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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: LMagee78


Mighty Chiefs Open House: Tylertown High School August 21, 2014 Mighty Chiefs Open House Welcome Parents!: Welcome all parents to the wonderful world of GEOMETRY!!!! Ms. Lateria Magee Contact information: , 228-596-1044 (personal) 601-876-3370 (School) / Welcome Parents! RULES and EXPECTATIONS: Math is a subject that needs to practiced on a consistent basis. Students will have homework at least three (3) times/week. Students should have homework available for inspection at any given moment Students are expected to be neat, respectful, and to follow all school mandated rules. Parents: a homework packet will be sent home for a signature at least twice (2)/ month. Signature is required RULES and EXPECTATIONS Getting to know Ms. Magee: 2014 Belhaven graduate of the Alternate Route Program B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Mississippi State University MBA from William Carey University Employed by Mississippi Power Company for 6.5 years Supervisor at Sanderson Farms for two years Getting to know Ms. Magee Curriculum Goals: Goal: to assist students in developing their math skills in the area of geometry Geometry builds from day 1(one)!!! Parents: a syllabus is available for you take home and to look over at your convenience. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Curriculum Goals Resources: As a teacher I am a resource to the student and the parent. Students should use their book and take concise notes. There will be notebooks checks for every unit that will be a daily grade!! Online materials are also helpful Tutoring is available by appointment. Resources Class Rules: Students are expected to respectful to other students, teachers and principals ALL times!!! Be responsible. Follow directions. Be punctual. Be organized. Be a self-starter. Be prepared. Class Rules School Policies: A school handbook is available for you take home. If you need any further explanation do not hesitate to contact me or the school officials . School Policies Active Parent Participation: Parents are encouraged to participate with any club or school activity I welcome any parent that would like to be a class parent for a day. Schedule with me ahead of time . Parents are also welcome to donate any school supplies: -copy paper -pencils -notebook paper -hand sanitizier , etc. Active Parent Participation Questions?: Questions?

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