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Published on January 21, 2014

Author: chloethomasmediaas



The stages of adding layers into Adobe premiere. I have to produce an opening to a film in which the genre is a Thriller. Enjoy ;D

I have decided to use layers in my opening to create a bigger impact for the audience which also suits the genre of a thriller. The clip below, shows a scene of Alice looking at her hands as there is a guilt shown through her body language. I think this clip can be improved by adding a layer over her hands. This would not only show a new technique in Adobe but it would also add colour into the opening due to the rest being in black and white. Adding colour in only one part of the opening would leave the audience into focusing on her hands and this gives them a denotation into what guilt she has.  

Here are the stages I used to edit layers into a clip: 1. Firstly, I went onto Google images to find a pair of hands from a point of view angle. 2. After this, I opened up Photoshop Elements which would be the tool for layers. I used the crop button to separate each hand, in addition to using the "quick selection" tool.

3. Once the hand was cropped, I refined the edge and outputted it into a new layer and saved the image. 4. This was then repeated with the other hand and inserted into Adobe Premiere, using the "place on top" tab.

5. However, I then had difficulties in placing the image I edited onto the clip as little did I realize that the hand I had in the clip was placed differently to the one I used from Google. So I decided to save a still image of the hand scene and repeat the steps above with this image.

6. I had to get another image of splattered blood of Google, since I needed something to layer over the hand. 7. I repeated similar steps to above and cropped round the hand using the quick selection tool, and this was the outcome.  As you can see, the image below show the new edited hands which fit perfectly onto the image.

Finally, I decreased the opacity to make the image transparent over the clip, this was necessary as the clip had a white background because of its new layer. In addition, I made the image darker so the blood would show up more, as this part of the opening is meant to imply guilt for the audience.   Unfortunately I am unable to show the final outcome as I did this process on my ongoing thriller project which in the next week will be updated onto my blog due to issues with the soundtrack.

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