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Information about Latch installation guide for Joomla

Published on February 5, 2014

Author: elevenpaths



Detailed Latch installation guide for Joomla. Step by step installation guide with figures and explanations for Joomla administrators.

Latch plugin installation in Joomla Latch plugin installation in Joomla Prerequisites   Joomla version 2.5 or later. Curl extensions active in PHP (uncomment "extension=php_curl.dll" or "" in Windows or Linux php.ini respectively. Getting the module for the integration Getting “Application ID” and “Secret” To get the “Application ID” and “Secret”, (fundamental values for integrating Latch in any application), it’s necessary to register a developer account in Latch's website: On the upper right side, click on “Developer area”. Figure 01: “Developer area” in Latch webpage. In the login page, access to “Create an account” link and, in next screen, select “Create a new developer account”, a form will appear where you can fill up the required data. Mandatory fields are name, e-mail and password. Figure 02: Sign in form for developers. Page 1 of 8

Latch plugin installation in Joomla Once completed, an email will be sent, with an activation code to activate the brand new account. Figure 03: Form to fill up with activation code. When the account is activated, the user will be able to create applications with Latch and access to developer documentation, including existing SDKs and plugins. The user has to access again to “Developer area” (, and browse his applications from “My applications” section in the side menu. Figure 04: “My applications” section with user's configured applications. Pressing “Add a new application”, the developer may introduce the chosen name to be shown on the mobile app. Figure 05: Creating and application. The name will be shown on the mobile app. Page 2 of 8

Latch plugin installation in Joomla When creating an application, two fundamental fields are shown: “Application ID” and “Secret”, keep these for later use. There are some additional parameters to be chosen, as the application icon (that will be shown in Latch) and whether the application will support OTP (One Time Password) or not. Save the changes and the new application will be shown in the user's application list. The developer may edit them at any time. Figure 06: Created application. It may be edited again at any moment. Download and install Joomla plugin From the side menu in developers area, the user can access the “Documentation & SDKs” section. Inside it, there is a “SDKs and Plugins” menu. Links to different SDKs in different programming languages and plugins developed so far, are shown. Figure 07: Examples of SDKs and plugins available. From “Plugins” section, the “Joomla” button will redirect the user to the GitHub repository with the plugin’s source code. On the downright section, “Download ZIP” will download the source code. Page 3 of 8

Latch plugin installation in Joomla Figure 08: Downloading Joomla plugin from GitHub. The user will need to extract the downloaded ZIP (“”) to install it as a plugin. Installing the module in Joomla Once the administrator has downloaded the plugin, it has to be added as a module in its administration panel in Joomla. Click on “Extensions Manager”, inside “Extensions”. It will show a form where you can browse and select previously downloaded ZIP file. Press "Upload & Install" to install it. Figure 09: “Extension Manager” from Joomla administration panel. Page 4 of 8

Latch plugin installation in Joomla Configuring the installed module After installation, administrator should go to “Plugin Manager” and search for “Latch” to configure it. Figure 10: Searching for Latch plugin in “Plugin Manager”. Once found, it is time to introduce “Application ID” and “Secret” previously generated when the module was created (see figure 05). The administrator can now save the changes clicking on “Save” or “Save & Close”. If everything is ok, a confirmation message will be received. Figure 11: Introducing “Application ID” and “Application Secret”. Figure 12: Plugin successfully installed. Latch is ready to be used by users. Page 5 of 8

Latch plugin installation in Joomla Next step is to configure Latch into available modules. Click on “Module Manager: Modules”, on the left side of the administrator's panel. Figure 13: Installed modules and its locations. To change the position it is necessary to edit the module, clicking on it. A new window will be opened and the location may be set. It will depend on the theme used in Joomla. The higher the module is placed, the more accessible for users. Figure 14: Setting module location. Once the plugin is configured and positioned, it will be shown for every user that logs in. Next figure shows how a Joomla site will look like, with any other content but a Latch plugin. The plugin is placed on top of the page, just as the administrator configured it on previous step. Page 6 of 8

Latch plugin installation in Joomla Figure 15: How the plugin would finally look like. Page 7 of 8

Latch plugin installation in Joomla Legal Notice The information disclosed in this document is the property of Telefónica Digital Identity & Privacy, S.L.U. (“TDI&P”) and/or any other entity within Telefónica Group and/or its licensors. TDI&P and/or any Telefonica Group entity or TDI&P’S licensors reserve all patent, copyright and other proprietary rights to this document, including all design, manufacturing, reproduction, use and sales rights thereto, except to the extent said rights are expressly granted to others. The information is this document is subject to change at any time, without notice. Neither the whole nor any part of the information contained herein may be copied, distributed, adapted or reproduced in any material form except with the prior written consent of TDI&P. This document is intended only to assist the reader in the use of the product or service described in the document. In consideration of receipt of this document, the recipient agrees to use such information for its own use and not for other use. TDI&P shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out from the use of the any information in this document or any error or omission in such information or any incorrect use of the product or service. The use of the product or service described in this document are regulated in accordance with the terms and conditions accepted by the reader. TDI&P and its trademarks (or any other trademarks owned by Telefonica Group) are registered service marks. All rights reserved. Page 8 of 8

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