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Published on March 13, 2014

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Leadership Educational Class PowerPoint from Vincent Ivan Phipps, Owner of Communication VIP,

Book Vincent! Need an upbeat speaker or interactive trainer at your event? 423-485-3465 or 703.TALK.VIP 2 Vincent is a Communication Coach and a Professional Motivational Speaker. He is Founder and Owner of the multi-award nominated training company, Communication VIP. Vincent’s accomplishments include: • Bachelors in Speech/Language Comm. • Masters in Leadership & Management • Member of the National Speakers Assoc. • Author of four books • Spoken in over 300 cities • Instructor at University of TN at Chattanooga • Nominated Entrepreneur of the year • Nominated Small Business Owner of 2014 3

L E A D Laid Back & Low Key Energetic & Emotional Analytical & Accurate Dominant & Direct 4 5

Introvert Extrovert • Think first, speak second • Cautious to decisions • Concerned with changes • Low Risk • Speak first, think second • Quicker to decisions • Excited by changes • High Risk 6

People Focused Task Focused • Relationships • Feelings • Emotions • Results • Facts • Accomplishments 7 8

Laid Back & Low Key TRAITS CHALLENGES GOALS Reserved Loyal Team Players Supportive Handling altercations Trusting an unproven Stay the course Be on board 9


Laid Back & Low Key 11

Laid Back & Low Key DO Provide deliberation time Emphasize team Allow time for questions Give them next steps Suggest follow up times Build trust Reassure Start with social conversation Rushing Singling them out Demanding Leaving them solo Follow up only when it’s due Assuming Selling without validating Excluding their input AVOID 12

Energetic & Emotional TRAITS CHALLENGES GOALS Talkative Sociable Gregarious Excited Details Follow through Be liked Find the fun 13


Energetic & Emotional 15

Energetic and Emotional DO Bring your personality Show interest in your voice Address them personally Give the big picture Involve their emotions Let them talk Set follow up dates and times Being drab Speaking monotone Being too formal Focusing on details Being all facts Doing all the talking Letting them follow up with you AVOID 16

Accurate & Analytical TRAITS CHALLENGES GOALS Pessimistic Detailed Organized Logical Flexibility Spontaneity Be right Get the facts Cautious Calculating Accurate 17


Accurate & Analytical 19

Analytical & Accurate DO Be specific Research first Focus on facts Provide in writing Give due dates Allow time to decide Organize Content Respect personal space Save the charm Being vague & ambiguous Making assumptions Using opinions Saying “trust” “hope” “try” Allowing unlimited review time Forgetting to give parameters Going randomly Dodging their questions Trying to “warm up” to them AVOID 20

Direct & Dominant TRAITS CHALLENGES GOALS Bottom-liners Blunt Risk Takers Competitive People skills Patience Accomplish Control 21


Direct & Dominant 23

Direct & Dominant DO Be blunt Be clear State purpose up front Ask solution “what” questions Use short sentences Stick to the goal Provide a challenge to conquer Be logical Show abbreviated facts Answer directly Fearing hurting their feelings Using long explanations Being analytical Dodging accountability Using “and” or “because” Taking it personally Challenging them personally Leading with emotions Provide excessive detail Using vague answers AVOID 24 25

What type of leader are YOU choosing to be? 26

THANK YOU! Vincent Ivan Phipps, M.A. “The Attitude Amplifier!” Leadership Team Building Public Speaking Customer Service Interpersonal Communication (423) 485-3465 or (703)TALK-VIP •  Keynote speeches •  Educational Classes •  Interactive Seminars •  Individual Coaching Contact us to Amplify your next event! 27

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