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Published on February 19, 2008

Author: Elodie


Avoiding Disruption to Gain Corporate Market Share:  Avoiding Disruption to Gain Corporate Market Share Barbara H. Lange Director, Product Line Management and Business Development NFAIS 2007 Slide2:  How an increasing computer-literate user community impacts IEEE’s businesses What IEEE is doing to create change Challenges along the way What worked and what would be done differently Predictions? Briefly, Who is IEEE:  Briefly, Who is IEEE A not-for-profit society World’s largest technical membership association with over 365,000 members in 154 countries Four core areas of activity Publishing Conferences Standards Membership IEEE’s Mission is to Promote Engineering:  IEEE’s Mission is to Promote Engineering IEEE promotes the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge about electro and information technologies and sciences for the benefit of humanity and the profession IEEE Publishes in Many Areas of Technology:  IEEE Publishes in Many Areas of Technology Antennas Biomedical Engineering Computing Electrical Engineering Industrial Engineering Nanotechnology Nuclear Science Power Remote Sensing Aerospace Circuits Communications Energy Information Technology Optics Radiology Security Software Transportation Wireless Creating an Evolving Product Portfolio:  Creating an Evolving Product Portfolio Like many scholarly publishers, IEEE base is in academia Create a product portfolio that meets different market needs Focus on the corporate sector IEEE Enterprise Conference proceedings IEEE Standards Continuing education products We Know Corporations Use IEEE Content:  We Know Corporations Use IEEE Content Citations to original content by the top 25 patenting companies in US patent filings. Citations Show Value of Conference Content:  Citations Show Value of Conference Content Differentiating Between Academic and Corporate Market:  Differentiating Between Academic and Corporate Market Conducted Research to Understand How Technologists Work:  Conducted Research to Understand How Technologists Work Two simultaneous studies Virtual focus groups Shadowing technologists with Univ of Tennessee, Carol Tenopir Focus on the young technologists Practicing engineers Where Young Professionals Work :  Edward from New Zealand works for a communications company in R&D. Edward’s “work cell” and his “integration cell” Where Young Professionals Work Where Young Professionals Work :  Where Young Professionals Work Sathyanarayan’s “work cubicle” in Bangalore, India. He works for a DSP systems and software company designing ASIC for satellite television demodulations. Where Young Professionals Work :  Leung’s “untidy office.” He works at a Hong Kong construction site as a system control engineer. Where Young Professionals Work Gathering, Using and Organizing Information With Little Time:  Gathering, Using and Organizing Information With Little Time Strong preference and pride for do-it-myself information searching All information searches start at Google Some subscribe to IEEE publications, but rarely have time to read them Cost is a major consideration in selecting information—and free information from the Internet is almost always preferred Struggle to maintain and organize information needed for work and interest Information sharing continues to take place in meetings or through peer-to-peer communications with colleagues IEEE is Beginning to Penetrate the Corporate Sector:  IEEE is Beginning to Penetrate the Corporate Sector 8 of top 10 Aerospace companies 10 of top 10 Semiconductor companies Top 3 Telecommunications companies Top 3 Automotive companies 6 out of top 7 Computer companies #1 company in Computer Software company 8 of top 10 Networking companies Japan’s “Big Five” Electronics companies Source: Fortune magazine, Top 1,000 Companies Worldwide 2006 Creating Change by Creating New Product Models:  Creating Change by Creating New Product Models Technology Layer: IEEE Xplore Platform Journals Magazines Conference Proceedings Standards ExpertNow Tutorials Periodicals Package Conference Package Standards Packages IEEE/IET Electronic Library Draft Standards Product Portfolio is Flexible to Match Market Needs:  Product Portfolio is Flexible to Match Market Needs How IEEE Enterprise Captured the Corporate Sector:  How IEEE Enterprise Captured the Corporate Sector Researched the needs of the corporate sector Focus on small to midsized companies From consultancies to larger organizations Developed product with three levels 350 documents for $4,995 800 documents for $9,995 1750 documents for $17,500 Open-ended subscription, no time limit Soft launch in July 2004 Tested new sales channel SEM promotion and sale