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Information about LAZY BONES HAZY VISION

Published on December 13, 2017

Author: RajaAggarwal789


slide 1: LAZY BONES HAZY VISION Lack of physical activity is making children lethargic somewhere down the line we are all responsible for this coupled with erroneous eating habits. If families schools are not doing enough for physical activity balanced diet the result is “hazy vision” “lazy body” here the word vision connotes aim dreams targets that students must set for themselves. Through electronic media phones television health shows parents are quiet conscience of this malady that is striking at the alarming rate but not enough is being done to keep the situation under control. If both the parents are working they more or less lead stressed lives rather than discouraging they find it convenient to eat out often. Very frequently going out for junk food is considered a reward for the young children. The result is lethargic obese children. Each day it is very important to involve the children in the intensive physical activity. A school in Expressway Noida does this for all the students children just do not enter the classes till they have had vigorous outdoor play in the open area. A child who has woken up in the morning with quick breakfast shower has rushed to school slide 2: without any kind of work out will be a lazy child for rest of the day hence the need to have outdoor play first thing in the morning. It is not a fraction of students who need to exercise to keep their mind- body connection healthy it is 100 need. People shirk away from this vital need by putting forth excuse of “safety concern” not enough facilities in the residential or municipality maintained parks facilities as reasons for no play. Mothers teenagers blame paucity of friends in the vicinity of low physical activity but best nursery school in Noida realize that obese children have very low physical stamina. Hence it is of vital importance to involve them in sports first thing in the morning. No school with global outlook can ignore this enough provision has to be made for the child’s activity. Lack of activities at school or home can cause irreversible damage. We need to create an environment at home school to absorb them in physical activity rather than making couch potatoes. A healthy lifestyle is a base of healthy active lifestyle that can prevent many diseases including blood pressure diabetes other diseases that affect our vital organs. slide 3: Quite a higher percentage is always blaming lack of time as a reason for lack of physical activity. 24 hours give us enough room for everything it is more to do with the “time management”. We have enough time to eat out that too junk food from burgers samosas pakoras to pizzas white flour products with lots of fried snacks coupled with aerated drinks on an average 200 ml of cold drink has 8 to 10 tsp of chemically treated sugar remember obesity laziness effects the children in the two-pronged way physical as well as emotional. Best schools in Noida have taken the multi fold initiative to make children sportier regulate morning assembly with the PT drills. Ensure when you select school it should have good sports equipment trainer sports infrastructure. From the school life children cherish the memories of races they won medals they earned relay races they lost. Let’s become fitter so that our children can emulate our examples move inactive child go out lazy bones. Let’s have the clear vision of Swasth swatch Bharat not hazy vision.

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