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Published on November 20, 2013

Author: ddeubel



An attractive powerpoint of language chunks. Get the ppt you can edit here -

Language In Use I just can’t Believe my ears! I totally agree with you. If I were him, Just between you and me …. Never in a million years … I’d …. 1

You’re very welcome No – Thank YOU • No Problem My pleasure • Don’t mention it Forget it! • No worries • Anytime Glad I could help • It was nothing Not at all • By all means That’s ok • Just doing my job Saying, “You’re welcome”.

Nope • No way • Over my dead body • Can’t do it • Next time Never, ever • I’m busy • Certainly not • By no means • Not really Get out of here • Hardly • Of course not • Not likely • On no account Do pigs fly? • Nah • Not in a million years • Sorry • Impossible • What? It’s not on the cards • Read my lips – NO • I refuse • Not possible • Huh? No way Jose • I’d love to but … • Negative • No sir • No sirree • Afraid Not Shut up • Actually … • No chance • Not on your life • In a word, No • Count me out • Not a chance in hell • Not on your nelly • Come again? Hell no • Not me • When hell freezes over • You got to be kidding? • Uh? Come again? • Are you serious? • Do I look stupid? • Forget it • Do I look like I was born yesterday? • I’d rather … • Not really Sometimes you have to say NO

Me too! You bet • Yes, indeed • Sure thing I concur • Agreed • I think so • That makes sense • Sure Okidokee • Same here • Good point • I agree • So true • Right Good idea • I’m with you • I completely agree • Absolutely I’m not surprised • I knew it • Just what I always thought Doesn’t surprise me • Amen • That gets my vote • For sure Can’t argue with that • Gotcha • Right on! • That’s true Don’t doubt it • Sounds good • Exactly • Alrighty • Yep Ways to express agreement

I haven’t a clue • Beats me Couldn’t tell you • I’m afraid I don’t know You’ll have to ask someone else • Dunno It’s slipped my mind • I’m clueless • Google it I’ve forgotten • That’s beyond me • I’m not sure I’m drawing a blank • God knows • Wish I knew Don’t ask me • Do I look like a dictionary? I don’t know….

Sorry I apologize • Please forgive me • I’m such a jerk So sorry • I take that back • Pardon me • My fault Don’t be mad at me • How stupid of me • I was wrong I shouldn’t have …. • I’m an idiot • I’m terribly sorry Please accept my apology • I never intended to …. There is no excuse for my behavior • I was mistaken I take all the blame • Please excuse my …. • Silly me! I messed up • ItI’m so very, very sorry ….. I was in the was inexcusable • wrong

Why don’t you ..? Why not • ……? If I were you I’d …… always … What about …. ing …..? should …. • You could • You Have you thought about …? would …… • I Giving How about ….? • Would it be possible to ….? Advice

BE POSITIVE! OK • Great • Wow • Fine • Perfect • Excellent • Wonderful • Fantastic Superb • Super • Tremendous • Marvellous • Clever • Terrific • That’s It Good job • Not bad • Good for you • Good going • That’s better • You rock Nice going • I like that • Right on • Much better • Congrats • Keep trying That’s great • Best ever • Good thinking • Nice • Sweet • Cool • Amazing Way to go • You learn fast • You got it • First class work • Two thumbs up 5 stars • Big improvement • You did it • Better than ever • You got it • Yeah You did well • You outdid yourself • Well done • Bravo • Picture perfect Keep it up • You made my day • Couldn’t have done better • Wicked That’s the way • Don’t stop now • It’s coming along nicely • High five OMG • Out of this world • Stellar • Without equal • Don’t stop now • Yes! You did it • You really went to town • Unbelievable • First class • Impeccable

Yuck! • disgusting • horrible • terrible That sucks • foul • revolting • ghastly unbelievable • insane • gross • yucky odious • god-awful • sick • egregious appalling • unsavory • Saying you don’t vile • like something nauseating nasty • monstrous • awful • horrid • bad

cute sexy • pretty • gorgeous • lovely foxy • exquisite • appealing • becoming • alluring • sweet bootylicious • dazzling • charming • divine • godly • doll fetching • fair • easy on the eyes • drop-dead gorgeous glamorous • eye-catching • a perfect 10 • ravishing • hot sublime • riveting • a knock out • stunning • smoking hot seductive • a traffic stopper • striking • sensuous • nice transfixing • magnetic • a head turner • eye-candy Saying something’s BEAUTIFUL


Who cares Big Deal I don’t give a damn I couldn’t care less Bullshit LOL Get lost! Go to hell Whatever! Get a life OMG Get real I don’t give a shit Take a hike WTF Shiiiit What!? What an a-hole I don’t give a piss Shut your face! God damn you Go jump off a cliff That’s really screwed up What a jerk off Blow me That don’t mean jack shit That’s BS What a loser What a bastard Buttocks Damn What a pussy Pussy Ass Bloody hell Holy Crap Shit face Dumb twat Scumbag Douchebag Prick Jack ass Go to hell What the Fxxx F-you! That’s messed up God damn Eat shit and die Eat me What a goof That’s sick Crap Old fart Schmuck That’s retarded Shitty Bloody hell Lardass Arse Idiot Redneck STRONG LANGUAGE Use With Caution

See you • Bye – bye Ciao • I’m out of here! • Later Gotta go • Cheers • Adios • Over and out Good-bye • So long • Until next time • See ya Peace • Cheerio • Arrivederci • Tallyho • Ta ta • Yo See you later, alligator • Bon Voyage • Take care Farewell • Until we meet again • Hasta la vista baby! Have a good day • Talk to you later • See you then • I’m out Tootaloo • Sayonara • Catch you later • Have a good one Ciao, ciao • All right then • Have a good day • Later gator See you next …. • Adieu • Take it easy • G’day • Enjoy See you around • Nice to see you again • Ciao for now Gotta get going • I’m off • Bye for now That’s all folks • I’m outta here Ways To Say Goodbye

Consider purchasing I just can’t I totally agree with you. Believe my ears! Get TALKing If I were him, Just between you and me …. I’d …. Never in a million years … A book and presentation with all the essential language chunks

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