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Information about Layering

Published on March 17, 2009

Author: samnang.chhun


Samnang Chhun | MCTS: Windows Applications | myLab(Yoolk)

What Is “Layering”? Pros & Cons Dividing into Layers Layers and Tiers Common Layers in Information System

Is one of the most common techniques that software designers use to break apart a complicated software system. Each layer is a package of software that has a well-defined interface and a few well- known dependencies with other layers. Each layer implements one technical function within the application. E.g. a data access layer is responsible for encapsulating the technical means for accessing a database.

Pros • You can understand a single layer as a coherent whole without knowing much about the other layers. • Separation of concerns among components. • Components should be reusable by multiple applications. • Independent teams should be able to work on parts of the solution. • You minimize dependencies between layers. • Various components of the solution are independently deployed, maintained, and updated, on different time schedules. Cons • Layers encapsulate some, but not all, things well. As a result you sometimes get cascading changes. • Extra layers can harm performance.

Often the two are used as synonyms, but most people see tier as implying a physical separation.

UI / UX Layer: The actual user interface, be it a Windows application or an API set consumed by a developer (Windows, Web, PocketPC, Windows Services, Web Services, etc) Application Layer: The process of coordinating all the other layers to create an application's true functionality, independent of the UI / UX that it is implemented with Business Layer: The real business process being modeled - often called the quot;Domainquot; layer. Services Layer: Interfaces and hooks into external resources, such as hardware dependencies, web services, etc Data Persistence Layer: Often called the Data Access Layer, this object set is responsible for persisting data to the datastore being used in the application (Oracle, SQL Server, XML, etc.) Unit Testing Layer(s): The only layer that spans the process of other layers. Unit Testing and Test Driven Development/Design allow us to ensure that the code works every time, provides easier maintenance, etc.

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