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Published on March 8, 2016

Author: troydwhite


1. Washington DC Mentoring Academy 10/25/14 1

2. • Understand what being a mentor and mentee REALLY means • Understand the relationship dynamics between a mentor and mentee • Create meaningful relationships within our Bond • Understand how to translate Lambda Chi Alpha Values and experiences into the real world Takeaways from this session… 2

3. Working With Different Generations 3

4. • Merriam-Webster defines mentoring as “a trusted counselor or guide/someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person”. • Think of your definition of mentoring and think about traits the mentor and mentee need to have. What values need to be present; what goals need to be accomplished? • In your small groups, use the traits you came up with to determine the values and goals of YOUR perfect mentor/mentee relationship. Mentoring Defined 4

5. What is a mentor? 5 A Lambda Chi Alpha Mentor is… A Lambda Chi Alpha Mentor is not…  A friend  A coach  A supporter  A motivator  An advisor  An advocate  A role model  A listener  A Big Brother  A surrogate parent  An academic teacher or tutor  A psychologist  An ATM  A savior  A social worker  Job Placement Agent

6. Characteristics of an Effective Mentor 6 Effective Mentors • Demonstrates a positive attitude and acts as a positive role model • Provide appropriate and constructive feedback • Serve as a “go to” for guidance and resources • Demonstrates honesty and integrity in the mentoring relationship • Demonstrates respect and responsibility for stewardship • Willingness to communicate failures as well as successes to the mentee • Willingness to spending time and try new things with individuals who may not share a common background, viewpoints, or goals

7. What is a Mentee? 7 A Lambda Chi Alpha Mentee is… A Lambda Chi Alpha Mentee is not… • A friend • A student • An active listener • A leader • A Little Brother  A psychologist  Free Labor  Demanding  Entitled  Close Minded

8. Characteristics of an Effective Mentee 8 Effective Mentees • Be organized ‐ Plan ahead and work toward agreed tasks between meetings. • Be proactive – Don’t expect to be given all the answers. • Ask useful questions- Make sure you have a clear understanding of what the mentor is trying to teach you. • Have respect – Be considerate and opened minded to what your mentor is saying. • Show appreciation ‐ Remember that your mentor has volunteered to help you and he should to be thanked • Reciprocate– Be willing to share what you have learned from mentoring relationship by mentoring others. • Have humility – be willing to accept critical feedback so that you are open to learning new ways of thinking.

9. Factors of a Successful Mentoring Relationship 9 • Making a smart investment (You only get out of it, what you put into it) • Maintaining a steady presence in the each other’s lives. • Mentor focusing on mentee’s personal and professional needs, not chapter operations • Actively engaging in discussion to promote a better understanding of Lambda Chi Alpha Core Values and how they resonate in our lives • Getting to know the mentee’s family and fraternal experience. • Mentee having an understanding that their mentor is not a substitute for a parent- instead they are an additional life resource. • Challenge the status quo-Try new ways of thinking! • HAVE FUN!!!

10. Factors that contribute to the decline of Mentoring Relationship 10 • Lack of time invested by one or both parties • Having ill-defined expectations • Putting more emphasis on changing the mentee’s behavior rather than on developing a warm relationship based on trust and respect • Trying to transform the mentee by imposing a set of values (viewpoints) inconsistent with the mentee’s life circumstances • One or both parties not having a solid understanding of the Lambda Chi Alpha experience and the Core Values • Failure to develop rapport or mutual respect for skills and experiences • Overall breakdown in trust…

11. General Principles of Mentoring 11 • You are not alone • Be consistent • Be persistent • Be a safe person • Be yourself • Be patient • Be ready to take advantage of teachable moments • Be aware of mutual mentoring goals vs. your own goals

12. This is an opportunity now for each of you to become acquainted with your mentor and mentee. In the next session, you will have more time to work closely and learn more about career aspirations. Pairing 12

13. Networking 13 Building A Strong LinkedIn Profile • Your Headline is your most visible branding statement. Use it to highlight your skills, a title, experience and credibility. • A professional photo personalizes your profile and makes it easier for people to locate you- best shots are from the shoulders up. • Updates allow you to send targeted messages to your network about things like your value statement, industry events, professional achievements, articles, etc. • Customize URL with your name (ex. • Recommendations- Think quality over quantity! Aim for a few per position; ask someone with a prominent title, customers/clients, or a leader in your company. • Having a targeted profile with the right keywords is critical to being visible and found on LinkedIn!

14. Values Based Interviewing • Identify six to eight examples from your past experience where you demonstrated top behaviors and skills that employers typically seek. Think in terms of examples that will exploit your top selling points. • Half of your examples should be completely positive, such as accomplishments or meeting goals. The other half should be situations that started out negatively but either ended positively or you made the best of the outcome. • Describe the situation, what specific action you took to have an effect on the situation, and the positive result or outcome. Frame it in a three-step process, usually called a S-A-R, P-A-R, or S-T-A-R statement: situation (or task, problem), action, result/outcome. Translating Your Lambda Chi Alpha Experience to the Real World 14

15. Values Based Interviewing Characteristics that employers may look for include: • Critical thinking • Being a self-starter • Willingness to learn • Willingness to travel • Self-confidence • Teamwork • Professionalism Translating Your Lambda Chi Alpha Experience to the Real World 15

16. Values Based Interviewing Create a 90 Second Commercial of Yourself: • Branding Statement – Who are you, what are your values, what are your expertise, and what is your skillset? • Most Recent Position Held – Tell about your most recent working experience. Discuss responsibilities, met goals, and innovative ideas. • Career History – Discuss work history, along with responsibilities, met goals, and innovative ideas. • Future Focus – Discuss your professional aspirations and what you’re hoping to accomplish in your next position. Translating Your Lambda Chi Alpha Experience to the Real World 16

17. Values Based Interviewing Take 10 minutes to create your 90 second interview with your mentor Translating Your Lambda Chi Alpha Experience to the Real World 17

18. Values Based Interviewing 10 COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. Tell me about yourself.... 2. Why did you leave your last job? 3. What are your strengths? 4. What are your weaknesses? 5. What is your work/management style? 6. What are your future career plans? 7. Why are you interested in our company? 8. How did you get along with your last manager? 9. How would your peers/subordinates/manager describe you? 10. What are your salary requirements? Translating Your Lambda Chi Alpha Experience to the Real World 18

19. Internships Forbes Big Four Tips to Landing Internships 1. Do your Research- Spending 20-30 minutes looking at a company’s website is not research. 2. Use and know their product- There are certain things you can wing in an application or in an interview. But being unfamiliar with the product and web site is fatal. 3. See the Big Picture-The single most important thing about seeing the big picture is to know where you stand in it. 4. Passion Beats GPA Translating Your Lambda Chi Alpha Experience to the Real World 19

20. Thank you for attending the JTC Mentoring Academy! 20 Contact Information: Allen Horton Associate Director of Educational Mentoring & Alumni Programming 317-803-7360

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