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Published on March 7, 2016

Author: Emmanuel7711

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2. Definition of leadership: The leadership word is defined as the influence that is exerted on people, encouraging for work whit enthusiasm for a comun purpose. The popular proverb impinges: who thinks that directs and no one following him is only taking a walk. As leader I must be sure that when turning on my back I am creating leaders, otherwise only I´ll be taking a walk. My childen, my students, my bubordinates, they must be reached by my example. As a leader I know that I am forging leaders and not puppets.We must rest delegating, knowing that in the end they will better the things that we, but so, my leadership had no influence and not left fruits.

3. The influence of a leader inspires, never paralyzes. In this moment of crisis, the society demands leaders who face a crisis, to reason of leaders drowned by the crisis. George VI for a long time it was paralyzed by the echoes of violent words of his father and older brother, causing paralyze their speech at decisive moments, however achieved with many dedication and sacrifice to correct its root fears by converting them into security for his person, the result was surprise, not only managed to leave that stuttering which paralyzed but that caused the health for a paralyzed people (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) before the Nazi force The current society demand men who renounce continue paralyzed by the crisis and face to inspire others, and these emerge with security on your own fears and learn to walk and talk about them.

4. 1. Manages a strategy. Napoleon Bonaparte was recognized for use at a time when they had to cope with an army more numerous the strategy called "center position" the numeric crisis the leveraged to deploy a more agile on their enemies, in the same way many of our crisis deserve a well-defined strategy, studied but above all agile. Defines the resources with which accounts now. Do not think of the resources that you had before, these were already, are no longer yours, do not turn on loans that only lead to undermine the few resources with which today accounts, on occasion Jesus the maximum leader of Christianity taught that a man before Builds a tower, you must first sit, review and calculate the costs that will be incurred, is not that it cannot finish and others to do mock him, is still talking about a king who to go to war against another, you must first consider whether it can cope with it or send an embassy with conditions of peace.. • PRINCIPLES TO DEAL WITH A CRISIS

5. Study your scope. In a crisis priorities change, and your scope also, the segments should be more narrow, but you should consider which are the ones that leave us better positioned. what investments I must attend in first place? what expenditures are necessary?, what activities deserve my attention today and what can I delegate?. Be agile with your flow and liquidity. What before was revised monthly, today you will have to review weekly, which before was revised by week, today deserves to be reviewed on a daily basis. Many of the financial crises in companies are born of neglect not to request accounts at the appropriate time, diseases can be less expensive in your treatment if treated in time. When we buy a chicken to my son, cost us 20.00 pesos, but later we realized that was costing us 100.00 a week to keep it, and while more believed but we cost. It is not how much you cost a machinery, but whether accounts with the engineers can provide maintenance, for not having to incur the expense of professional fees for bringing foreign engineers, Nobody is interested in spending outside, only you are responsible for your flow and liquidity? And with that premise you must be agile to demand accounts and explanations!!!! 3 principles to deal with a crisis

6. 2. Redesigns your mission, not your vision. In time of crisis the leaders who face learn to restructure its mission, but the vision can never change, the mission is the way vision is the order. Look at you firm in the face of the crisis, which in past years would take 5 years, perhaps today takes you 8 or 10, but your approach and vision must remain steadfast. The reengineering and redesign need a decision that should be pursued in a simple manner. • I. Decides The leaders that have marked the history are men and women who knew how to make decisions, learn to take decisions without doubt demand prior experience, but this experience should not necessarily be a bitter experience in your person, family or company. A few months ago the President of the Group of one of the companies in which I worked, to start a project used the failure of one of its competitors such as experience, so that he could make the right decisions and better analyzed within the group over which you preside. Today you and I can not venturing to risks and less in the face of a crisis, the decisions which today we take will be the basis for stand firm in the face of crises. In the face of a crisis we must decide to redesign our life, family or company, you may need to cut posts, areas, and staff, to inject your sales force and market strategy. What areas of your life need to be strengthened and that others do not deserve the time spent? What strengthens your family and that the mine for you to decide in favor of it? The crisis does not walk to our step, she runs and we need firm decisions to cope

7. II. Seeks In most of the books of leadership is speaks to us of the secrets that have led to the men to be rich and millionaires and places them as reference, however many of them do not fought and suffered no to have this fortune, she was inherited, 60% of companies that go into the hands of the children if they do not break down stagnate, the reason? Simple. Not sought it received because they cost. Potential customers in times of crisis deserve to be procured in greater time and quality, every company has potential customers and in times of crisis we must strengthen procure. If 70% of your sales this in 5 clients, it is time to procure in time of crisis, if they you spoke by phone, now invite them to dinner, golf or to hunting to strengthen your bonds of sale. Many parents try to heal the relationship with the children when it is already too late. If my Son tells me who loves me and hugs me just arrived from the work, is the precise time in which I seek to pay, I must to anticipate years of emotional crisis they arrive to experiment and reforzarles their identity, have you seen the face of your child when you take one of his toys and play on the floor with him?, the tv, computer, the newspaper, my hobbie represents 30% and my children 70% of my time, 1 hour of quality well invested in them exceed 70%.

8. III. Simplifies In the years 50 Toyota home a manufacturing model called slender or known today as a model to read, in practical terms invites that we simplify our response time optimizing processes or operations. This model is now implemented by most of the companies. This invites us to simplify and not tangled up our processes, shipments and sales. An oversight in this line can cause complexity for our customers that will translate into failure for us. The Nestlé company when it launched to the market the Kid Kat in different flavors in 2006 began to see as their sales fell 18%. The Companies that have opted for a winding road have little room to respond to the crisis.

9. 3. Embrace it Is known that transnational corporations have achieved their permanence thanks to mergers and/or acquisitions, the stronger takes advantage of the more weak, however the merging companies regularly do to stand firm against financial crises, those that have rejected ally have seen their dreams of permanence evaporate. In a crisis, we must make sure to stay and if that obliges us to unite, must be considered without hesitation. The large banking firms that today are held in their majority is thanks to the fusion that have done. From 1975 to 1985 in the United States was presented an increase of mergers of 98 to 3,202 representing a growth of 98%. In a crisis the first task is to recognize that position we have in front of others, we acquire taking advantage of our position or we we will merge to withstand the onslaught of a crisis. Of child my mother advised me to associating with the intelligent, when it did I was helpful, I can now decide that circle of friendship, partners and colleagues are my allies, are looking for allies that you provide advantage and preparation to face a crisis. When you alias is simpler to proceed because the talents, abilities and gifts are multiplied. Your company must be the society that will mark your constitutive act.


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