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Published on November 26, 2008

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Slide 1: Dr. Pranav Pandya, MD Head – All World Gayatri Pariwar Chancellor- Dev Sanskriti University Laziness and overcoming it by setting goals Rigveda 8/2/18; Atharvaved 20/18/3 : Rigveda 8/2/18; Atharvaved 20/18/3 Ichhanti devaahaa sunvantam Na swapnaaya spruhyanti इच्‍छ‌न्‍ति देवाः सुन्‍वन्‍तं न स्‍वप्‍नाय स्‍पृहयन्‍ति। Yanti pramaadamatandraahaa यन्‍ति प्रमादमतन्‍द्राः।। Lazy people always get sorrow, therefore all of us must be dedicated to work and be industrious Slide 3: Udyamen hi sidhyanti karyani na manorathehai Na hi suptasya Simhasya pravishantihi mukhe mrigaha ©Ug×ðÙ çãU çâhØ¢çÌ ·¤æØüç‡æ Ù ×ÙæðÚU‰æñÑÐ Ù ãUè âé#SØ çâ¢ãUSØ Âýçßàæ¢çÌÑ ×é¹ð ×ë»æÑH Param Poojya Gurudev : Param Poojya Gurudev ¥æÜSØ âð ÕɸU·¤ÚU ¥çÏ·¤ â×èÂßÌèü ¥æñÚU ¥çÏ·¤ ƒææÌ·¤ àæ˜æé ÎêâÚUæ ÙãUè´ ãñU Ð There is no enemy as close and as dangerous to you as laziness Two Demons : Two Demons Alasya (Laziness) and Pramaad (Procrastination) are the two Demons we should be always beware of. Slide 6: Condensed water from steam: Distilled water Distillation of human life: Godhood Understanding the Importance of life Slide 7: (Patrata Ka Vikas) Rain water falls equally on soil and rock. But rock doesn’t support any vegetation whereas soil sustains wide variety of flora and fauna. Prior to coloring any cloth it is necessary to thoroughly clean it. Need for Development of Personality Slide 8: In order to mould metal it has to be melted first. Burning coal if covered with ash neither gives heat nor light. It is necessary to understand and realize inner potential. Need for Development of Personality Slide 9: The body is the temple of GOD, the supreme power. It is imperative to look after its physical, mental and spiritual welfare. Composition of human being : Composition of human being Gross (Sthool Shareer) Outer sheath of the body through which we eat, respire and interact with the world Subtler (Sukshma Shareer) Mind-Brain stuff, through which we think and conceptualize Causal (Karan Shareer) The innermost consciousness through which reflect our emotions and good vibes. Attributes of Three Sheaths : Attributes of Three Sheaths Sthool – Physical Body, Physical Power, Physical Strength. Sukshma – Will Power, Attitude, Enhanced state of mind Karan – Soul Power, Emotions and Power of Inner Self (Inner Strength); Beliefs and values Inner Strength : Inner Strength Sukhsma and Karan (Subtler and Causal) combined together form the basis of ones inner strength Will Power and Soul Power constitute the strands of ones Inner Strength Without Inner Strength, we are merely passive beings working like a machine. Lead a purposeful life : Lead a purposeful life Survival of the fittest is law of nature. Vitality can be inculcated by righteous life style and virtuous deeds. Life has to be in communion with nature. Life is time : Life is time Time is the most precious gift of God We all have limited time in our hand Once slipped through our hand the sand of time is gone for ever. Lost wealth can be recovered, lost vitality can be regained but lost time is lost for ever. Time Management : Time Management We all keep watch with us but how many of us are aware of importance of time – Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya Slide 16: * PLATO CALLED TIME THE IMAGE OF ETERNITY. * IMMANUAL KANT FELT IT HAD NO REAL EXISTENCE OUTSIDE HUMAN MIND. * EINSTEIN DESIGNATED IT AS FOURTH DIMENSION. Importance of Time Slide 17: * ARNOLD BENNET CALLED IT THE INEXPLICABLE RAW MATERIAL OF EVERYTHING. * NAPOLEON SAID ASK ME FOR “ANYTHING BUT TIME.” * FAITH BALDWIN CALLED TIME A DRESS- MAKER SPECIALIZING IN ALTERATIONS. Importance of Time Slide 18: - Spirituality teaches one how to manage his time and utilize it for betterment of oneself and society. - Mahakal symbolizes the deity controlling the time Time management - Samay Sanyam Slide 19: Each morning is new birth and each night successful culmination of purposeful life. (Atmabodh Tatwabodh Sadhna) - Meditation and contemplation on how to utilize our each and every moment of twenty four hour time should be an essential practice Time management - Samay Sanyam Slide 20: Shaping up of Personalities Aaram Haraam Hai – lethargy is unwarranted Slide 21: Shaping up of Personalities It is our moral duty to ward off lethargic tendencies and try to pursue others to do the same. Being industrious certainly pays. 9 jewels to be Great Person … : 9 jewels to be Great Person … Behavioural Traits Intellectual Traits Behavioural Traits : Behavioural Traits Shrmashilta – Industriousness – Due to laziness, carelessness, opulence, etc. 3/4th of human potential remains non-productive. Mitavyayita – Frugality – wastage of energy and resources in pomp and show Behavioural Traits : Behavioural Traits Shishthata – Humility – etiquette is the basis of culture, combination of disrespect for elders and false-ego leads to rudeness in behaviour. Humility is free of cost but everything can be obtained by imbibing it. For a well-mannered person there is no dearth of friends, aides whereas a foul-mouthed person is disliked by even close relatives. Behavioural Traits : Behavioural Traits Suvyavastha – Management of Self – Proper utilization of time, resources, disciplined life, proper care of health, prevention of mess Sahakarita – Cooperation - caring and sharing, Self-centered individuals become lonely, outcaste and ultimately obsolete. Intellectual traits : Intellectual traits Samajhdari – (wisdom, refraining from temptation) Forethought about the outcome of over-indulgence Prudence teach us to have control over –time, resources, & senses Intellectual traits : Intellectual traits Imandaari : (Honesty, true to self) Credibility and trust are earned only by being honest. It pays to be honest. It is easy to be honest and straightforward. Once in a while, falsehood may prevail but for lifelong success the only way is to be honest. Intellectual traits : Intellectual traits Jimmedari : (Responsibility) - Only by being responsible to our physical body, we will be able to achieve sound health. By being responsible to our family and society we will be able to progress and earn trustworthiness. Intellectual traits : Intellectual traits Jimmedari : (Responsibility) - One who is irresponsible is neglected everywhere. Recklessness leads to deterioration of personality. Responsibility leads to development of character. Intellectual traits : Intellectual traits Bahaduri : (Courage) Guts, valour : To fight - temptations To fight – Evil, within and outside To accept Weakness Be a Great Person … : Be a Great Person … Five Behavioural traits and Four Mental qualities – are 9 jewels, Nine treasures, no one can steal, possession of which makes a person truly successful, a boon to the mankind, a great personality

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