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Published on February 14, 2008

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LDAC 2004 Seminar:  LDAC 2004 Seminar Prepared By: CADET COOK CADET LINGLE CADET BENFORD CADET SANDERS CADET CANNON Slide2:  CADET CANNON Cadet Creed:  Cadet Creed Agenda:  Agenda What is LDAC? Arrival to the Leader Development and Assessment Course Garrison Life Evaluation Process Army Physical Fitness Test CWST Land Navigation Training Platoon Streamers Squad Situational Tactical Exercises Patrolling Field Life RECONDO Equipment Turn-in and Barracks Cleanup Closing Remarks Questions Slide5:  What is LDAC? Leader Development and Assessment Course “Operation Warrior Forge” It is not NALC; remove it from your vocabulary; it is not a camp 32 day training event Designed to develop and evaluate leadership ability Cadets are placed in a variety of leadership positions All leadership positions are evaluated Over 5,000 cadets and National Guard Officer Candidates attend Cadets must excel at Warrior Forge to be considered competitive for commission as an Army Officer Cadets must bring high levels of physical conditioning, endurance, and stamina to Warrior Forge Regimental Affiliation Program; each regiment is affiliated with an established and honored Army Regiment; adopt the honors, lineage, and heraldry of their respective active regiments; the purpose is to infuse each cadet with regimental esprit de corps and pride Slide6:  Cadets must bring high levels of physical conditioning, endurance, and stamina to Warrior Forge a culmination of 2 to 3 years of preparation on almost a daily basis on campus --it is not an initial entry training environment where they begin that conditioning. NALC ’03 APFT Regimental PT - 6 days Water Safety and CWST training Foot Marches to Training - 3km, 8km, 10km NBC Event Lane Training - 2 events long Hand Grenade Assault Course Field Leadership Reaction Course 6 hrs to cover 12 challenges over 1200 meters Confidence Course Obstacle Course Log Walk / Rope Drop / Slide for Life WARRIOR FORGE ’04 APFT Regimental PT - 8 days scheduled, (doesn’t include TAC sustainment or opportunity physical training) CWST Test Foot Marches to Training - 3km, 8km, 5km, 10km NBC Event Lane Training - 3 events long Hand Grenade Assault Course Field Leadership Reaction Course 6 hrs to cover 12 challenges over 1200 meters Confidence Course Obstacle Course Log Walk / Rope Drop / Slide for Life – Embedded Land Nav practice course What Changed? Slide7:  NALC ’03 Land Navigation Night and Day Courses (18km total) BRM (Day Qualification) Machine Gun Assault Course Audie Murphy Fire Team Assault Course (400m) SQD STX 4 Days of leadership assessment SQD Battledrill execution covering 20km, entering secure platoon TAAs at night to refit/retrain, with reduced sleep PATROL STX 4 Days of training and section-level patrols, 6 patrol missions cover 12-17km total, establishing secure patrol bases at night Regimental Run – 4 Miles @ 9 minute pace What Changed? Slide8:  CADET COOK Slide9:  USM Cadet Report Dates Arrival at LDAC:  Arrival at LDAC Stick to the packing list, you have to carry your baggage (non-essentials will be confiscated) Military Liaison will be available at baggage claim (Follow signs) Carry one set of BDUs in carry-on luggage in case check-in luggage gets lost Be ready to take charge right away Orders/paperwork (multiple copies) Arrive with a positive attitude PX Privileges (Not right away-have enough supplies for the first week) Garrison Life:  Garrison Life Females have own barracks and showers this year Establish SOPs immediately Barracks Maintenance (Bay Area, Latrine, Outside Police Call) Orders Process Change of Command Chow – be on time, do not skip meals, do not leave guidon at DFAC (Post scouts at DFAC) PT Squad Development Buddy Team when moving outside (Double Time!) Garrison Life Cont.:  Garrison Life Cont. Barracks maintenance will be majority of activity during downtime Company command positions require a lot of time and preparation Drill & Ceremony / Cadence Be flexible and understanding - every plan will change at least twice Be a team player Slide13:  Cadet Leadership Evaluation Process:  Evaluation Process Peer Evaluations (x2 midway and end of course) What Company TACs are looking for What Platoon TACs are looking for What STX