Panelists:  Mike Opp Dean of Transportation & Industry Dakota County Technical College Peter Saflund Associate Director National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies Panelists Moderator:  Bill Laney Director, Program Development Salt Lake Community College Moderator THE PENNSYLVANIA NMT PARTNERSHIP:  THE PENNSYLVANIA NMT PARTNERSHIP A NSF ATE Regional Center for Nanofabrication Manufacturing Education Dr. Paul M. Hallacher Director Research Program Development The Pennsylvania State University Nanoscale Phenomena:  Nanoscale Phenomena High surface to volume ratios Surface dominance of reactions and transport Emergence of quantum mechanical effects Dominance of physical optics Structural sizes of biological systems Unique bonding Buffat and Borel, Phys. Rev. A 13, 2287 (1976). Melting Temperature of Gold The Economic Development Potential of Nanotechnology:  The Economic Development Potential of Nanotechnology Nanotechnology is a fundamental technology that will enable radical transformation across all industrial sectors Nanotechnology will change the way virtually everything is designed and made Nanotechnology will spawn a second industrial revolution The economic impact of nanotechnology will be greater than the combined impacts of antibiotics, the integrated circuit, and man-made polymers The United States will need 1 million skilled nanotechnology workers by 2010 What Some Other States and Nations are Doing:  What Some Other States and Nations are Doing California is investing $400 million over the next ten years to support nanotechnology research within the University of California system New York is investing $450 million for a new School of Nanosciences and Materials at SUNY Albany Texas plans to invest $1 billion in The Texas Nanotechnology Initiative over the next five years In Indiana, a $150 million nanotechnology center is now being completed at Purdue University’s new Discovery Park North Carolina has established a $10 million per year Institute for Advanced Materials, Nanoscience, and Technology at the UNC New Mexico has launched a $400 million nanotechnology Microsystems and Engineering Sciences Applications Center Three Elements of Technology-Based Economic Development:  Three Elements of Technology-Based Economic Development Technology Development Workforce Development Technology Transfer Economic Development Penn State: A Nanotechnology Development Powerhouse:  Penn State: A Nanotechnology Development Powerhouse Penn State is ranked first in the U.S. for materials science research, involving more than 200 faculty Penn State houses the Penn State Nanofabrication Facility, one of just 5 facilities of its kind More than $25 million of nanotechnology research funding from NSF alone in the past 3 years Penn State has established the nation’s leading nanotechnology education program NMT Partnership Activities:  NMT Partnership Activities Develop and deliver nanofabrication courses and degree programs Provide professional development opportunities for educators and industry personnel Create and deliver 2+2+2 pathways from secondary schools through baccalaureate degrees Assist PA industry with nanotechnology research and development 31 Higher Education Partners:  31 Higher Education Partners Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges State System of Higher Education The Pennsylvania State University Pennsylvania College of Technology Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technology Other NMT Partners:  Other NMT Partners Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development Pennsylvania Department of Education National Science Foundation Pennsylvania Public School Districts Pennsylvania Career and Technical Institutes Pennsylvania State Legislators Pennsylvania Industry Penn State Nanofabrication Facility:  Penn State Nanofabrication Facility Part of the 5-member NSF-sponsored NNUN $33 million state-of-the-art facility Staff of 20 full-time scientists and engineers Complete top-down and bottom-up capabilities Leadership in chemical & molecular nanofabrication 350-450 academic and industrial users annually Capstone Semester in Nanofabrication:  Capstone Semester in Nanofabrication Materials, Safety, Health, and Basic