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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: DoloresDeGiacomo

Source: slideshare.net


Brief presentation on leadership styles and qualities that increase engagement and morale for greater organizational and company success. This is an enhanced visual presentation of a talk that I gave to the Greater Princeton HR Association.

Dolores DeGiacomo, M.A.! www.ddLifeCoach.com dd@ddLifeCoach.com Leadership To Drive Engagement

Leadervs.Manager Leaders and managers both appear to get the job done. So…How do you tell them apart? Behavior Results

Leadervs.Manager Leader! ! Inspires! Motivates! Appreciates Manager! ! Task Oriented! Technical! Diligent Engaged Team! High Productivity! Low Absenteeism! Connected to Co. Vision Low Team Engagement! May Meet Objectives! Disconnected from Co. Vision

Just because it’s called a “Leadership Style” doesn’t mean it’s actual leadership.

Leadership Styles with Temporary Results Demand and Demean May work in professional sports but not in business. Long term strategies are the winners. Bobby Knight; NCAA championship coach. Eventually fired for violent outbursts toward players.

Leadership Styles with Temporary Results Command and Control ! It’s your business. Motivation not denigration is the winning strategy.! ! War hero General George S. Patton - temporarily removed from commanding troops during WWII for assault and verbal abuse of soldiers suffering from PTSD. Imagine if he hadn’t lost command for 11 months…

Leadership Style with Poor Results Avoidant ! ! Avoids hard decisions and ignores realities.! Listens to feedback but does nothing with it.

But Aren’t Those Leaders Still Successful? Requires an immense amount of constant involvement from leadership no long term motivation strategy Results in higher employee stress levels Lower productivity, i.e. success takes longer High employee turnover; increases operating costs as new employees learn the particulars of the job growth Earnings Report

Low Engagement ! *Gallup, 2007 *$350 billion per year in lost productivity So long… buh bye…

You’reEmployeesWillQuitYou More than 2/3 of employees quit their boss, not their job.! ! http://youtu.be/Ew_tdY0V4Zo - click the image to play video (now) or copy/paste URL (later, of course)!

So, Who Stays? Unmotivated and actively disengaged employees who want to leave but can’t (no better options, lower pay, need benefits)! ! Disengaged employees who don’t care to be engaged (a.k.a. Coasters)

What needs to shift in your leadership style?

Leadership Qualities That Work Generally (previously) referred to as feminine qualities:! ! Humility Empathy Generosity Inclusiveness Patience

Pie slices in red were rated as traditionally masculine leadership qualities. All other “slices” were rated as traditionally feminine qualities. ! Competencies on the pie chart begin with the lowest rated “selfless” and move clockwise for increasing importance. From the book TheAthena Doctrine by Michael D’Antonio & John Gerzema Top 10 Competencies Desired For Modern Leaders 30,000+ respondents world wide

Which means…? Fewer traditionally masculine qualities required to drive engagement for success.

WhatToDo… Build Trust Ensure Employee Growth Offer Recognition Communicate Honestly, Respectfully, Regularly

It’sTheLittleThings Positive messages Consistency Clear expectations

Specific Attributes & Behaviors Emotional Intelligence Effective Communication Visibility/Presence Flexibility Humility

The Science of Happiness At Work Long term motivation and engagement require: • Connection to the company vision • Pride of purpose • Positivity in the work environment PERMA; an acronym used in Positive Psychology for experiences that lead to success in all domains of life. Developed by Martin Seligman.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. -John C. Maxwell

Success = Engagement + Morale ! Driven by Leadership

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