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Published on March 24, 2014

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Resource: LCU13
Name: George Grey Keynote LCU13
Date: 28-10-2013
Speaker: George Grey

Linaro Connect USA, 2013 From Servers to the Internet of Things George Grey CEO, Linaro

• Vertically integrated • Design and sell x86 chips • 2012 $53Bn Revenue • Large investment in open source • Sells SoC IP, ARM Cores, Graphics • Customers design and sell SoCs • 30+ Cortex-A licensees • 2012 $0.9Bn Revenue • ARM and ARM customers invest in open source • Innovation is faster • Fragmentation needs to be avoided Business Models

Linaro Overview • Linaro is a not for profit software engineering company • Members are ARM SoC vendors and other companies interested in the ARM ecosystem • Rather than each company duplicating open source effort for common software, the cost is shared, and the software is built once • The work is carried out in the open, and the results are extensively tested and then upstreamed into the relevant open source projects – e.g. • Today Linaro has over 200 engineers, about half are employees, half assignees

Linux Kernel Upstreaming • Linux 3.10 first released 30th June • Total patch sets in this kernel release: 13637 • Over 200 companies contributed to this kernel release Source: Linux 3.10 Contributors by company 1 None 1495 (11.1%) 2 Red Hat 1269 (9.4%) 3 Intel 912 (6.8%) 4 Linaro 877 (6.5%) 5 Texas Instruments 765 (5.7%) 6 Unknown 746 (5.5%) 7 Samsung 615 (4.6%) 8 IBM 402 (3.0%) 9 Vision 392 (2.9%) 10 Google 350 (2.6%) Linaro is #3 company contributor

Linux Kernel Upstreaming • Linux 3.12 RC6 • Total patch sets in this kernel release: 10480 • 212 known companies contributed to this kernel release Source: Linux 3.10 Contributors by company 1 Intel 1028 (9.8%) 2 None 964 (9.2%) 3 Linaro 732 (7.0%) 4 Red Hat 707 (6.7%) 5 Unknown 492 (4.7%) 6 Samsung 256 (2.4%) 7 IBM 249 (2.4%) 8 Freescale 245 (2.3%) 9 Renesas 225 (2.1%) 10 Texas Instruments 350 (2.6%) Linaro is #2 company contributor

Data explosion

Industry Disruption • Today – our entire industry is being disrupted • Mobile - Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables • Embedded markets - TV, Cameras, Consumer electronics, Cars • Networking - Routers, Switches, Cloud • Servers - Micro, Hyperscale, HPC • IOT - Huge future impact on cloud, data, analysis • One size no longer fits all • One vendor alone cannot compete • ARM’s business model and partners are key

Meeting the Challenge • Key agents of change: SoCs Open Source Software

A Tour of the Market for ARM SoCs • Servers • Networking Equipment • Automotive • Digital Home • Mobile • Embedded/IoT


Why Consider ARM Servers? Predictions • ARM servers will be lower cost • Throughput/$ and TCO • ARM servers will be more compact • Throughput/space • ARM servers will use less power • Throughput/Watt • Not just CPU cores – due to innovation in SoC integration • There will be more choice in the ARM server space, and software platforms will ensure compatibility

How long will it take? • 2013 • Applications: Storage/Streaming servers, Web server cluster • ARMv7 Cortex-A15, 1.5+GHz, LPAE, higher performance • Applications: memcached, Web server cluster, storage, some database apps • 2014 • ARMv8 64 bit Cortex-A57 cores delivered in SoCs • First 64 bit servers will appear • Software ecosystem will rapidly develop • Applications: Data Center Enterprise Servers, Virtualized platforms • 2015 onwards • ARM servers will be mainstream

Server Software • Linaro is building, validating and optimizing key software enablers for ARMv8 • Work started in 2012 on ARM models • Now running on first hardware • Goal is enabling open source and commercial ISVs to rapidly deploy applications when multinode servers are available from 2014 onwards

Current LEG Members • Group Director: Andrea Gallo

Networking Equipment

Linaro Networking Group • There is an accelerating need for engineering effort for ARM-based networking equipment. Fragmentation and duplication will result unless this effort is coordinated. • Standards for ARM-based network equipment need to be agreed • A scalable model is needed to enable ARM vendors to supply cross-SoC software stacks and tested SDN/NFV platforms