TACs are looking for What Patrol TACs are looking for Yellow Cards – track every little detail Be prepared for constructive criticism – don’t take things personally Cadet Leader Development:  DAY 32 - GRADUATION HG + HG Assault Course CONFIDENCE TNG +3Km Foot March BRM – Day/NBC/Night FAM + Regt PT x 3 LAND NAV –Night/Day--18Km FIRE SUPPORT/AW +Mad Dog (MG) Assault Course REFIT + EVALUATIONS + Regt PTx 2 PATROL STX – 5Km FM into AO, 4 Days assessed patrols, 10Km FM out. SQUAD STX – 8Km FM, 4 Days assessed Squad Leadership (Battledrills) NBC / ITT – Audie Murphy (Fire Team) Assault Course--400m RAC + Regt PT DAY 1 - INPROCESS APFT FLRC +Regt PT – 6hr/12 events/1200m CWST REGT RUN – 4 Mi Sqd Ldr to Co Cdr (Practice) FLRC Sqd Ldr Garrison Sqd Ldr Garrison PSG/PL or 1SG/XO/Co Cdr SQD STX Sqd Ldr x 2 PATROL STX Sqd Ldr/APL/PL Cadet Leader Development APFT:  APFT First Impression Be in the best shape you can be in prior to camp PT standards (pushup & sit-ups) Run  - Get to front of starting line (you'll run faster on this course) Platoon PT 2003 Results Slide17:  CADET SANDERS CWST :  CWST CWST is a test, not training 25 meter swim in BDUs and tennis shoes 15 meter swim with M-16 in BDUs, tennis shoes, and LBE 3 meter drop blindfolded with M-16 and LBE Equipment removal: enter water and discard M-16 and LBE Land Navigation:  Land Navigation Consists of three portions: Written (20 pts) Day Land Nav (50 pts) Night Land Nav (30 pts) Must pass each test with 70% Passing Land Navigation is a course completion criterion Attack Points work; point to point will not work, thick vegetation Keep track of time; plot all points, develop plan; secure equip. Trust your pace count; double time on roads to CPs/ATK PTs Total points: 100 Training:  Training Field Leadership Reaction Course Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Basic Rifle Marksmanship Individual Hand Grenade Training Audie Murphy Course Confidence Course Automatic Weapons / Indirect Fire Slide21:  Training Calendar Abbreviations Pay attention to the Training Schedule posted in the barracks! Slide22:  DAY 32 - GRADUATION HG + HG Assault Course CONFIDENCE TNG +3Km Foot March BRM – Day/NBC/Night FAM + Regt PT x 3 LAND NAV –Night/Day--18Km FIRE SUPPORT/AW +Mad Dog (MG) Assault Course REFIT + EVALUATIONS + Regt PTx 2 PATROL STX – 5Km FM into AO, 4 Days assessed patrols, 10Km FM out. SQUAD STX – 8Km FM, 4 Days assessed Squad Leadership (Battledrills) NBC / ITT – Audie Murphy (Fire Team) Assault Course--400m RAC + Regt PT DAY 1 - INPROCESS APFT FLRC +Regt PT – 6hr/12 events/1200m INDIVIDUAL SKILLS COLLECTIVE SKILLS CWST Continuous Field Operations REGT RUN – 4 Mi TRAINING CONTINUUM Slide23:  CADET LINGLE FLRC:  FLRC Develop individual leadership skills Promote teamwork within squad Evaluated on ability to solve problem under pressure NBC:  NBC Familiarization with NBC Equipment Learn maintenance and employment of NBC equipment Don and wear NBC gear MOPP-4 Assault Course Experience the gas chamber (Mask Confidence Exercise) Clean protective mask after training BRM:  BRM Zero M-16 Day qualification in Body Armor NBC familiar fire Night familiar fire Qualify on the range (23 out of 40 to pass) Qualification is a course completion criterion Individual Hand Grenade Training:  Individual Hand Grenade Training Identify major types of grenades Characteristics, uses Employ a live hand grenade Timed hand grenade assault course “Are you ready for the BIG BOOM?” Audie Murphy Course:  Audie Murphy Course Individual Tactical Training Individual movement techniques Negotiate demanding obstacle course Confidence Course:  Confidence Course Designed to challenge Physical endurance Personal courage Work both individual and in groups to complete each obstacle Requires upper body strength Must be able to climb a rope and pull yourself on a rope Will get wet! Wooden Beam Walk 17 foot drop Slide for Life Automatic Weapons / Indirect Fire :  Automatic Weapons / Indirect Fire Use M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) Disassemble/Assemble M249 SAW Execute MG course Place steel on target Have fun with it Follow directions and enforce safety Perform duties of a howitzer crew member Practice call for fire in garrison Platoon Streamers:  Platoon Streamers Most Training Events Land Nav Hand Grenade BRM Barracks Maintenance Audie Murphy APFT