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Published on December 8, 2016

Author: shrutivaidya


1. Company Overview Our Belief • Collaborative Approach • Transparency in Work • Simplicity in Approach • Efficient Delivery • Prompt/Customer- Support USP and Strength • 42+ Million Database • Diversified Industries List • Integrated Marketing • Multi Level Email Verification • In House Specialized Team for all our offered services • Founded: 2002 • Global Operations: Primary- USA and UK • Employees: 1600+ Lake B2B is a Growth Enablement Partner for Clients across 83 countries helping extend reach to over 42 + million top global executives across the world. Lake B2B has transformed the way businesses work with cutting edge data management technology, exhaustive data reach and digital marketing solutions. The company specialized in offering customized target database solutions based on the clients' requirements and business scope.

2. Core Competence and Industry Expertise Healthcare IT Manufacturing Education Oil & Gas Others Top Industry Expertise

3. Our Global database and online capabilities enhance our Clients to penetrate global market Customer/market research Data Processing Data analytics Digital marketing Delivery channels Database management Segmentation Customer- intelligence B2B Data B2C Data Demographics Cell Phone data Org chart Merge purge Data appending NCOA Do Not mail Email Phone Mobile Mail Web CRM database Marketing database Loyalty program Customer profitability & purchase propensity score Loyalty score Satisfaction analysis SEO PPC & banner adds SMO Digital PR Lake B2B Capabilities

4. Custom Built List Not everybody has the same wish, then how can we deliver the same list to every customer. This is the reason why Lake B2B Data came up with Custom Wish Lists as part of our lead generation services. Through this list, you can • Conduct a marketing campaign for a specific audience • Identify audiences and get personal and professional data on them • Reach decision makers and consumers from across US • Use a multichannel approach to campaigning so as to improve market reach and brand visibility • Get timely verified, updated and customized data at affordable rates for improved ROI • Accelerate business profits and revenue through targeted data-driven campaigns

5. Technology List Building Customized Technology Marketing Lists Tell us your target criteria like geography, industry vertical, job profile, and company employee size or revenue and we will deliver a database of ready prospects along with complete contact details to you. Number of technologies 12,000 Number of countries 115 Number of companies 300,000

6. Technology List- Appending If you have a technology database with missing fields, send it to us to append missing fields for precision marketing Complete contact details appending Job title appending Industry details appending ECOA/NCOA solution Business details appending Alternate/ key contact appending List hygiene and maintenance

7. Specialized Services- Events  B2B events are a great opportunity to meet customers, prospects and widen the scope of your business reach.  Our event marketing services adopt result-driven strategies, to help you enhance audience engagement and translate your event into an experience through our event list  Here’s how our list help you: o To analyze and identify the target market o To create and send customized invitations o To build a website targeting the event o To run ad campaigns for registrations o To Craft social media plans for various social media networks o To engage with people in all social media networks relevant to your industry o To track the interests of attendees and their activities during the event o To acquire prospects for your company at the event Events List

8. CONTENTEMAIL TACTICS EVENT LEAD GEN TACTICS DB Emails Nurturing Follow up eBook Cheatsheet Datasheet Blog Post Webinar Sponsorship In-Person Event Social PPC Campaign Paid Email Campaign Direct Mail Tele - CallingPR Thedatabasehereincludesthegivenin-house listalongwithcustomlistbuiltbyus. Our Event Marketing Tactics

9. List of Campaign (X number of leads) Webinar Sign-Ups (X%) Campaign result (X% clicks) Includes emails and calls (X%) Appointment (X%) Good Leads (X%) Opportunities (X%) Won (X%) Campaign Launch Date: Goals: List Size: Roughly X% Register from X Number Webinar Dates:“ Email to event Audience Follow up for appointments X% confirmed for appointment X% Fit the Right Profile Of those that attend the event, X% become opportunities Win X% - Deal Event Measurement Metrics

