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Published on September 18, 2013

Author: tatertot11211



All Layers of the Earth

2nd through 6th Grade

 The Layer of the Earth which WE live on.  The thinnest and first layer of the Earth  Holds Water and is the coldest of all layers

 Also Known as lithosphere  Temperature- 1400- 3000 Celsius  About 1,800 miles deep

 Temperature- 3000 Celsius  Same as the Upper Mantle

 4000-5000 degrees Celsius  The Outer Core is composed of iron and some nickel. There is very few rocks and iron and nickel ore left in the Outer Core because of the Inner Core melting all the metal into liquid magma  The Outer Core is about 2200 km thick. It is the second largest layer and made entirely out of liquid magma.  Because the outer core moves around the inner core, Earth's magnetism is created.

 The Inner Core is about 1250 km thick and is the second smallest layer of the Earth. Although it is one of the smallest, the Inner Core is also the hottest layer.  The Inner Core is a solid ball composed of an element named NiFe. Ni for Nickel and Fe for Ferrum also known as Iron.  The Inner Core is about 5000-6000 degrees Celsius. It melts all metal ores in the Outer Core causing it to turn into liquid magma.

 Hope You learned a lot thanks!!!  Have Fun!

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