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Published on January 17, 2008

Author: Raffaele


Laughing Matter:  Laughing Matter Jim Carry 赵本山 周星 驰 Mr. Bean When there is only one man in the world. (当世界只剩下一个男人) :  When there is only one man in the world. (当世界只剩下一个男人) Slide3:  The last group photo(遗照) Slide4:  Don ‘ t step on me! Wait till I get my hands on you ! ( 别以为我是好惹的!别让我逮到你,有你好受的!) She is good at Chinese Kongfu!( 好强的中国功夫):  She is good at Chinese Kongfu!( 好强的中国功夫) Slide6:  The real hotdog( 正牌热狗) Slide7:  Skimming Best choices ( )1. Why is Dustin Hoffman so famous? A He is famous for his works. B He is famous for his foreign accent. C He is famous for his role acting as a woman. D He is good at playing on words. ( )2. Comedians and players in a comedy are similar in ______. A their way of playing with words. B clothes C cross-dressing way D foreign accent C A Slide8:  ( )3. What does a" sketch"( the 4th Line, 3rd Paragraph ) mean in the text? A a rough, quickly made drawing B general outline C short, humorous play D a piece of writing ( )4. Choose the main idea of each paragraph . a Description of a clown b What' s a crosstalk show c The traditional crosstalk show d Description of comedians e The writers of comedies both at home and abroad. A 1-e;2-a;3-d;4-b;5-c B 1-e;2-d;3-c;4-a;5-b C 1-a;2-e;3-d;4-c;5-b D 1-e;2-a;3-b;4-d;5-c C A Slide9:  5. What is needed if you want to appreciate the jokes of crosstalk? Fluent Chinese is needed, which can help you to catch the meaning of the jokes. 1. Why are some of Shakespeare's comedies not so funny for us? Because we don' t understand the language and word play that Shakespeare used. Listening & Scanning 2. How does a clown make people laugh? They use their clothes, make-up and the way the walk to make people laugh. 3. What does the comedian’s show bring to people? They not only make people laugh but also make them think about life. 4. What is a crosstalk show ? A crosstalk show has two speakers making many jokes and funning conversations. Slide10:  Para1 comedy Role: director Task: techniques to make people laugh group1 goup2 Para2 clowns Role: clowns Task: techniques to make people laugh group3 para3 comedians Role: comedians Task: techniques to make people laugh group4 Para 4&5 Crosstalk Role: crosstalk speakers Task: techniques to make people laugh Discussion: Slide11:  Para 1 Techniques that the comedies often use Cross dressing men & women Stereotypes of nationalities or people Speak with a foreign accent Play on words Slide12:  Para 2 1. Can you describe a clown in your own words? 2. Techniques that the clown often uses Don' t often use words Use their clothes, make – up and the way they walk etc A funny person , usually dressed up in wide clothes and the shoes are over-sized, act alone or with a partner. Their make- up and the way they walk always make people laugh They don' t often use any words. They make people happy and forget their problems. Slide13:  Para 3 Techniques the comedians often use Body language and their face Act out a situation – a sketch Use word play Slide14:  Para 4&5 1.Long history (over 2400 years) 3. techniques Dress up a little or act out small sketches Using rhythm & rhythming words as well as tongue twisters 4. To appreciate the jokes of crosstalk ,you have to be fluent in Chinese. Slide15:  Joke Telling( 笑话大擂台) Slide16:  Laughing is better than medicine .(一笑能治百病) Homework: Page 53 exercise2: work in group and try to design a talk show for the CCTV Laugh and grow fat.(心宽体胖) Laughing a laughter makes you look ten years younger. (笑一笑,十年少)

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