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Published on January 12, 2014

Author: RoyOsing

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MBWA - Management by Wandering Around - is OUT. LBSA - Leadership by Serving Around - is IN. Leaders serve people...

Leadership by Serving Around

Leadership by Serving Around • Leadership by Serving Around (LBSA) is about exploring the nooks and cranny’s of the organization looking for an opportunity to SERVE people.

Leadership by Serving Around • Leaders wander with the objective of spotting a Serving Moment. • Help them in some way that will allow them to get on with their job more easily. • Removing roadblocks. • Bashing barriers. Destroying Dumb Rules. • Enabling people to do what they know is required to do a good job.

Leadership by Serving Around • Leaders allocate significant calendar time to this ritual. • You can’t spot a Serving Moment if you are in your office. • Get the hell out of it and do something strategic!

Leadership by Serving Around • LISTENING. • LISTENING. • LISTENING. • Leaders serve well by receiving information, processing it and then acting on it. • The process begins with REALLY LISTENING.

Leadership by Serving Around • INTERRUPTING is verboten. Give people time to tell their story. Allow them freedom to express their issues on their terms. • ASKING QUESTIONS is the tool the leader uses to understand, to engage and to connect with the individual in the discussion.

Leadership by Serving Around “How can I help?” • The specific question is the theme of the conversation. • Move beyond “Management by Wandering Around” (MBWA) to Leadership by Serving Around

Leadership by Serving Around • LBSA is a critical strategic act that leaders must perform. • Strategy execution depends on it. • Frontline success depends on it. • What else is more important?

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