E-file cabinet, allows users to download favorite documents. Can be shared among users at customer. Early Results Showed Modifications Required:  Early Results Showed Modifications Required Added time limit to subscription First to two-year term Now annual subscription Added cap to total number of downloads allowed 10,000 documents Added new focused product for niche sector Released IEEE Enterprise for Power and Energy in May 2006 Testing for future niche products Enterprise Opens Corporate Market:  Enterprise Opens Corporate Market Since launch, IEEE Enterprise generated over 200 new corporate customers Semiconductors Research Telecommunications equipment Telecommunications services Computer hardware Upsell opportunity to larger packages Larger Enterprise packages IEEE/IET Electronic Library IEEE Enterprise Power and Energy generated 10 new corporate clients Little additional investment Conference Proceedings Create Change:  Conference Proceedings Create Change IEEE participates in over 600 annual conferences Represents about 2/3 of database Nearly 50% of usage All are available in IEEE Xplore Available as part of various subscription packages As users find conference materials online, more interest Attendance at future conference events Indexing conference content in A&I databases Citations Show Value of Conference Content:  Citations Show Value of Conference Content Citations shown by content type. Conferences represent about 1/3 of total IEEE patent citations. Challenges of Conference Proceedings:  Challenges of Conference Proceedings No consistent naming conventions No consistent metadata formats Unlike periodicals No common publishing program Somewhat decentralized, managed by conference organizers No impact factor measurements Limited A&I indexing Beginning to push conferences for coverage in indexing services Heavy interest by corporate users Latest technological research reported In some disciplines, conferences deemed more important than publishing in journals Renewed Focus on Conference Proceedings:  Renewed Focus on Conference Proceedings Working with A&I services to include conference proceedings Developing method for citation measurement Developing consistent metadata for conference literature Including presenters’ slides, in addition to the papers presented Other Challenges for Corporate Market:  Other Challenges for Corporate Market Continuing education training Introducing IEEE ExpertNow tutorials 1 hour courses, self-paced Online training modules for engineers Designed by experts in the field Designed for engineers entering a new field of study Aerospace; Artificial Intelligence; Circuits & Devices; Communications; Computer Engineering / Networking; Instrumentation & Measurement; Lasers & Optics; Management; Manufacturing; Power; Professional Development; Reliability; and Signal Processing What is Expert Now IEEE?:  What is Expert Now IEEE? Growing collection of over 50 online courses in the latest technologies Convenient way to Increase overall knowledge beyond specialty and keep up as technologies converge Easy to use and quick to learn – just an hour to complete a course Convenient desktop access 24/7, learn at your own pace Quality content from leading experts Earn CEUs for maintaining professional certifications Saves time and money– no need to travel Dynamic interface with audio, animations, and engaging graphics Based on the best tutorials and short courses offered at IEEE Conferences Conference Tutorials Create ExpertNow:  Conference Tutorials Create ExpertNow Slide28:  Expert Now Tutorial Flexible Models for ExpertNow:  Flexible Models for ExpertNow Available for individual purchase by IEEE members Available as a package for institutional customers Focus on corporate sector Subscription to all courses for specific number of simultaneous users IEEE Continues to Learn and Adjust:  IEEE Continues to Learn and Adjust IEEE Xplore review underway Design for the practitioner Better navigation, easier to find information Better search tools Make the Content Easier to Find and Work With Working with search engines to improve rankings Push content through search alerts R&D to deconstruct the article (navigate to formulas & tables, references) Effort to Add More Applied Content Considering links to application notes Draft standards in IEEE Xplore More information related to standards Develop E-learning Resource – Expert Now IEEE What Does the Future Hold:  What Does the Future Hold Massaging products to fit market Academia want comprehensive collections Corporates want just in time flexibility Adding services to content Developing new business models For More Information:  For More Information Barbara H. Lange +1 732 562 5390

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