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Published on December 20, 2016

Author: bdp003


1. Latest updates Dec 2016 Dec 19 2016

2. "At a meeting held in the eastern part of the United States on the occasion of his first visit to the USA 1965, a questioner bluntly asked him: "Are you Christ?" In reply Sun Myung Moon raised his hand and pointed to various members of the audience in turn, saying: "and so are you... and you... and you also, if you can accept it." Your life is one of universal significance and I call upon you to share my mission. The purpose of the coming Lord is that some day all shall be like him - like Christ."

3. The beauty in Gods pure nature is there to inspire our 5 inner resurrected Spiritual pure potentials! Have a great Blessed week. Prepared for 2nd, 3rd Gen inspiration by Bengt, Sweden-Finland.

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