Equipment Basic Nanofabrication Processes Thin Film Utilization Lithography Materials Modification Characterization, Packaging, and Testing Associate Degree Programs in Nanofabrication:  Associate Degree Programs in Nanofabrication 20 institutions now offering associate degree programs Nation’s first associate degree programs in nanofabrication 97 students have graduated from associate degree programs to date Programs emphasize full range of nanofabrication applications Pennsylvania Companies Employing Program Graduates:  Pennsylvania Companies Employing Program Graduates II-VI Incorporated Advanced Gas Technologies Agere Alden Products Amedeo B. Braun BioElectroSpec Centocor DRS Laurel Technologies Dana Corporation Doucette Industries Fairchild Semiconductors Intel Lucent Merck NanoHorizons Optellios Optinel Systems Thermodynamic Sensors Johnson Matthey Seagate Technology Philips Medical Systems Probes Unlimited Spectrum Technologies Sprint PCS Uniroyal Opto-Electronics Verimetra, Inc Pathways From Associate to Baccalaureate Degrees:  Pathways From Associate to Baccalaureate Degrees NSF Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE) award now supporting upper division course development Baccalaureate concentrations, options, and minors in nanotechnology being established at Penn State and State System universities Baccalaureate programs already in place at 3 State System Universities (California, Lock Haven, and Mansfield 2+2 and 2+3 pathways from associate to baccalaureate programs also being established Professional Development of Educators and Industry Personnel:  Professional Development of Educators and Industry Personnel 250 PA educators and 250 industry representatives have attended 3-day workshops to date NSF RET funds supported participation by Virginia science teachers in March 2003 workshop Nanotechnology being incorporated into pre-service science teacher education in PA Summer Nanotech Camps for Middle and High School Students:  Summer Nanotech Camps for Middle and High School Students One-day and three-day summer Nanotech Camps offered since 1998 500 PA students have attend summer Nanotech Camps to date Special emphasis on students from disadvantaged minority communities 2+2+2 Education Pathways:  2+2+2 Education Pathways NMT Partnership pioneered Pennsylvania’s 2+2+2 Workforce Leadership Program 2+2+2 nanofabrication education pathways are now in place: From 41 Career and Technical Institutes To 20 associate degree programs in nanofabrication And on to a growing number of baccalaureate programs Maintaining Leadership in Nanotechnology Education:  Maintaining Leadership in Nanotechnology Education Awarded NSF planning grant for National ATE Center in Nanofabrication Manufacturing Education, July 2003 Current focus on expanded K-12 nanotechnology education Proposal for nanotechnology instructional materials development Proposal for a National Center for Learning and Teaching in Nanotechnology PA Companies Receiving NMT Research Assistance:  PA Companies Receiving NMT Research Assistance II-VI Incorporated Air Products and Chemicals Alcoa Allegheny Coatings American Glass Research American Piezo Ceramics Ashland Specialty Chemical Atolytics Atotech Bechtel-Bettis BioElectroSpec Bridge Semiconductor Corp. C-COR.Net CTS Reeves-Hoffman Cabot Corporation Corning Asahi Crown Holografx Dental EZ Dynamic Lightwave Inc. Echo Ultrasound Ferro Corporation Greene Tweed Co. Heraeus Hypernext Kurt J. Lesker Company Lucent Technologies Microptics Molecular Electronics PA Companies Receiving NMT Research Assistance:  PA Companies Receiving NMT Research Assistance Murata Nanohorizons Nanosciences Corporation Optronx Inc. PPG Industries Precise Polestar State of the Art Supelco Primaxx Inc. R & D Imaging Technologies RJ Lee Group Restek Schott Glass Technologies Solid State Measurements Sound Technology Inc. Standard Steel TRS Ceramics Tyco Vishay VisionArts Visteon Westvaco Wise Electronics Xactix Inc. Xinetics Inc. Commercialization of Penn State Nanotechnology by PA Industry:  Commercialization of Penn State Nanotechnology by PA Industry 53 PA companies receiving Penn State nanotechnology research assistance 72 patented Penn State nanotechnologies 50 patented Penn State