Layers of the Earth (Application)

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Information about Layers of the Earth (Application)

Published on March 20, 2014

Author: abby_30



Science and Health 6

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On which layer of the earth do we live? Core Crust Mantle Atmosphere

Which layer of the earth lies beneath the crust that composed of solid rocks and hot melted rocks? Plates Mantle Core Crust

Which of the following is the deepest portion of the earth? Lithosphere Crust Mantle Core

What do you call the boundary between crust and mantle? Tectonic plates Mohorovicic Discontinuity Volcanism Gutenberg Discontinuity

It is the topmost solid part of the earth. Outer Core Lithosphere Inner Core Mantle

It is the boundary of the mantle and the core. Volcanism Gutenberg Discontinuity Mohorovicic Discontinuity Tectonic Plates

What is the hottest layer of the Earth? Outer Core Crust Inner Core Mantle

What is the thickest layer of the earth that makes up 80% of its volume? Mantle Inner Core Outer Core Crust

These are the scientists who study the layers of the earth. Chemists Geologists Botanists Zoologists

What is the average temperature of inner core? 500 000 ⁰C 5000 ⁰C 500 ⁰C 50 000 ⁰C


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