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Published on June 19, 2018

Author: galametal


slide 1: Need for keeping your carpet clean Golden Leaf UAE slide 2: Why carpet cleaning is important ● Without proper cleaning carpets quickly lose its beauty in due time ● Dirt remains in the deepest fiber of materials and caring for your carpet is an important thing slide 3: Reasons to Keep Your Carpets Clean ● Increased life ● Removes spots and stains ● Improves air quality ● Eliminates bacteria mites allergens etc. ● Enhances appearance slide 4: Increased life ● Regular carpet cleaning is essential to get full use out of your carpet by increasing its life. slide 5: Removes spots and stains ● Removal of spots and stains protects from carpets from permanent damage or soiling slide 6: Improves air quality ● Regular cleaning will maintain good air quality in the room and protect your health. slide 7: Eliminates bacteria mites allergens etc ● Cleaning your carpets can eliminate bacteria mites and allergens that are harmful to the office environment slide 8: Enhances appearance ● Cleaning your carpets enhances their appearance. slide 9: ● Professional carpet cleaners can treat the toughest stains while protecting your floor underneath ● Golden leaf pest control and cleaning provides best carpet cleaning in Abu Dhabi slide 10: Golden Leaf UAE Address: International City Dubai United Arab Emirates Call: +971 4 4213 895 Visit: Email:

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