nanotechnologies licensed to PA industry $382,000 royalties earned on nanotechnologies licensed to PA industry Slide27:  Mike Opp Dean of Transportation & Industry Dakota County Technical College What Is This Nanotechnology Thing?:  What Is This Nanotechnology Thing? New technology for me What it means to Minnesota New Generation just around the corner: “Spy Kids II” “Spiderman” Slide30:  Clip from Spiderman, Columbia Pictures 2002 Slide31:  Clip from Spy Kids 2, Dimension Films 2002 Dakota County Technical College What got us going…:  Dakota County Technical College What got us going… Our President’s vision Pennsylvania's visit to our our campus NSF Report on Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education- September 12, 2002 Minnesota Nanotechnology Initiative Finding the Right Champions! Leadership from our Vice President of Academic Affairs Contracting with Nano Expert-Deb Newberry University of Minnesota – Dr. Steven Campbell MnNano- Brief History:  MnNano- Brief History Small Perkins Grant-fall 2002 League for Innovations- November 2002 MN Nano Initiative-February 2003 Partnering with U of M- February 2003 Nano consultant- Spring 2003 Multiple Focus Groups- Spring/Summer 2003 NSF-ATE Grant- Preliminary proposal- April 2003 Visit the Champions- Penn State- Summer 2003 Invitation to be a regional node for National Center for Manufacturing Education- Simmer 2003 Conferences/Seminars-Hershey, League, NSF Workshop, NNI, Brief to Senate Staff, etc. MnNano Partners:  MnNano Partners Minnesota High Tech Association MnBIO (Minnesota Biotech Companies) Medical Alley (Medical Tech Companies) Society of Manufacturing Engineers Mn Department of Economic Development Genesis Business Centers Protein Design Labs Molecular Manufacturing Enterprises Entegris Medtronic Smart Skin General Mills Aveka Honeywell Cima Cargill Hysitron 3M Goodrich Surmodics ATG Laboratories Valspar Nano Tech, Inc. Slide35:  Elementary to High School DCTC and other Two-year colleges University and Graduate school Proposed NSF Grant Coverage HS NanoTech Camps Capstone Courses Core Interdisciplinary Courses Nanoscience Curriculum: A career path approach Slide36:  Proposed Curriculum: 1st and 2nd Semesters Slide37:  Proposed Curriculum: 3rd Semester Capstone Courses:  Capstone Courses Fourth Semester 18 Credits-Combination lecture and laboratory Three areas of focus: Biotechnology Electronics Materials U of M Facilities and lab experiences includes: Characterization Facilities Nanofabrication Center Particles Technology Lab Leverage existing University of Minnesota courses Participatory Internship Slide39:  Advanced Fundamentals Courses Micro & Nano Fabrication Thin Film Deposition Introduction to Materials Characterization Principles and Applications of Nanobiotechnology Micro and Nano Fabrication Lab Topics: Students will apply basic and advanced fabrication concepts from their lecture course to construct micromechanical structures, such as cantilevers, diaphragms, sliders, and gears. Nanoparticles and Biochips Lab Topics: Students will be introduced to the principles and techniques of aerosol measurement and cleanrooms, as well as basic nanobiotechnology devices and systems through the hands-on fabrication and characterization of a simple “lab-on-a chip” system. Materials Characterization Lab Topics: Characterization of engineering and biological materials by electron/optical microscopy, atomic force microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and spectroscopic method. Includes specimen preparation, data collection and analysis, recording practices. Integrates properties of metals, ceramics, polymers and composites. Industry Internship A supervised internship at one of these industry sites: 3M Medtronic SmartSkin Goodrich Aveka General Mills Surmodics Entregris Genesis Business Centers ATC Laboratories Hysitron Honeywell Valspar Protein Design Labs Cima Nano Tech, Inc. Molecular Manufacturing Ent. Cargill University Capstone Semester Industry Partner Responses:  Industry Partner Responses Hiring Projections between 2005-2010? Three companies will hire 55 Nanoscience graduates Kinds of Job Titles Senior Lab Technician, Senior Plant Technician Product Engineers, Test Engineers, Material Engineers