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Published on January 20, 2008

Author: Camilla


Lakota Legends:  Lakota Legends South Dakota State Content Standards: US History 9-12.US.2.3. Students are able to identify the influences of local groups on settlement patterns of South Dakota and the Great Plains Region. Geography 9-12.G.2.3. Students are able to explain how human migration impacts local and global politics, environment, economies, societies, and regions. Objectives:  Objectives Explore the Lakota Culture Learn Lakota Stories Discuss Land Issues Today Explore Lakota Culture: Reservations in South Dakota:  Explore Lakota Culture: Reservations in South Dakota Explore Lakota Culture: Sacred Sites:  Explore Lakota Culture: Sacred Sites Red Race Track Black Hills Region Wind Cave Bear Butte Devils Tower Deer Lodge Explore Lakota Culture: The Geology of the Red Race Track:  Explore Lakota Culture: The Geology of the Red Race Track The Black Hills are a region that was formed by mountain building forces at the same time the Rocky Mountains were formed. Originally, the Black Hills were three times their present height. The region is comprised of four subregions, three of which encircle a central core. The Great Hogbacks form the outer wall or ring of the Black Hills. It is a residual hogback ridge with steep inside cliffs of sandstone. Inside the Hogbacks lies the Red Valley (or racecourse) a broad open valley that gets its name from the red soil layer, and circles the hills. The next circular subregion is the Limestone Plateau. The Plateau is the highest part of the hills, with deep cut stream canyons, including the beautiful Spearfish Canyon and numerous caves. The core of the Black Hills is comprised of the Central Crystalline Basin. This basin is the heart of the hills. It is a highland area with mountain peaks and gulches, carved from crystalline rock. Harney Peak, reaching an elevation of 2,207 m (7,242 ft) and the state’s highest point, is in this subregion.Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2006. © 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Learn Lakota Stories: The Legend of the Red Race Track:  The red valley “race track” surrounding the Black Hills was created with the blood of animals in a great race. The buffalo won the race and was determined the supreme animal on the plains and sacred to the Lakota Sioux. Learn Lakota Stories: The Legend of the Red Race Track Discuss Land Issues Today: Reservations & Land Fractionation:  Discuss Land Issues Today: Reservations & Land Fractionation The Black Hills today is still disputed by Native American tribes. The supreme court ruled that the land was wrongfully taken and the tribes were entitled to compensation. The tribes refuse to take the money and still demand land rights today. Your Assignment:  Your Assignment Your assignment is to recreate this power point using the objectives listed on slide two. Please have 5-7 slides including a map of the area you are reviewing, discuss the geology of the region, talk about the region using a Lakota or Native American legend. On the last slide discuss land issues of that region today in terms of fractionation and land use.

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