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Published on July 16, 2009

Author: geosyn



A short slideshow about erosion control of the slopes. Green slopes and landscaping

Geosynthetic mats in Landscaping and erosion control Page 1 of 11 Landscaping and Erosion Control

What is erosion? Erosion is the removal of solids (sediment, soil, rock and other particles) in the natural environment. It usually occurs due to transport by wind, water, or ice; by down-slope creep of soil and other material under the force of gravity Page 2 of 11 Landscaping and Erosion Control

Erosion – the problem The problem The solution Page 3 of 11 Landscaping and Erosion Control

Why erosion control? 2 reasons 1. during the erosion process soil particles are transported, resulting in the gradual deformation and destruction of slopes, banks, shores, rivers bottoms, etc. 2. elsewhere, erosion causes undesirable sedimentation on agricultural land and roads, in rivers and drainage systems, etc. Page 4 of 11 Landscaping and Erosion Control

How can we control erosion? • Existing slopes: – prevent removal of the vegetation – in case of new slopes protect the fertile surface layer by means of: • coarse, less erodible surface • flatter slopes / terraces • surface cover with concrete, stones, plastic sheets • temporary plastic sheets over surface in rain season • geosynthetic mats • biodegradable mats • In case of slopes of ditches/channels: – revetment structure – concrete blocks – heavy stones Page 5 of 11 Landscaping and Erosion Control

What is a geosynthetic mat? Geosynthetics mat is a three dimensional erosion control matting, made of Polyamide monofilaments welded together where they cross, with an open space of over 95%. For example : Enkamat® Page 6 of 11 Landscaping and Erosion Control

How does geosynthetic mat function? Geosynthetic mat helps nature to establish a natural, vegetation cover, as it : • acts as an artificial root-system • holds soil particles and seeds • reduces water and wind velocities • creates a micro-climate and favours germination of seeds and growth • reinforces the vegetation cover in the root-zone Page 7 of 11 Landscaping and Erosion Control

Fields of application • erosion prevention for embankments and slopes • protection of riverbanks against erosion • support of vegetation on steep slopes and geomembranes Page 8 of 11 Landscaping and Erosion Control

Geosynthetic mats - types There are a lot of types in the market for different applications. • flatback, open mat • reinforced with a woven fabric • factory filled with bitumen-bound stone chippings Ask you landscaping architect, designer or supplier to decide the suitable type for your area and type of application Page 9 of 11 Landscaping and Erosion Control

Installation of a geosynthetics mat - Enkamat 1 2 3 300 200 lay secure overlaps 200 excavate 4 5 6 intermediate pinning seed topsoil fill Page 10 of 11 Landscaping and Erosion Control

The technical data and information set forth in this slideshow reflect our best knowledge at the time of issue. The slideshow is subject to changes pursuant to new developments and findings, and a similar reservation applies to the properties of the products described. We do not undertake any liability for results by usage of these products and information. We do not take any responsibilities. This slideshow is only for general information. Please check your local conditions, soil, climate, plants and vegetation properties. Ask the producers of the products and local landscape architects and suppliers. Some pictures and information are taken from Colbond bv. brochures. Page 11 of 11 Landscaping and Erosion Control

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