Lang~Loops: What's up?-News Announcement 1.0

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Information about Lang~Loops: What's up?-News Announcement 1.0

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: Lang-Looper



• American Accent & Speech Rhythm development with Language~Loops.
• Utilize the most simple approach to developing better speech and pronunciation skills. Simple Repetition.
• Language~Loops is a fast growing program. Please Join us to Kick Start YOUR English today!

yone! Ever H ey "What's Up? ~ News Updates" Quick Updates & Cool New Stuff from Lang~Loops This is a special release, introducing some of our new graphics & content style. Minute? Gaw˛duh Yuh Let's Check it Out! 1

WHAT? ew from hat's n Q: W Loops? Lang~ A: Wow!~We have a lot of new stuff in the works for you. • Let's Take a Look~ • This is the biggest Lang~Loops "What's Up? ~ Update" we've had. • There's just so much new cool stuff developing for you. • We've broken the whole update post into shor t slides, so you can check it all out as you have time. • We really want you to have a good experience perfecting your English. • To star t, you're now looking at our new Q & A presentation style. asy, Huh? E All rights reser ved © 2014 Language~Loops 2

OW? H e look? ew s t y l s the n ow d o e Q: H A: You're lookin´ at it right now. Let's read on~ Let's break it down~ • Now we have a cool & colorful graphic layout for an easier, more interesting reading experience. • Notice that each slide is in a Question & Answer format, also called Q & A for short. • Most Language~Loops lessons & courses are centered around Conversational Question Patterns. • In our lessons we highlight one main Question Word, using it in useful everyday question patterns. • These article slides use this same color coding for the question words as the lesson modules. • We're now integrating our lesson style with all our published content for easier, faster reading. 3

uld? Co details? ore new a f ew m we see : Could Q A: Heck Yeah!~ So glad you asked. Let's look closer~ • At Lang~Loops we want to present English in ways to help you learn faster & easier. • We think, it's actually simplicity that helps us all learn, instead of lot's of overwhelming information. • To keep things simple, we star t with an essential conversation skill, Question & Answer patterns. • Next, you can see here, that our writing is short, single line sentences, with lots of visual space. • We want your reading experience to be easier and to help you see essential grammar. • We use different colors with every Question Word to help you find your favorites. 4

WHY? rlined? bs unde e the Ver Why ar Q: A: Verbs are the heart of every English phrase. Here's what we mean~ • English is just full of all kinds of different Verb Patterns. • Some verb patterns can be a little confusing for some people. • This can make remembering certain English grammar patterns a challenge for many learners. • At Lang~Loops we think that it's easier to understand English by showing consistent patterns. • Simple question patterns are the easiest to remember & use right away in conversation. • Of course we need to understand grammar, but not too much, too complicated, too soon. 5

IS? ow u s ? ew t o s h g else n e anythin : Is ther Q A: Heck Yeah!~ So glad you asked. Are yuh ready?~ • And now, the coolest New feature for You! • The central principle of Speech Rhythm & Accent is learning through Sound and Real Speech. • So, now our shor t ar ticles & learning tips will be available as recorded narrations! • Each audio ar ticle will have transcripts of the narration, so you can see real speech in action. • You'll be able to download both the mp3 and the PDF, for you to keep or share with friends. 6

ARE? at's it? sure th Are you Q: A: Hey, I saved the best for last. Yer´ going to love this~ • One more awesome thing to share with you! • Get ready for our NEW narrated Lesson Break~Downs! • This will be a really great addition to our normal courses and lessons for you. • We'll work together as you listen to key details breaking-down selected lessons. • You'll also be able to ask direct questions on SoundCloud and get personal feedback. • Like these audio ar ticles, you can download the mp3, transcript and PDF. All rights reser ved © Wow! 2014 Language~Loops 7

HEN? W e about see mor can we Downs? hen Q: W B re a k ~ wesome those a A: Our next SlideShare release will show you everything. Hope to see you next time~ • The first Break~Downs are being recorded and will be available soon on the web site. • If you liked our latest Joking & Kidding Mini~Course then you're in luck. • The Joking & Kidding course is the first Break~Down series. • Samples will be available for everyone, • But you'll have to grab a Free Membership to get everything. ol, Huh? Co • We hope you'll sign up to get all you can from Lang~Loops. All rights reser ved © 2014 Language~Loops 8

DO? e more nt to se you wa Q: Do oops? Lang~L from A: Heck Yeah, Where's all the good stuff? Ya gotta get this stuff~ • Language~Loops is growing fast. • We really want you to discover what you need to kick start your English. • We also want to be there helping you with your English experience. • Lang~Loops creates & promotes a variety of English content for you to explore. • Follow us where you use the web & take advantage of our Q & A feedback on SoundCloud. 9

sk Me~ Hey! A Cloud. n Sound o ~Loops ang Coach. A with L l Accent Persona EW~Q & r N s to You p uestion , T. Shar kQ ~As ~Looper Lang Q: A: h!~ Yea Yer' So Cool ! Get the most from Your speech practice 10

Here! w Us Follo Lang~Loops SlideShare Library @ 11

here! w Us T Follo Lang~Loops SoundCloud Audio Librar y @ 12

ind Us F here! ve r y w E Share Lang~Loops with your favorite. 13

Get coo l stuff sent to yo u ! Get Your Email Subscription Today! Stay . . In The . Loop @ 14

king- out c s for che Thank e~Loops Languag American~Accent~Training • Do you know others learning English? • Enjoy & Share our growing collection here on SlideShare. READY? SET~ GO! • Browse our audio library & follow us at Sound Cloud / LangLooper. • Get your free Lang~Loops membership at today. ya later! Catch All rights reser ved © 2014 Language~Loops 15

Bye~ All rights reser ved © 2014 Language~Loops

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