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Information about Leafit - Income Disclosure Statement

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: leafitbiz

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Income Disclosure Statement Leaf It is dedicated to meeting all the legal requirements, and to follow the absolute best business practices we can. In order to protect the legal standing of the Company, and protect our Distributors from making unsubstantiated financial claims which might result in a violation of pertinent laws and regulations, we have developed the Leaf It Income Disclosure Statement (“IDS”). The Leaf IDS is designed to convey truthful, timely, and comprehensive information regarding the income that a Leaf It Distributor might potentially earn. The IDS must be presented to all prospective Distributors (someone who is not a party to a current Leaf It Distributor Agreement) anytime the Compensation Plan is presented or discussed, or any type of income claim or earnings representation is made. All values listed below are estimated only and do not in any way guarantee any level of earning. All earnings are sales based and require meeting all recruitment benchmarks as noted in the Compensation Plan. Your success depends upon your skills, work effort, and market conditions. Leaf It does not guarantee any level of income or success. Monthly Income (US Dollars) Average Comp. Annualized Low - $0 $0 Avg - $590 $7,080 High - $23,278 $279,336 * All Earnings are based on meeting the minimum sales requirements as designated in the Leaf It Compensation Plan. EXAMPLES OF EARNINGS ARE HYPOTHETICAL, ARE STRICTLY ESTIMATES AND ARE USED FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY TO SHOW WHAT A PERSON COULD EARN IF THEY MEET ALL RELEVANT QUALIFICATIONS. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE, PROMISE OR REPRESENTATION THAT YOU WILL ACHIEVE OR EXPERIENCE ANY LEVEL OF SUCCESS. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE, PROMISE OR REPRESENTATION THAT YOU WILL MAKE A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF MONEY, OR ANY MONEY, OR NOT LOSE MONEY, AS A RESULT OF YOUR ASSOCIATION WITH LEAF IT AND PARTICIPATION IN OUR COMPENSATION PLAN. EACH PARTICIPANT’S RESULTS WILL VARY AND THERE IS A RISK YOU WILL NOT MAKE ANY MONEY AT ALL AND THAT YOU MAY LOSE MONEY. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL MAKE ANY OF THE AMOUNTS STATED AND YOU ACCEPT ALL RISK OF POTENTIAL EARNINGS OR LACK THEREOF. YOU FREELY AGREE TO ACCEPT ALL RISKS, KNOWN OR UNKNOWN, IN YOUR ENDEAVORS. AS WITH ANY BUSINESS, YOUR PERSONAL RESULTS WILL VARY AND WILL BE BASED ON A NUMBER OF FACTORS, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION YOUR PERSONAL ABILITIES, EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, CAPABILITIES, LEVEL OF DESIRE, ETC. SUCCESS WITH LEAF IT RESULTS ONLY FROM SUCCESSFUL SALES EFFORTS, WHICH REQUIRE HARD WORK, DILIGENCE, AND LEADERSHIP. THE EXAMPLES OF EARNINGS ARE NOT TO BE CONSIDERED AS TYPICAL, STANDARD OR AVERAGE EARNINGS AND ARE NOT WHAT YOU SHOULD EXPECT TO EXPERIENCE. LEAF IT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO UPDATE THIS DISCLAIMER AND PROVIDE TYPICAL RESULTS AS THEY BECOME AVAILABLE AND STATISTICALLY RELIABLE. THE PURCHASE AND USE OF LEAF IT’S INFORMATION, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AND PARTICIPATION IN LEAF IT’S COMPENSATION PLAN SHOULD BE BASED ON YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE AND YOU AGREE THAT WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR YOUR SUCCESS OR FAILURE. YOU MAY OBTAIN ADVICE FROM AN ATTORNEY, ACCOUNTANT, OR OTHER QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS CONCERNING YOUR RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. The terms “income” and/or “earnings” (collectively “income claim”) include: (1) statements of actual earnings, (2) statements of projected earnings, (3) statements of earnings ranges, (4) income testimonials, (5) lifestyle claims, and (6) hypothetical claims. A lifestyle income claim typically includes statements (or pictures) involving large homes, luxury cars, exotic vacations, or other items suggesting or implying wealth. They also consist of references to the achievement of one's dreams, having everything one always wanted, and are phrased in terms of “opportunity” or “possibility” or “chance.” Claims such as “My Leaf It income exceeded my salary after six months in the business,” or “Our Leaf business has allowed my wife to come home and be a full-time mom” also fall within the purview of “lifestyle” claims. FOR COMPLETE DETAILS PLEASE SEE THE LEAF IT COMPENSATION PLAN Leaf It, Inc. /VISIONLEAF

https://www.leafit.biz/leafitbiz E-MAIL : residualincomeways@gmail.com SKYPE : residualincomeways

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