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Information about LANGUAGE AT MEETINGS

Published on December 3, 2008

Author: eoimarisa


MEETINGS : MEETINGS Mª Luisa de Dios Perrino EOI Valencia, Spain Slide 2: MEETINGS CAN BE: Formal/informal Internal/external NECESSARY ELEMENTS FOR A MEETING: All protagonists take active part Agenda/minute Objective/point Chair Feedback Closing Taking part in meetings : Taking part in meetings Giving opinions: I think In my opinion Interrupting Hold on Could I just say… Sorry, but.. Asking for opinions How do you feel about? What do you think? What’s your opinion? Slide 4: SOFTENING STRONG DISAGREEMENT Frankly, To be quite frank To put it bluntly To be honest With respect AGREEING: I completely agree I agree entirely with your point of view I think we are in agreement on that I think you’re right I think we can accept your position on that PARTIAL AGREEMENT By and large I would accept your views I agree in principle, but Although I agree with most of … I agree with you on the whole, but Slide 5: Making suggestions I think we should… How about…? Why don’t we…? Rejecting suggestions I don’t think it’s a good idea I’m not keen on it Asking for clarification Could you explain..? I’m afraid I don’t quite follow you there… Managing meetings : Managing meetings Greetings/openings (thank you for coming …) Small talk Starting We’re here today to.. The main objective of today’s meeting is to.. Ok, let’s get down to business Right, can we start, please? Asking for reactions How do you feel about? What do you think? Dealing with interruptions Could you let her finish, please? Could you just hang on a moment, please? Slide 7: Keeping to the point I’m sure that’s relevant Perhaps we cold get back to the point Let’s leave that aside for the moment Speeding up I think we should move on now Can we come back to that? Slowing down Hold on, we need to look at this in more detail I think we should discuss this a bit more Summarising Ok, let’s go over what we’ve agreed. Right, to sum up then…

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