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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: KartJay

Source: slideshare.net

Title Belbin Team Roles

Belbin Team Roles • • • Dr Belbin defined a team role as "a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way" and named nine such team roles that underlie team success.

Strengths: • Innovators • Highly creative people • Problem solvers Weaknesses: • Erratic • Impractical • Strong ownership of ideas when co-op yields better results • Looks down on others Plant

Strengths: • Fair & Logical observers/judges • Broad view when problem solving • Analytical Weaknesses: • Very critical • Can dampen enthusiasm without logical grounds • Non-creative/innovative • Hard time to inspire others Monitor Evaluator

Strengths: • Talent to see the bigger picture • Confident, stable and mature in recognizing abilities of others • Good at delegating tasks • Clarifies decisions, gives focus Weaknesses: • Perceived to be power hungry and manipulative • Tend to delegate all the work and nothing for them to do • Can conflict with others who stand up against them Coordinator

Strengths: • Resourceful people who can connect to others or seek new ideas • Energy and vigor, good to push projects • Focused outside of the team, with a connection to outside world Weaknesses: • Tendency to lose momentum towards end of project • Forget small details • Tend to overlook internal processes Resource Investigator

Strengths: • Takes colleagues suggestions and turns into positive actions • Efficient, self disciplined and relaible • Happy to do things that others don’t like Weaknesses: • Can be seen as close minded and inflexible as they cannot deviate from their well thought out plans • Unable to work with inefficiency or considering alternative practices from well-established practices Implementer

Strengths: • Perfectionist, goes extra mile to make sure it is all correct • Reliable • Accurate and high standards Weaknesses: • Can frustrate teammates by worrying about excessive minor details • May find it hard to delegate tasks they don’t trust anyone to perform Complete Finisher

Strengths: • Good listeners and diplomats • Smoothing conflicts and helping parties understand each other • Non confrontational • Usually unappreciated and unnoticed until they are absent and conflicts arise Weaknesses: • Unwillingness to take sides, they may not take decisive action when needed • Not as assertive or dominant Team Worker

Strengths: • Task driven, energy, competitive • Challenges the team to make sure they perform the best • Focused and keeps momentum going • Resilient Weaknesses: • Risks being aggressive or bad humored in attempts to get things done • Become too pushy or too work oriented Shaper

Strengths: • Passionate about learning in own field and build expertise • Fountain of knowledge and enjoy imparting knowledge to others • High level of concentration and ability of specific skill Weaknesses: • Can become uninterested with anything else within the team • Only a contributor to this particular area Specialist

Find a partner • Write down your top 2 roles in order of the numerical value you scored • Find someone who is in your top 2 • Discuss what you think of your role • True? • False? • Common tendencies? • Give examples

Belbin Test • • • Dr Belbin defined a team role as "a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way" and named nine such team roles that underlie team success.

Get into your groups • Sit in a group of 4 people • Discuss instances whether you think you are an action/thinking/people oriented people • What do you think it means to you? • How have you applied these strengths to your teams

Mix it up • Go and talk to someone not in your category • Find out about each other • Discuss how you both could work in a team


Wrong, that is not an excuse for behaviour

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