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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: drandrewsommer


The Missing Link for your Health Presented by: Dr. Andy Sommer

U.S HEALTH CARE SYSTEM Most extensive health care system in the world More Doctors Best Medical Schools Best Hospitals Leads the world in technology and research U.S spends more than any country in the world (2.8 trillion dollars last year) on health care. care

What are we getting for 2.8 trillion dollars? Emergency Care Trauma Care Crisis Care When it comes to these types of conditions the U.S Health Care System is the best in the world. But……………………

Crisis Care = 1% of the budget What about the remaining 99%?

According to the World Health Organization, The U.S ranks 79th out of 81 industrialized nations according to its “total health index” index Heart Disease Cancer Diabetes Infectious Disease Autoimmune Conditions Iatrogenic

What has gone wrong? Why are U.S health care costs rising faster than any other country even as our overall health declines? declines

The problem is our “model of health care” in other words our basic beliefs about what health is and what we need to do to achieve it.

• Current belief: Feel fine = “I’m fine!” • As a result... The MAIN objective becomes to eliminate the symptoms • What is the problem with this model and its objective?

There is not a single medical or science textbook or encyclopedia in the world that defines health based on symptoms or how a person feels. HEALTH: a condition of optimum physical, social, mental and spiritual well being - not merely the absence of disease or infirmities'. Dorland's Medical Dictionary HEALTH: the state of being sound in body or mind', and not simply 'freedom from physical disease and pain' Webster's Medical Dictionary

Health = Optimal Function x Innate Intelligence (variable) (constant)

SYMPTOMS AND HEALING • Cough • Sneeze • Fever • Vomiting • Pain • Diarrhea


The U.S is the most medicated country in the world • Americans consume 68% of all of the drugs in the world. • Half of all Americans take at least one prescription drug on a daily basis. • In constant dollars, Americans spent more than $300 billion on prescription drugs last year, up from $104.6 billion in 1999.

The Pharmaceutical Industry is the most profitable industry in the world and therefore directly influences and affects U.S (and global) health care policy • 80% of the average pharmaceutical industry’s budget is used for marketing. • The combined profits for the ten drug companies in the Fortune 500 ($35.9 billion) were more than the profits for all the other 490 businesses combined. ($33.7 billion). New England Journal of Medicine.

Does “Big Business” influence health care policy?

“Every function of the human body is under the control of the nervous system. Its function is to coordinate all the other organs and structures and to relate the individual to their environment”. GRAYS ANATOMY

“To understand health is to understand the central role of the brain and nervous system in maintaining the resistance of the body. Health maintenance is the primary function of the brain, not educational thoughts, language, poetry and other functions usually associated with the brain.” Robert Ornstein, PhD & David Sobel, MD The Healing Brain

“The quality of healing is directly proportional to the functional capability of the central nervous system to send and receive nerve messages.” Journal of Neurological Science

The central nervous system is protected by the hardest bones in the body-the skull and spinal vertebra


SUBLUXATIONS AND NEUROLOGICAL FUNCTION When the Central Nervous System cannot communicate at an optimal level with the rest of the body because of Vertebral Subluxations, the overall function and healing potential are reduced



“Pathological changes have been observed at the cellular level after experimental compression of neural structures. These include Wallerian degeneration, dystrophic axons and occasional loss of myleniated nerve fibers.” R. B. Delamarter, MD Spine

Subluxations, Posture & Health

Homeostasis and nervous system function are ultimately connected with posture.

Abnormal posture is evident in patients with chronic and stressrelated illnesses. illnesses

PURPOSE OF CHIROPRACTIC To detect and correct Vertebral Subluxations by physically adjusting the spine.

THE CHIROPRACTIC LIFESTYLE Your choice to take part in the chiropractic lifestyle is a step in the right direction toward achieving a happier, healthier life for you and your family!

Dr. Andrew Sommer 402.913.0553

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