Confidence Course Automatic weapons Call for Fire Platoon with most streamers gets honor platoon which goes on Camp CER Slide32:  CADET BENFORD Squad STX:  Squad STX Receive two formal evaluations Don’t stress, you’re not expected to know everything about tactics (except for what you were taught and trained) Stay calm; present leadership presence When in charge, take charge Develop SOP’s in Garrison; rehearse, rehearse, rehearse Know battle drills 1-5, and how to properly conduct a recon and an ambush Success starts with a well prepared and briefed SQD OPORD Brief OPORD using your TACSOP!!! Use your Team Leaders Squad STX – Variable Lanes:  Squad STX – Variable Lanes The variable lanes are not hard – use common sense You’ll know who the high-speed cadets in your squad are - make use of them Utilize foreign language speaking cadets Be cordial with the Press/reporters, but do not waste time with them Stay Calm! Patrolling Highlights:  Patrolling Highlights Every cadet will have a graded leadership position Four days of continuous tactical operations Mission/Movement/Follow-On Mission Little sleep AO is rather large…you will be constantly on the move with all of your gear Patrol TACs evaluate PL/APL Platoon TAC NCO and LT evaluate squad leaders Patrolling Specifics:  Patrolling Specifics Two squads are combined to form a section Patrol Leader (PL) Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) Team Leaders Two Patrol TACs PLT TAC NCO and LT Mission Types:  Mission Types Reconnaissance Link up with friendly units Accept the surrender of an enemy/defector Ambush Raid Variable missions Between Missions:  Between Missions Patrol Base Activities Priorities of Work: Establish Security Alert Plans Withdrawal Plans Maintenance Plans Sanitation and Hygiene Plans Mess Plan Water Plan Expect sniper fire and indirect fire Be prepared to relocate your patrol base frequently Field Life:  Field Life No shelter halves: poncho liners & spooning No shower for up to eight days, bring baby wipes Buy insect repellent, mosquito hood (Sleeping) Bring multiple pairs of socks, change them often & use Goldbond RECONDO Badge:  RECONDO Badge Recondo Requirements 270 PT score with at least a 90 in each event Execute all training events (first time go) Combat Water Survival Test Land Navigation BRM Squad STX Leadership Dimensions and the area of Values Successfully complete camp without a performance waiver.  Medical waivers are acceptable. RECONDO: Cadet Badge of Excellence Slide41:  Equipment Turn-In and Barracks Prep Clean all equipment from CIF You will buy lost TA-50 Barracks pre-inspection with TACs and inspector Establish work details for specific areas Be prepared to receive guidance from PLT TACNCO All luggage stacked outside All footlockers stacked in small storage room Floors stripped and waxed; shower drain, remove and clean Must move all bunks to one side to clean, strip, and wax floors Walk in socks and be careful moving bunks to waxed side Remove all name tags from bunks, footlockers, and wall lockers Wipe out wall lockers (inside and top); rinse sponge frequently Must control traffic, not all cadets can work inside, keep them out Do not wax on dirty floor; be careful not to splash wax everywhere Do not expect to receive a first time go by inspector Cadets will depart IAW their travel plans; late departures will help clean the Day Room, Conference Room, and Orderly Room Closing Remarks:  Closing Remarks Be familiar with technical/tactical areas as much as possible Be a team player - Your platoon depends on you as much as you depend on them Be in the best physical shape you can be prior to arriving A positive attitude will play a major role in your success Maximize opportunity training, i.e., Hip Pocket Training Have Fun! Slide43:  Cadet Preparation (Set cadets up for Success) Cadets need to read CC Circular 145-04-2 Break in both pairs of boots Do foot marches as part of PT Wear boots for extended periods Physical Fitness/Stamina goes beyond APFT at camp Over-the-counter drugs allowed at camp Uniform for Accession Photo LDAC 2003 Lessons Learned Cadet Performance Show up in good physical condition Basic fundamentals in map reading and land navigation Learn to trust their compass / pace count Team Player / Positive attitude Slide44:  Questions

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