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Published on March 23, 2009

Author: raviguruguha

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Leadership : Leadership Learn from Leader of millions of angels (Based on a lecture By Dr Balachandran, VC, Nagarjuna University, Guntur Concept developed by B. Ravichandran Attributes of a leader : Attributes of a leader Inspires confidence in you Motivates you to perform Protects you in your directed efforts Looking ahead for a future vision Accomplish the expected mission New Ideas, innovation generation Torch Bearer - once a bearer always a bearer Why IMPLANT is leadership trait : Why IMPLANT is leadership trait Every human being is a leader In the process of procreation, one female egg is chased by 400 million male spermazova and the successful leader sperm alone generates a birth Leadership – a situational role : Leadership – a situational role Leadership is situational – sometimes you are a leader and some times a follower In India and elsewhere the majority choose to be a follower since leaderships implies responsibility, decision making and taking people along against seemingly heavy odds Leadership Concept – East & West : Leadership Concept – East & West Ohio, Michigan Universities have done extensive research for the past 60 years on leadership They have developed a leadership dictionary which contains 17000 personality traits of a leader In Bhishma Parva in Maha Bharat, 5100 years ago, Bhishma, the greatest warrior on his bed of arrows awaiting his desired date of death was approached by Krishna to speak to Pandavas about 70 leadership qualities The Common Man’s God – Ganesh : The Common Man’s God – Ganesh Name itself suggests – Gana Pathi – leader of millions of angels Vi Nayaka – No leader above this leader Accessibile Leader - He is common man’s God. You can make him from clay or turmeric and pray . A leader should be accessible to his followers Body Language of the Leader : Body Language of the Leader Elephant Headed Human Body – Learn from all – be it human or animal – 84 lakh creatures are said to be around According to Darwin the elephant is the largest mammal and mouse is the smallest mammal known to the man earlier Elephant symbolises, dynamism, gratefulness, loyalty, foresight and power Each part of Body – what it conveys : Each part of Body – what it conveys Elephants unite and form a herd to drink water and security under a leader Big Head – Think Big and have a goal; Face radiating happiness – in Yoga teachers adivse you to think of an elephant – it brings happiness Pleasant faced – a face in the crowd ; not a crowd in faces – Prasanna Vadana – face is the index of the mind – Leader to wear a pleasing look Slide 14: Trunk – used to carry heavy lumber, uproot trees, drink deep – a leader should be capable of carrying responsibility, remove obstacles and go deep into problems It is said elephants sensed Tsunami 3 days in advance It can smell your scent when you are 2 KM away Slide 15: If elephants walk through a place, a good path is formed in the jungle. A leader is supposed to find and lay path, and lead Tusks – growth throughout its life span – 70 to 90 years – humans teeth grow upto 17 to 19 years Tusk is a weapon – Ganesha’s broken tusk is used to write Maha Bharat – an ability of leader to innovate (trying to find out uses for products which you don’t presume they can do ) Slide 17: Big ears – Listen to what others say – a leader has to spend more time in listening By flapping its big ears elephants have a way of cooling their blood vessels – leader listen and be cool Eyes – very small compared to body size, but full of vision – compared to the size of his following, leader may be small in size but he has a vision– Gandhi, MGR, Slide 18: Skin – thick skinned but sensitive to instrument of control – Ankush – Leaders should be thick skinned but sensitive Meat – trunk tastes like human flesh – other parts differently – a leader appears an mystery to somebody, guide to someone, friend to someone, etc. Big Belly – to digest large material and retain only what is needed – a leader has to assimilate many things but retain what is needed Slide 20: 4 hands to 4 lakh hands – span of management capabilities - reaching out and controlling, cooperating and coordinating A Book in hand – KNOWLEDGE - a leader is one who has led with an edge of wisdom Weapon – Courage Lotus – Embodying emancipation however low you are placed in life – peace, love and kindness Slide 21: Prasad – fruits of prosperity – to be shared with the followers Rice starch, dhal (carbohydrates and protein rich), Jaggery (eyesight improvement), Gingelly Seeds (growth of red cells) – Healthy food for a healthy mind for a healthy leader Sathya Saibaba – Avoid Worry Hurry & Curry Slide 23: 2 wives – Siddhi – fulfilling capability and Buddhi – Wisdom Sons – Lakshyam – goal and Laabh – Profit – a leader works for an objective – goal – and his activities should be profitable He manages by strategy – trouble creator and trouble remover – vigna kartre and vigna hantre Slide 24: Small Legs – but firm strong footed – no one can shake him from leadership position Small vehicle – Mouse – Maslow’s theory of needs, esteemed needs, self-actualisation, etc. – no matter whether the means are small the goal will be big and reached in time Serpents as ornament – keep in check bad elements by assigning them a suitable role; serpants symbolise creation also

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