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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: hudali15

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A new approach to writing this presentation by coupling SlideShare to LinkedIn is used to gauge the reaction of readers. Rare fruits and rare readers- what are the commonalities among them and what are the creative ideas that emerge?

Leadership Fruition: Creative Metaphor My first presentation to link SlideShare with Ali Anani, PhD

Rare Fruits and Rare Leaders - the Commonalities Rare Fruits and Rare Leaders - the Commonalities

Linking SlideShare to I did a new experiment before publishing this presentation I posted most of the slides individually to LinkedIn Homepage to test the attractiveness of the topic and which slides top readers’ minds

served as a testing ground for the presentation

Leaders accept Different Perspectives Durian is the king of fruits still some people love its smell; where as others find the smell revolting. Ali Anani, PHD

Leadership Fruition (3) When a longan fruit is peeled, it looks like an eyeball A leader gives ‘black: news in a transparent fashion so that they look like eyeballs Ali Anani, PHD

Leadership Fruition (2) Pomelo fruit has a think rind that is filled with sweet flesh A leader is not lured by appearances - what seems to be hard - headed staff might be full of juicy and fleshy ideas Ali Anani, PHD

Star apple when cut into two haves the pulp inside looks like a star A leader may find ways to identify the hidden star peroformers Ali Anani, PHD

Star fruit produces a star shape upon cutting its five ridges sideways A leader knows one team member doesn’t become a star. Around five team members when connecting sideways a star emerges.

When leaders fall what shall they become? After falling off the tree. The Marula fruit will ripen enough to attract animals that people live on

An example of the pre-feedback obtained from

Cashew Apple is a heart-shaped false fruit. Its pulp contains a toxic oil. Beware of toxic leaders who have falsely-shaped hearts, but with toxic emotions inside.

Cashew Apples are very sweet when ripe, but appallingly harsh when not. Moody leaders lose their taste when falling in the “mood trap”.

Bright scarlet Red Berries have great taste and are available in winter when no other raspberries are available. Great leaders appeal from inside and outside and you may find them when nobody else does

In Multiple Fruits one flower gives many fruits, which later merge into a single fruit body So are leaders, they may allow for individual growth with an eye to merge members as one team later

The Miracle Fruit (sweet berries) isn’t that sweet; yet it has the ability when eaten to affect the taste of even sour lemon to make it feel sweet Great leaders know how to turn sour employees and news to sweetened outcomes

Some hard outer peer that needs a hammer to break. However; the inside pulp is fragrant A leader might hammer hard-headed staff, if needed, knowing that they are juicy inside

Lemon-powered iPod – Fruit batteries Great leaders charge their organizations, and so we have: Leader-powered organizations.The better the leader is, the improved charging is

Buddha's Hand citron has a closed hand shape. The fingers only open when ripe. Leaders don’t point fingers unless information is ripe Leaders give incentives open-handed in due course

The scaly skin of the fruit suggests its name as the Snake Fruit. The easily - removable skin uncovers three white segments Leaders realize that what may look like a snake employee may not be. Leaders stock important information in more than one place

The Horse Apple fruit not only has a creepy appearance, but also exudes unappealing milk upon touch. Some leaders are motivation-repellent from inside and outside

I dedicate this presentation to Karin Hurt. Her posts on leadership are just Simply Fantastic

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