Lawn care festus mo proper care and maintenance of your lawns

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Information about Lawn care festus mo proper care and maintenance of your lawns
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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: janehayden12



Lawn care festus mo proper care and maintenance of your lawns

Lawn Care Festus Mo: Proper Care and Maintenance of your Lawns

Spring is almost here and most of the lawn owners are looking forward to the maintenance of their lawns.

After the winter, their lawns will definitely be a bit damaged because of the thick snow and if you want to make sure that your lawns will be as good as new when spring comes, you need some effective tips to help you.

Seeking the services of lawn care Festus Mo is a great idea but if you decided to do it yourself, there are a few advices that you can follow. Here are a few of the tips that you can follow if you want to maintain a healthy lawn while keeping your pocket intact.

Only Water your Plants and Lawn When Needed

If you think that putting a lot of water in your lawn and plants can actually provide you with better results, then you are making a mistake. An average lawn needs about an inch of water every week, whether it will be coming from rainfall or irrigation.

It is important to let the water dry out completely before you water them again. This will let the grass to grow stronger since the roots try to dig deeper into the soil to get water.

You can get the best results if you will water your plants early in the morning where there is less heat and wind. As for the rainfall, measure the amount of rainfall by putting rain gauge outside. If you received a total of one inch of rain in a week, you can skip the watering and save more money on water.

Natural Fertilization

You don’t have to buy commercial fertilizers just to make sure that your lawn is getting the nutrients that it needs. If you are regularly mowing your lawn, just leave the clippings and let it dry out. It will serve as a natural fertilizer since it also contains potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen that most commercial fertilizers have.

Use Items in your House

Instead of buying products to help maintain your loans, try to think of ways on how you can make improvised items. You can find a couple of information about this on the web. It is advisable to consider the services of lawn care Festus Mo, but if you want to save more money, you can do it yourself by improvising.

Always Take Care of your Mower

You have to be very careful in using your mower because it costs a lot. If it happens that your mower suddenly broke down, you will have to spend a lot for the repairs and buying a new one.

It is always suggested that you change the oil, clean the spark plug and change the filters at least once a year. The maintenance of your mowers can help you prevent unnecessary expenses and it will make sure that your lawns are always cleaned.

If you don’t know anything about taking care of your lawns, you can also save time and money by considering the services of Lawn care Festus Mo.

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