Scientists, Engineers Trends/Comments “My Company is moving towards innovative surface chemistries for… because of nanoscale surface characterization.” “We are working with nanocomposites, nanofilms and nanofluids.” “This will continue to grow as companies and organizations become aware of the commercial benefits.” “We can provide internship opportunities for these graduates.” This program will allow Minnesota to have trained technicians helping our companies to be more efficient with our engineers and PhD's.” What Next for MnNano?:  What Next for MnNano? Continue Industry/Education Partner Connections Fall 2004 Program Start Preparation Market new program start Develop Curriculum Spring of 03 Other MN Program Starts-Fall 2005 Develop U of M Capstone- Spring and Fall 2005 First Graduates- Spring 2006 Dissemination of Products “You Are Only As Good As Your Gadgets”:  “You Are Only As Good As Your Gadgets” Clip from Spy Kids 2, Dimension Films 2002 NanoBioTechnology:  NanoBioTechnology Dr. Elaine A. Johnson, Ph. D BIO-Link Director City College of San Francisco NanoBioTechnology Today:  NanoBioTechnology Today Why Biotech? Progress over 50 years 2003 Just the Beginning Living Miniature Factories Viruses Nanomedicine Applications & Examples Bold Small Future Community College Challenges Why Biotech?:  Why Biotech? Biotech Industry Maturing Bio-Link National Network Community Colleges Prepare Biotech Workforce Molecular Tools Exist Applications are Broad Molecular Biology is Nanoscale Progress Over 50 Years:  Progress Over 50 Years 1953 DNA Structure 1968 Genetic Code 1970 Restriction Enzyme Tools 1972 DNA Ligase 1973 Birth of Biotech 1978 Recombinant Insulin 1980 Oil-eating Microbe Patent 1985 PCR 1990 Human Genome Launch 1997 Dolly 2001 Human Genome Published 2003 Completion of Human Genome 2003 Just the Beginning:  2003 Just the Beginning Celebration Real Work Begins Smallest Frontier Molecular Manufacturing Nanomedicine Transformation of Society Living Miniature Factories:  Living Miniature Factories At 2.5 nanometers, a strand of DNA is width of a single-wall carbon nanotube Viruses:  Viruses Nanoscale Highly specific Organized structure Contain genetic info Non living Capable of take-over Replicate Norwalk Virus: F.P.Williams, U.S. EPS Bar = 50 nanometers Buckyball Nanomedicine:  Buckyball Nanomedicine Fullerenes Cage of 60 carbon atoms Scaffolding for drug molecules 0.71 nm Applications & Examples:  Applications & Examples Drug discovery, testing, and manufacturing Drug delivery Diagnostics Genetic testing Gene therapy Bioinformatics tools Biomaterials for safety and concealment Forensics Industrial detergents and dyes Agricultural crop improvement and production Molecular labeling Environmental cleanup, detection, and safety Bold Small Future :  Bold Small Future Targeted drug delivery Microarray analysis Microfluidics systems Lab on a chip Nanofilters Biomaterials including new tissues & ointments Quantum Dot Cochlear & retinal implants Gene therapy Environmental sensors Community College Challenges:  Community College Challenges Introduce nanoscale concepts across curriculum Include societal implications & ethical sensitivity Prepare nanotech workforce at many levels Provide interdisciplinary perspective Establish partnerships to provide students & faculty with experience Utilize existing resources “Over the next 10-20 years, nanotechnology will fundamentally transform science, technology, and society.” National Science Foundation, 2001:  “Over the next 10-20 years, nanotechnology will fundamentally transform science, technology, and society.” National Science Foundation, 2001 Peter Saflund Associate Director National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies (NWCET):  Peter Saflund Associate Director National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies (NWCET) FOURTH Summary of Key Points:  Summary of Key Points Handouts are available in the back of the room. Presentation also available online at http://online.dctc.mnscu.edu/nano/:  Handouts are available in the back of the room. Presentation also available online at http://online.dctc.mnscu.edu/nano/ Contact Information: :  Contact Information:

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