LDCache - a cache for linked data-driven web applications

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Information about LDCache - a cache for linked data-driven web applications

Published on October 21, 2014

Author: MetaSolutionsAB

Source: slideshare.net


Presentation of LDCache at the Developers Workshop at the International Semantic Web Conference 2014. See http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1268/paper12.pdf for the full paper and http://entrystore.org/ldcache/ for the project's website.

1. LDCache A cache for Linked Data-driven Web applications Developers Workshop at ISWC 2014 2014-10-19 Hannes Ebner, PhD hannes@metasolutions.se metasolutions.se

2. Overview ● Background ● Problem ● Solution ● Usage

3. Background (1/3)

4. Background (2/3)

5. Background (3/3)

6. Problem Nobel Laureate DBpedia Freebase YAGO Nobel Prize VIAF ... Bio2RDF Linked Life Data ...

7. Solution (1/2)

8. Solution (2/2) ● A Linked Data Cache: LDCache ● LDCache solves several problems ○ Reliability issues of third party data sources ○ Streamlining multiple dereferenciation steps ○ RDF format alignment ○ Offloading to a CDN

9. Usage (1/2) ● Java ○ Web container or standalone ● Simple JSON-based configuration ○ Root-resource(s) to start from ○ Predicates to follow ○ The maximum depth for graph traversal ○ Whitelist of destination prefixes ○ Whitelist of literal languages ○ ... ● Only pre-fetched resources are returned ● LDCache is not a caching proxy

10. Usage (2/2) GET http://{ldc-base}/? url=http://data.nobelprize.org/resource/laureate/6& follow=dbp:doctoralStudent,owl:sameAs,dbp:spouse& followDepth=3& includeDestinations=http://dbpedia.org/& format=application/ld+json

11. LDCache License Apache License 2.0 Documentation http://entrystore.org/ldcache/ Source code https://bitbucket.org/metasolutions/ldcache/ Slides http://ebner.se/20141019 Paper http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1268/paper12.pdf Contact hannes@metasolutions.se

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