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Published on January 17, 2008

Author: Bertrando


Slide3:  Judge “T” or “F” 1.Comedies are theatre plays that make people cry. ( ) 2.Today,Shakespeare’s plays also make people laugh. ( ) 3.Clowns are only funny for children. ( ) 4.Unlike clowns,comedian’s clothes are usually not very strange. ( ) 5.A crosstalk show has one speaker making many jokes and funny conversations. ( ) F F F T T Slide4:  4.How many forms of humour are mentioned in the text? 2.Why are some of Shakespeare’s comedies not so funny to us? Because the meaning of words in English has changed 3.How long has the tradition of cross-talk existed in China? For more than 2,ooo years Answer the following questions: Four 1.Is Dustin Hoffman a man or a woman? A man Slide5:  Read the text carefully and find the techniques of comedy,clown,comedian and crosstalk show. Slide6:  Four forms of humour comedy clown comedian’s work Chinese crosstalk show What is comedy? techniques cross-dressing;word play;stereotype act alone or as a pair techniques body language;their clothes; don’t use words at all work alone or as a pair techniques body language ;word play; a sketch ;clothes are not strange;don’t use make-up work in pairs and a long history techniques act out small sketches; word play;dress up a little Slide7:  Language points: 1.appear: to start to be seen (vi) -----disappear eg: a.After the rain,the rainbow appeared in the sky. b.He suddenly appeared in front of me. 系动词,意为“似乎,好像,显得” eg:a.She appears so angry that no one dare to speak to her. b.It appears (to be) a true story. 2.amuse: to make someone smile or laugh (v) eg:I told him a funny story in order to amuse him. amused;amusing (adj) /amusement (n) [UC;C] eg: a.I am often amused by/at Zhao Lirong’s sketch. b.I don’t care for amusements. Slide8:  4.make-up [UC] 化妆品;化妆 eg:My sister doesn’t use much make-up. 5.appreciate A. understand and enjoy sth/sb (vt)+n/ving eg:a.I appreciate your generosity. b.You will appreciate him better after reading Jinyong’s novels. B. to feel grateful for sth (vt) eg:I really appreciate what you’ve done for me. 3.roar with laughter/pain/anger 开怀大笑/疼的大叫/怒吼 eg:a.We roared with laughter at his joke. b.The bull is roaring with anger. c.I can appreciate the difficulty you meet. Slide9: back to/date from 追溯到;是……时代开始有的 eg: a.This building dates back to Roman times. b.This custom dates back to the Tang Dynasty 7. at one moment 偶尔 at the moment 此刻 in a moment 立刻 ,马上 for the moment 目前 for a moment 一会儿 the moment(that)=as soon as Slide10:  Choice 1.The clowns often use their clothes,their_____and the way they walk to make people laugh . A.dress up B.make-up C.make-ups D.make up 2.Zhao Benshan’s sketch often makes people_______. A.roared with laugh B.roar with laugh C.roar with laughter roar with laugher 3.It was in the shop____I met your brother the other day. that B.that which D.whose 4.She is ______ at the_______piece of news . A.amuse; amused B.amusing;amused C.amused;amusing D.amusing;amusing Slide11:  5.I often make myself____by____them the funny things. A.laugh;tell B.laughing;saying C.laughed;telling D.laughed;say 6._____it is to have a sports game outside in winter. A.What a fun B.What fun C.How fun D.What funny 7.The time when the____workers could use the steel_______more than 2,500 years ago. A.skilling;dates back to B.skilled; dated back to C.skilled; dates back to D.skilling; dated back to 8.The teacher really_______ my advice. A.appreciating B.appreciates C.grateful D.thankful 9.We had not met for 20 years,but I recognized him______I saw him in the street. A.for the moment the moment C.for a moment D.the moment Slide12:  Homework: Compare Western and Chinese comedy shows. What do they have in common?How are they different? Slide13:  回首页

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