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Information about Lagoa

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: Solution4Future



Lagoa - web based 3D solution.
Few words about how Lagoa Tool works, how JavaScript Lagoa API looks and examples based on Lagoa demo materials.

LAGOA.COM Web-based 3D Solutions Justine Żarna

Work routine?

Step 1 Create 3D model ● use enterprise desktop tool like AutoCAD and upload your model to Lagoa ● grab model from website like ● search Lagoa Asset Library for matching model

Step 2 Configure Lagoa scene ● apply materials, textures ● add lights, hdri environments ● set camera properties ● manipulate model: move, orbit, rotate, scale

Step 3 Check your render ● set output resolution ● save render ● render in background

Step 4 Iframe settings ● mark auto load scene ● display navigation tools ● enable rendering ● set privacy settings ● set version of your scene

Step 5 Start code in JavaScript ● add your iframe to html file ● let’s get fun started!

Demo Time.. Źródło: wakpaper. com

$(document).ready(function() { // called once, called when scene finishes loading – no geometry data is guaranteed to have loaded lapi.onSceneLoaded = function(){ var scn = lapi.getActiveScene(); var cam = scn.getCameras()[0]; cam.getProperty("Lens").getParameter("dofradius").value = 0; cam.getProperty("Resolution").getParameter("width").value = 720; lapi.desselectAll(); setTimeout( function(){ // now we will set all the GL meshes to not visible var meshes = scn.getMeshes(); for( var m in meshes ){ meshes[m].getProperty("Visibility").getParameter("visible").value = false; } lapi.startRender() }, 2000 ); }; }); Example of using function onSceneLoaded

$('.js-orbit').bind( "click", function(){ lapi.orbitTool(); }); $('.js-pan').bind( "click", function(){ lapi.panTool(); }); Other possibilities: lapi.moveTool, lapi.scaleTool, lapi.orbitTool, lapi.panTool, lapi.zoomTool Binding navigation tools

$('.js-color-white').bind( "click", function(){ lapi.applyMaterialToMeshByName( "Realistic Carpaint White", "bodywork"); }); var uiElement = $('select[name="color-picker1"]'); uiElement.change(function(){ console.log("Color change"); Work with meshes and materials // read the color form the UI element var color = lapi.utils.hexToRGB( cPicker.val() ); // this will return an array with all objects that have the part name, in Lagoa multiple parts // can have the same name – no "name uniqueness" only object GUID uniqueness is guaranteed. // we will make an assumption that we are only interested in the first one, therefore the array [0] var mat = exportMeshes[currentMesh].getMaterial(); // we are interested in changing the reflectance property // for Velvet shader the color is called "color..." var reflectance ="color"); // pow 2 is just for gamma correction reflectance.parameters.f0.value = Math.pow( color.r * ONE_OVER_255, 2 ); reflectance.parameters.f1.value = Math.pow( color.g * ONE_OVER_255, 2 ); reflectance.parameters.f2.value = Math.pow( color.b * ONE_OVER_255, 2 ); });

function addPatterns(){ // our patterns var scn = lapi.getActiveScene() var textures = scn.getTextures(); // scrape all textures that start with "EXPORT_TAG". var tmpTexture = null; var textureName = ""; var isExport = false; function setOnClickPattern( in_htmlElement, in_clickValue ){ $(in_htmlElement).click(function(e){ // grab the parameter that the element will handle var mat = exportMeshes[currentMesh].getMaterial(); var param = mat.getProperty("color").parameters.texture; param.value = in_clickValue; }) } // expose all textures for( var i=0 ;i<textures.length; ++i){ tmpTexture = textures[i]; textureName ='name').value; isExport = textureName.indexOf(EXPORT_TAG); if(isExport >= 0){ // create the HTML element var imgUrl = tmpTexture.getProperty("url").getParameter('url').value; var img = $(document.createElement('img')); // assign the callback setOnClickPattern( img,'guid').value ); img.attr('src', imgUrl ); img.appendTo('#patterns'); } } } Binding textures and apply them on materials

function setOnClickHdriEnv( in_htmlElement, in_clickValue ){ $(in_htmlElement).click(function(e){ // grab the parameter that the element will handle var mat = lapi.getActiveScene().getObjectByName(DOME_LIGHT_NAME)[0]; var param = mat.getProperty("EnvironmentMap").parameters.path; param.value = in_clickValue; }) } function setLightColor(in_htmlElement, in_clickValue){ $(in_htmlElement).click(function(e){ var light = lapi.getActiveScene().getObjectByName(DOME_LIGHT_NAME)[0]; light.getProperty("Color").getParameter("r").value = in_clickValue['red']; light.getProperty("Color").getParameter("g").value = in_clickValue['green']; light.getProperty("Color").getParameter("b").value = in_clickValue['blue']; }) } Play with lights

function setCamera(in_htmlElement, in_clickValue) { $(in_htmlElement).click(function(e){ var cam = lapi.getCamera(); cam.getProperty("Position").getParameter("x").value = in_clickValue[‘x’]; cam.getProperty("Position").getParameter("y").value = in_clickValue[‘y’]; cam.getProperty("Position").getParameter("z").value = in_clickValue[‘z’]; }) } var cam = lapi.getActiveScene().getCameras()[0]; cam.getProperty("Resolution").getParameter("width").value = 300; cam.getProperty("Lens").getParameter("zoom").value = 5; Play with camera settings

benefits disadvantages

Seriously, Lagoa is cool. The end

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