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Published on October 9, 2014

Author: petronomicslive

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1. Leadership Skill for Supervisors 27 – 31 October, 2014 | Accra, Ghana. This course is available for IN-HOUSE; For Further information, please contact: Tel: +234 8037202432, Email: petronomics@yahoo.com. Web: www.thepetronomics.com

2. OVERVIEW Excelling in today’s business environment requires managers who demonstrate adaptability, flexibility and empathy, while remaining true to the corporate core values. Successful leaders understand how individual traits and attributes can make or mar credibility and the bottom line. This dynamic program is designed for individuals who want to apply leadership skills to create greater value for the organization. LEARNING OBJECTIVE At the end of this programme, participants will;  Gain awareness of your leadership strengths and challenges  Know how to effectively influence others  Know how to influence others with positive personal power  Gain cooperation and collaboration from key people  Communicate clearly and confidently  Improve your ability to make the right decisions about critical issues  To lead organizational change, and contribute to the corporate performance PERFORMANCE FOCUS Our programmes are significant investment for your workforce. They are designed to fill identified industry knowledge gap and provide hands-on applicable know-how that give participants a deeper insight on their deliverables. The various modules are cultured to encourage stakeholders to aspire the attainment of operational efficiency along the business chain. COURSE CONTENT Leading with Responsibility • Overview of our leadership development process • Examining the stages of leading with responsibility • Recognizing what leadership greatness exists within you • Distinguishing leading, managing, and coaching • Learning the coaching process • Linking emotional intelligence to your leadership Leading with Authentic Communication • Developing attributes that build emotional competence • Learning to define reality accurately • Rethinking what it means to listen • Creating breakthroughs through inquiry • Practicing using ground rules for conflict interactions • Recognizing and regulating emotional responses and reactive behaviours Leading with Positive Influence • Understanding knowledge and attitudes of highly influential leaders • Identifying your values and credo • Building and enhancing your leader credibility • Effectively managing your power and control • Challenging the status quo • Creating a vision of greatness Leading with Choice • Bringing your choice of being with people into your leadership • Resisting versus responding to people • Becoming responsive and leading through your personal presence • Leading by focusing on execution Leading with Courage • Catching your choices: responding versus reacting • Presenting your leadership development action plan • Planning for follow-up after the program CURRICULUM This programme has been design to help participants gain valuable insights into critical leadership development. Leadership questionnaires will be administered through the programme; using this input, participant will receive a confidential leadership and emotional competence report that reveals your strengths and identifies skills to develop during the program. This ensures that your learning experience is tailored specifically to you. Video session and group discussion will be used to ensure that each participant derive value during the programme. WHO TO ATTEND This course is designed for mid-level executives and managers. It is appropriate for executives from organizations of any size and in any industry. DELIVERABLES Our training programmes are exciting learning events. All participants during the programme entitled to all course materials and a certificate of participation. On a written request, we shall furnish you with a detailed report summarising our perception of participants’ strengths, areas for improvement and proposed action plans within There is always something to learn when it comes to communicating effectively and Petronomics has the key needed to unlock the knowledge – Ogbonna (Cameron Offshore)

3. four weeks of concluding the course. Our feedback process ensures your objectives are achieved by the conclusion of our training process. PROGRAMME FEE The programme fee covers tuition, course materials. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Our cancellation policy applies. Leadership Skill for Supervisor - $2500.00 (USD) per participant IN-HOUSE TRAINING Petronomics Training can work with your organization to provide the course to meet your budget at your convenience (time and location) in the comfort of your working environment. This collaborative effort, emphasize actionable learning, the application of theory in practice and combine core business skills/technical knowledge with dynamic leadership training. If you would like to discuss possible collaboration in developing in-house training, please contact on the details below. REGISTRATION To nominate a participant for this training, kindly forward the details of your nominated participants, (i.e. name, email address, telephone nos.) and stating the course your participant are registered. To nominate a participant for this training, kindly forward the details of your nominated participants, (i.e. name, email address, telephone nos.) and stating the course your participant are registered. Business Development Desk Petronomics Training Telephone: 234 1 8426905-6 0803 720 2432 +971556985290 Email: ayantola.victoria@thepetronomics.com petronomics@yahoo.com www.thepetronomics.com ABOUT US At Petronomics, energy expertise is our resource and inspiring competence is what we enjoy. The application of knowledge in driving innovation and ultimately possibilities is the catalyst that steer a distinctive value proposition. Braced with visionary advisory board, inspired/cultured workforce and experience faculty, we provide superior intellectual resource pool that bridge competency gap for industry operators. The benefits of our expertise are accessible through learning programmes, research and conference services; a blend that sets us as the preferred pool, professionals approach to upgrade business skills THE LEARNING APPROACH In resourcing industry workforce competency, we develop skills and experience that employer’s value by offering a comprehensive range of flexible learning options to meet their learning and development needs through a broad range of learning approach that offers intensive and enjoyable experience to participants. Participants benefit from lectures, case study analysis, group discussion, workshop, and are also encouraged to learn from other managers and professionals on their programme by sharing ideas and experiences. We place a particular emphasis on group work where participants’ real life situations are used as vehicles for learning. FACULTY Key to our approach is the quality to the faculty members. Every faculty member on our 20 member team is rigorously assessed and contracted in line with our Standard Operating Procedure. Each of them understands that they have to deliver training and supporting documentation to the highest standard. They comprise of professionals with outstanding track records in their area of specialty. Whilst they bring to bear several years of hands-on experience in the industry, they are committed to knowledge growth and have an understanding of the link between strategy and knowledge capital. LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Our programmes are conducted in a decent and cozy environment globally. We ensure that our participants are relaxed to refresh in an ambience well conducive for inspiring and creative brainstorming that accelerate the learning curve of individual participants. In consolidation of our value chain, locations are carefully considered using our five star QC indicator like security, banquet facilities, accessibility and customer services. Our programme team works with the facility staff to ensure a personal and warm welcome to participants.

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