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Published on December 12, 2013

Author: mcerniglia


Alcohol  In America the drinking age is 21 years old.  After interviewing two high school girls they responded by telling us that they did not like the drinking age. They believed that it should be 18. They said that “if I can serve my country I should be able to drink alcohol.”  In addition the girls told us that they have been to other countries where the drinking age is younger and that it does not seem to have negative affects.  The girls explained that many teenagers do abuse alcohol. There reasons why consisted of pressure of school, peer pressure, emotional problems, and that it is considered “cool”.

Independence  After interviewing two high school girls they responded to the question of how old one should be to live alone by saying that the person should at least be in college or have previously graduated.  The girls also said that they believe many teenagers do not live by themselves, unless they have very severe family problems.

School  After interviewing one high school girl they responded by saying that the consequences of skipping school manly consisted of detentions and teachers not trusting you as much.  In addition the girl believed that one misses a lot of key information when missing class that will be valuable for one to have later in the year.  At our school, we determined, that skipping school is not very common, because many of the students are passionate learners and want to utilize the valuable education they have later in life.  If one fails a grade or class they usually have to take classes during the summer or repeat they grade.

Drugs  After interviewing two high school boys they responded by telling us that the consequences of using illegal drugs consisted of getting caught, being less motivated, and becoming addicted.  The boys explained that many teenagers do abuse illegal drugs.  Marijuana is not legal except for a couple states in America but there are many movements to make it legal.  The age to buy tobacco products, in America, varies from 18 to 21 depending on state.  In addition the two boys told me that it is very common for teenagers to smoke, cigarettes and marijuana, and they believe that what they put into their bodies is their own concern.

Driving  After interviewing three high school girls they explained that the laws in America concerning driving are very fair and good at keeping people safe.  A main law in driving is not to use your cell phone, but this varies from state to state.  The driving age is 16.  The girls agreed that the driving age should be 16 if not older.  They explained that many teenagers do get in most accidents because they lack experience, get distracted, and cannot manage alcohol and drug use as well.

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