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Information about Leadership (group 2) final ppt

Published on March 16, 2014

Author: NiteshSinghPatel



LEADERSHIP  NIMISHA AGARWAL (2013173)  NISHANT AGGARWAL (2013174)  NISHANT RENJITH (2013175)  NISHIDH LAD (2013176)  NITESH BERIWAL (2013177)  NITESH SINGH PATEL (2013178)  NITIN BORATWAR (2013179)  NITIN KUMAR SHUKLA (2013180)  NOOPUR MANDHYAN (2013181)  PRERNA ARORA (2013339) “A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way & shows the way”- Maxwell THE PERFORMANCE BLUES

The Leap of Faith

Authentic Leadership  Four Authentic Leadership components:  Self-awareness  Reflecting on one’s core values, identity, emotions, motives  Being aware of and trusting your own feelings  Internalized moral perspective  Self-regulatory process using internal moral standards to guide behavior  Balanced processing  Ability to analyze informational objectively and explore other people’s opinions before making a decision - Relational transparency  Being open and honest in presenting one’s true self to others

Trust: The Essence of Leadership  Integrity  Competence  Consistency  Loyalty  Openness  Willing to be vulnerable  Ability to gain knowledge and creative thinking  In times of change and instability, people turn to personal relationships

Charismatic Leadership Charismatic leadership as “resting on devotion to the exceptional sanctity, heroism or exemplary character of an individual person, and of the normative patterns or order revealed or ordained by him. Key Characteristics:  Vision and articulation.: Has a vision – expressed as an idealized goal that proposes a future better than the status quo; and is able to clarify the importance of the vision in terms that are understandable to others  Personal risk : Willing to take on high personal risk , incur high costs, and engage in self-sacrifice to achieve the vision  Sensitivity to follower needs : Perceptive of other’s abilities and responsive to their needs and feelings  Unconventional Behavior: Engages in behaviors that are perceived as novel and counter to norms.

A Few Charismatic Leaders

Few more Examples….

Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership

Conclusion  You don’t need a title to be a leader.  Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality  Anyone can hold the helm when the see is calm.  Leadership is influence.  A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way & shows the way.

References   Graphic.png  ved=0CC4QFjAB& 922%2F1436425520%2Fname%2FLeaders.ppt&ei=xlSoUs- FKoKRrQeLsIE4&usg=AFQjCNEg7RQUuiWOxC4ITGODU3JYEiVlrA&cad=rjt  ved=0CCgQFjAA& 511%2Fch11.ppt&ei=xlSoUs- FKoKRrQeLsIE4&usg=AFQjCNGpzbh90NQR_BQhs1ES9s_VEsPchA&cad=rjt

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