10. Other Data Service Offerings Our databases provide accurate and relevant contacts, and granular information to enable scoring, ranking, segmenting, and targeting. Enterprise DQ Strategy & Implementation using Trillium, DataFlux Building Adaptors to enterprise apps Pointed DQ Solutions for enterprise apps Data Quality Service Offerings Plug n Play Adaptors for Siebel, SALESFORCE, SAP, Informatica, Oracle, Microsoft ,, Contact Eves etc. Solutions which Address: Completeness - What data is missing or unusable? Conformity - What data is stored in a non- standard format? Consistency - What data values give conflicting information? Accuracy - What data is incorrect or out of date? Duplication - What data records are duplicated? Integrity - What data is missing important relationships?

11.  Email Validation  Email opt-out campaigns  Newsletters with new offers  Tele-verification  Data compilation  List Append  List verification  List cleansing Data management Data Management Research Quality assurance Informed consent Design Coding Data entry Analysis

12. Snap Shot of Data Sample

13. Other Data Related Services Data- Driven Marketing Services 1. Event Marketing Services 2. Email Marketing Services 3. Market Research 4. Search Engine Optimization 5. Content Marketing 6. Web Development Database Marketing Services 1. Email Verification and Validation 2. 360 Degree Profiling 3. Contact Finder 4. Campaigner 5. Database Licensing Solutions 6. Appending Services 7. Data Management Databases / Lists 1. Master B2B Database Files 2. Multichannel Prospect Lists 3. Pre-packages Lists 4. Speciality Data Lists 5. Custom Wish Lists 6. Healthcare Master Database 7. Technology Master Database

14. What You Gain We offer you a wide array of Database Marketing Services which drives you with actionable information enabling 360-degree business growth that results in: Lead Generation Lead Conversion Repeat Business

15. Our Lead Generation Approach Highly targeted and personalized messages designed to suit your need, making it more economical and easier than doing it yourself. Captivate the recipients and convince them why they should prefer you over your competition. With our professionals experienced in your particular industry, regulate your plan & strategy midstream as and when necessary to increase results. The easiest to start generating leads immediately. SEM leads have one of the best conversions compared to other channels. SEO is a long term strategy that will help you to reduce cost per lead and with a bigger brand image when done right. SMO helps build credibility to your brand while increasing the lead pipeline. EMAIL, TELECALLING, DIRECT MAIL PAID ADS – PPC, DISPLAY ADS, SOCIAL ADS 01 02 03 0 04 WEBINARS, PODCASTS SEO & SMO Email Telemarketing Paid Campaigns SEO & SMO Direct Mailing

16. How Do We Help In Converting More Leads • Content based on your sales process • Content for Lead Gen, Convert or Nurture • Writing style for a global audience • Pages that convert • LPO based on visitor behaviour • Improves visitor to Lead conversion • Very targeted ads to website visitors or people who have consumed your content from other channels such as Social or Document sharing portals • Key object to improve Lead to Deal conversion • Help Reduce Sales Cycle CONTENT MARKETING LANDING PAGE OPT 01 02 03 04 Re-MARKETING LEAD NURTURING Content Marketing Remarketing Lead Nurturing Landing Page Opt

17. How Do We Help In Increasing Repeat Business • Content to educate about new services that you’ve launched • Content about new product launches • Content that keeps the customer engaged with your brand • Surveys to understand customer satisfaction level • To track customer behaviour that will help us identify new business opportunities within their business • Helps to discover new business opportunities • Helps increase revenue per customer • Helps improve existing relationship which makes it harder for a business divorce • Strategize campaigns that can improve repeat business • Campaigns to get more referrals CONTENT MARKETING MARKETING AUTOMATION 01 02 03 04 ACCOUNT BASED MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Content Marketing Account Based Marketing Campaigns Marketing Automation

18. 1 Byram Brook Place, Armonk, NY 10504 Contact Details (800-710-5516

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