Networking Equipment • Key technical areas • RT Patch set • Virtualization • LTS kernel version for LNG • Big-endian support for legacy code • Data Plane APIs/frameworks

Current LNG Members • Group Director: Raj Murali


Automotive • Fragmented marketplace • Multiple Platforms • Sync (Ford/Microsoft) • Genivi (Linux) • Automotive Grade Linux (Tizen/Linux Foundation) • iOS (Apple) • Android • Long design-in/decision cycles

Automotive • Linaro delivers ROI to members when there is an opportunity to colloborate and share software development costs for mutual benefit • The automotive IVI market remains fragmented and SoC vendors tend to “lock-in” to long term design wins with specific car manufacturers • Linaro could form an automotive group if there was demand from the manufacturers and SoC vendors for engineering common open source software implementations

Digital Home

Digital Home • Content consumption on mobile devices • Seamless link from STB/Gateway to multiple screens • TVs, Tablets, Mobile phones • Secure delivery of premium content • Fragmented ecosystem, especially round Linux • Out of date kernels • Per-SoC media pipelines and frameworks • Per-SoC security

Digital Home • Proposed creation of Linaro Digital Home Group (LHG) • In discussion with 20+ companies • Meeting this week • Thursday 3-5pm in Alameda Meeting Room • Group expected to start work in November/December building on existing project in Linaro working on the Comcast RDK • Group Director: Mark Gregotski

Digital Home • Key Initial Technical Areas • Improved media framework APIs and Infrastructure • Leverage ARM Trustzone and open source TEE for delivery of an open source implementation of the W3C Embedded Media Encryption standard • Leverage LSK to provide a stable modern kernel to enable different Digital Home related distributions for OEMs • RDK, Android, OEM-specific Linux • Deliver tested implementations of key middleware on LSK • GStreamer, Stagefright • ARM/Cablelabs DLNA CVP2 and optimized webkit HTML5


Mobile • Foundation of Linaro efforts and Working Groups • Key focus for Linaro since inception • Kernel consolidation • Graphics and Multimedia • Power Management • Continuing work on 32 bit innovation • Multicore, Advanced GPU • Apple iPhone 5s heralds the 64 bit era for mobile

Android • Linaro has led the way on upstreaming Android functionality into the mainline kernel (John Stultz) • Android now has its own engineering team within Linaro led by Khasim Mohammed • Focus areas • Power management – big.LITTLE and 2/4/8 Multicore • Performance and Optimization opportunities

Android 64 • Android for ARMv8 • Juice Project • 64 bit kernel with existing Android user space • Internal Club/Core member-first project, enabling preparation for mobile 64 bit products • Android 64 • Linaro ready to work on project once code is available from ARM/Google

Other Mobile Platforms • Members determine engagement & priority • Firefox-OS • Ubuntu Mobile • Tizen • Sailfish OS

Mobile SubCommittee • Open to Club and Core members • Focus on mobile roadmap & priorities for Linaro Working Groups and Platform team

Embedded/Internet of Things

Internet of Things • Broad definition • Wireless location beacons • Wearable devices • “Watches” • Google Glass • Healthcare/Biometrics • Home control and monitoring • Power • Heating/Lighting/Sensors • Appliances

Hardware Building Blocks • Cell phone technology • ARM Cortex-A series • Microcontrollers • ARM Cortex R/M Series • Communications • Low power Bluetooth • 6LoWPAN (low bandwidth IPv6 wireless) • Security

Fragmented Software • Embedded Linux/Android • RTOS • No standards, many point solutions • “Free” software from vendors, licensed only to their devices • ARM mbed – CMSIS Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard • Communications • Lightweight/Micro IP • Mesh networks • Security • As standards emerge, open source will be key • Linaro OCTO is preparing white paper and recommendations for members

Hardware • IoT Development • See

Summary • SoCs and Open source software are key to current industry disruptions across multiple segments • Linaro is a key resource and partner for our members, and with their support we expect to continue to grow our team and our software engineering output

Announcements • Security Working Group • WG Lead – Joakim Bech • Linaro has joined HSA and OCP • LMP is being contributed to OCP as an open source project • Andy Green has been instrumental in the development of LMP • LNG will be making announcements tomorrow on dataplane frameworks

Introduction Dong Wei • HP Fellow, UEFI Forum VP (Chief Executive), ACPI SIG Secretary, and Chair of the PCI SIG Firmware Working Group

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